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  1. Rode Wonder Woman yesterday. Truly a great addition. Really adds a lot of life to that area of the park.
  2. Apparently something happened with Zamperla and the motor in the ride system. Not sure how accurate this is.
  3. Thread revival time! I’m at 111 coaster credits. Planning to get at least 15-20 more during my Mini West Coast Trip.
  4. Those are some bold statements. Unfortunately, you have zero evidence to back up your claims. Having an opinion is one thing, but repeatedly saying it and passing it along as a fact is another.
  5. I really am starting to wonder what percent of Great Adventure visitors have heard of Carowinds, non the less Copperhead Strike.
  6. How exactly does this tease a new coaster?
  7. The Safari Tours childrens attraction, Rockwall and Splashwater Oasis are all not present on the 2019 Map. Splashwater Oasis was imminent to get removed, but I’m a little surprised with the other two.
  8. “Chickies” seems to be replacing “Super Hero Fish and Chips” located next to Green Lantern and Superman: Ultimate Flight.
  9. Six Flags Great Adventure just posted a video on their YouTube channel saying “Calypso Springs” is coming in 2019 at Hurricane Harbor. It is set to be a 100,000 gallon activity pool.
  10. The Coca Cola Bear was in the park earlier this month for Guest Greetings. It was in the park last year as well around the same time.
  11. Unfortunately, the ride is very unpredictable in the fact that you might not get wet at all. A “giant” whirlpool, geysers and sprays would be very welcome. The ride course right now is pointless most of the time. Theming or “Interactive” elements would help make the ride enjoyable.
  12. The rumored “Chop Six” for next year will definitely give the dining pass a huge boost (if it was on the dining pass of course). Putting Mama Floras on the dining plan as Primos Pasta was also a huge step. Slowly but surely, I think the park is starting to have more options, on the dining plan at least.
  13. The flames have been removed from the top of El Diablo. Could this just be routine refurbishment or does it mean more? I don’t think the flames have been removed since installed onto the ride. Edit: There’s also a rumor that this could be moving to La Ronde for the 2019 season, but I would take it with a grain of salt.
  14. Could Reflections of the Dead be turning into this new Holiday in the Park attraction?
  15. What do China and Dragons have to do with Skywarp Horizons? That sentence made no sense at all.
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