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  1. I think they left that small section of RT for a reason. I believe that section was going to be part of a new attraction from the moment they decided to take down RT.
  2. ^^Guess the way I’m looking at it is when a ride has low ridership and it has a hefty budget to operate the attraction is removed. I.E. Rolling Thunder and Chiller. A show like Batman stunt show with live actors, cars, bikes and pyrotechnics I’m sure had a hefty budget. If anyone remembers that show went off 3 or four times a day with a few hundred people in the stands. A coaster is moving more people in a hour then that show played to in a day. Sure, their are people that want to see a show. I just don’t think it’s something SF should throw money at.
  3. I just don’t think shows are something SF should invest in. The park is counting on repeat customers with there season pass base. How many times is one going to see a show? Once, maybe twice for the season. By mid season the shows will be playing in front of a lot of empty seats.
  4. Was at the park on Saturday and was eating at the Johnny Rockets under Batman’s drop. I’m thinking Batman will be the next coaster to go. We’ve had the ride for over 22 years now. I’m really not sure how the lines are for it cause I haven’t ridden it in over 5 years. But back then it had no lines. The train was going up half empty on Saturday. I’m sure one of the smaller SF parks could use a ride like Batman. That clears up a nice spot for a custom coaster.
  5. I wouldn’t mind if the 2020 attraction was named El Diablo. If In fact it is a coaster and it goes back by the old RT turn around that would be a great name for a coaster. Besides, the best thing about the current El Diablo is the foam devil statue that sits in front of it. We wouldn’t want that to go to waste now would we?
  6. I’m hoping that removing Diablo is the official start of land clearing for a new coaster. They promised something exciting was going to replace RT. Hopefully 2020 is when they deliver on that promise.
  7. This park needs to add something big. SFs can’t expect rides like El Diablo, Cyborg and a giant discovery to draw the crowds in. The few times I’ve been to the park this year it’s been dead. Just walking on rides. I’d really like to see attendance numbers for the year El Diablo was the new attraction vs the year El Toro was. Or even the year Joker was. I’m pretty sure these flat rides don’t help attendance numbers. So, what would I like to see for 2019? Nothing... Bank what ever money they were going to put into a new flat ride and put it towards an insane coaster for next year.
  8. Chiller Adventure Rivers Hydro flume Rolling Thunder Fireworks every weekend
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