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  1. I’m going to wait to see if the rides from LTSP that were removed for the JD coaster construction are up and running again this year. If they are up and running in different locations then I don’t see a kids area expansion for 2021.
  2. 2021 will be a Supergirl ride like St Louis. Maybe a waterslide for HH too.
  3. Intamin, Mack and RMC and won’t see double on Wednesday. Could be a Premier launch.
  4. I’d have to disagree with you on Seaport being run down. With two small kids I spend much of my time in the kiddie areas Around the park. There is a lot of open space and it’s spread out. But always seems nicely landscaped and clean. (For Six Flags standards) Are there things that need touching up or removed completely? Yes... (Granny’s House). I don’t disagree with you that it’s in the back and out of sight. But, Many times we have been there and LTSP is packed and all the rides have long lines. And there are times there are no lines. Tightening up the area would help the area. I’ve said before moving the submarine and mini teacups closer to Taz swings is something I can see them doing. Removing the area cost $$$. I just don’t see SF spending the money to do it.
  5. That’s what I’m thinking with LTSP and Congo.. Why would they need to touch them?
  6. I personally don’t see SF closing Congo or LTSP. There is a lot of land back there to handle a good sized coaster without having to remove either of the two. I could see them making LTSP smaller though. It’s pretty spread out now with lots of open space. Moving a ride or two to a new location within LTSP make more sense to me. But for all I know LTSP, Congo AND B:TR could all be history.
  7. This could mean for the season as the ride closes every September for the season.
  8. Adventure Rivers took up the entire area of Safari Kids and LTSP. Really the entire southeast corner of the park was Adventure Rivers.
  9. It did go back to Skull Mountain. But it also was up by Nitros entrance.
  10. I’m thinking it’s more of the new attraction taking up the old Adventure Rivers area and less of Congo Rivers closing. Congo hasn’t dried up yet.
  11. That announcement says the attraction will open in the SUMMER of 2020. That puts the opening past June 21st. SF usually likes to have their new attractions open by Memorial Day. So either they know they are starting a late construction or this is going to be a very large attraction.
  12. Plus look at the wildwood piers. Some of those rides interact with each other.
  13. I’m still going with just two of the rides being relocated within Seaport. Daffy submarine and mini teacups. And they will build a new entrance to the Seaport right across from where the mini teacups are now. That empty Granny house is history. This opens up the walkway from Congo to what might be the ride entrance back by the restrooms without going through the kids area.
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