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  1. I’ve been multiple times in the past few weeks, and not one of the times I’ve ridden Justice League has it been perfect. Whether the vehicle stopped, the audio, or the video screen, something was always off.
  2. Every year I feel they go less and less off road. It’s starting to become just the truck on the pre-existing road.
  3. It was very crowded. However, it was still amazing for them to do this event. I was surprised, there were more pins than I expected available.
  4. I think it would be neat if you took some of the smaller animals/reptiles from Camp Aventura and integrated them into the Golden Kingdom area.
  5. I wish these were more frequent around the park, especially since for most rides your holding onto something that probably hasn’t been washed in hours, or more.
  6. Mr.Six


    Great job on Justice League. I can never seem to get past 180,000.
  7. I went yesterday. The Terror trails seem better than recent years. The park is not only putting effort into the actors but also in the props in the mazes themselves.
  8. In the future, the record is obviously going to be broken. Especially with the T-Rex’s.
  9. What Sea World Entertainment is doing is incredible. Todays announcements included, Iron Gwazi for Busch Gardens Tampa, Ice Breaker for Seaworld Orlando, and Texas Stingray for Sea World San Antonio.
  10. Out of curiosity, what year were the leopards removed from the Safari?
  11. The park confirmed that in the teasers, the letters were meant to spell out “YES RMC”, as we all thought.
  12. Looks like another well rounded year! I would rather mostly every park (Except for the few exceptions) get a new attraction than what Cedar Fair has going.
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