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  1. It would Be Mayhem. Even worse if it was a smaller-scale Flat Ride.
  2. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet. If we did, 2021 and Beyond Speculation would already be a topic!
  3. Six Flags America’s 2020 attraction is going to be named Harley Quinn: Spin-Sanity. Whatever it is, it is going in the spot where their Dare Devil Dive once stood.
  4. Orion will be 296 feet tall, with a drop of 300 feet, qualifying it (by a foot!) as a giga coaster. It reaches 91 MPH across 5,321 feet of track. It is slated to open in Spring of 2020. Photos courtesy of Kings Island.
  5. As predicted, Orion, a B&M Giga Coaster was just announced for Kings Island.
  6. Well, The Jersey Devil is a centuries old legend of myth! Also, “CC” in Roman numerals is 200...
  7. Especially if it has better stats than the original two.
  8. I contacted Maser Consulting. They confirmed that it was them on site. They were on site for a “large scale project”. Just as a heads up, Maser is not a roller coaster manufacturer, they are an engineering group. Assembly of amusement rides, is however something they do. The group, as they described, has a “long standing relationship” with Great Adventure.
  9. Maser Consulting are an engineering firm. They had previously worked on Zumanjaro and The Joker. They are currently working on the Legoland in New York.
  10. A lot of people are worried about the capacity of a Raptor. Going off the Six Flags Fiesta Texas model, it dispatched 650 riders/per hour. The Joker at GADV isn’t too far off at around 720 riders/per hour. The capacity isn’t great, but personally, I don’t think it’s the worst.
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