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  1. The Great Adventure Riddle Game

    The answer to the last one was Bizarro... Riddle 8: I ruled and I was cruel, rough as I went on But just remember; the following scenes might be very racey...
  2. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Relax. Unless something goes wrong, I doubt anything will happen in the coming weeks. Lets change that to months and yeah, I would be slightly worried.
  3. Fright Fest 2017

    Hello guys. I'm thinking of getting the all season maze. Do they put it on your physical pass or on your pass like dining? I use the app, so I don't know.
  4. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Seems pretty solid. With the slides and now this, adults and older kids can somewhat enjoy the park.
  5. Misc GA Mumblings

    I brought mine during ROTB, so I guess their okay. It really helped because it was a long day. I'm pretty sure you can regardless.
  6. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Sesame Place announces for 2018 tomorrow. I'm stuck on what they will get. Could be a Coaster similar to Invadr at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It could also be something like bumper cars. I'm excited to see what they get!
  7. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    I can't even imagine the complaints! Must be tough to work in that position.
  8. Kennywood Removing Log Jammer

    I somewhat agree with you. Now the question is, what would replace it. I feel like it would turn out like the Great Lake Grandstand.
  9. Misc GA Mumblings

    https://imgur.com/gallery/OhVGs I'm surprised how much old things from SFGADV were in the visible boneyard area (Just during the ROTB Nitro tour). The octopus from Wiggles World, the carrot from Bugs Bunny's house, Elmer Fudd from his balloon ride I guess, old advertisements and more can all be seen fairly easily. (All photos mine.)
  10. Dancin' on Air at Great Adventure 1985

    That was great ! Even then, there were so many more trees than today.
  11. Kennywood Removing Log Jammer

    It's for the FUTURE, or at least I hope!
  12. New Features on the GAH Forums and Galleries

    It's not giving me the option to add a cover photo. For me it's "Edit Profile " in the top right and then nothing else.
  13. Fright Fest 2017

    Don't employees have their preview event the 14th?
  14. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Doug!
  15. Fright Fest 2017

    So no Fright Fest preview night this year?