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  1. Isn’t that the issue with the season pass only and daily ticket only lines in the ticket scan line?
  2. I feel like a GCI would be put up against El Toro too much, therefore not being as good as something like Mystic Timbers at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. I’m rooting for a family woodie in the coming years though. Something like Wooden Warrior would really benefit the park.
  3. There’s no excuse either to not having great signage. I’m pretty sure the general public has literally started to recognize that we don’t have great signage. If your new to the park and relying on signs, you won’t get anywhere.
  4. Day 4 - Add More Dining Options

    I would love to see Primos Pasta permanently. It would also be great if Panda Express turned into Chop Six so that it would be on the dining plan.
  5. It seems they try and break a record every year that guests can be involved in. I saw it a couple days ago on the Asbury Park Press.
  6. They at least have to have a Plaza Del Carnivial to the Golden Kingdom path.
  7. The ground is horrendous over by Roaring Rapids. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets hurt over there.
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    I heard it was packed, didn’t know it was that packed. I was thinking of heading over tomorrow to see the lights, the new show and ride a ride or two. We’ll see how crowds work out though.
  9. This or that?

    Monty Python Playstations (1-4) or X-Boxes (Orginal, 360, One)
  10. I really like how they are adding new signs to the security gate. I really like it (Fright Fest and now HITP).
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    Primo’s Pasta has opened and it’s on the dining plan. It replaced MaMa Floras by the Big Wheel.
  12. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Im hoping that it is a tie in for 2018 with Cyborg if it’s real. I feel like 2 thrill rides in 2 different years (2018 and 2019) can really hurt the park. Together they won’t (Just 2018).
  13. Misc GA Mumblings

    I went to the park today for the 2nd Sunday in a row. It wasn't crowded and I got to ride a lot. To note, mostly everything is up for HITP.
  14. The Great Adventure Riddle Game

    The answer for that one was the Chiller Observery Building. Riddle 10: People overlook and don't know I exist, I used to have people, but now it's a drift, Im a Kiddie ride that gets no one Im tucked away so no one can find me...
  15. The title explains it all. I was larger then I really was I was repainted multiple times "Any size wheels while you wait...."
  16. 11/9/17

    I remember during the bonus day I went to last year the preshow didn't run for Dark Knight. Probably for the better, with less crowds there's no point.
  17. Misc GA Mumblings

    I heard Toro closed early and it was running horribly in the morning. I think it's time for it to rest for the rest of the season.
  18. This or that?

    Grease Giga Coasters (300Ft-399 Ft) or Strata Coasters (400-499Ft)?
  19. No Line November | 11/5/17

    I knew the park would be empty when I arrived in the parking lot. With the Grape Adventure and The Breast Cancer run going on the park had a lot of extra stuff going on that looked pretty cool. It's odd seeing Hurricane Harbor's Parking lot full with people, very similar to how it is literally every summer day. We headed right to Kingda Ka to find out it was closed. It would be helpful to know if it was closed in advance. They should put a sign at the beginning of the golden kingdom so you don't have to walk all the way to the ride gate. We went for El Toro (which had no wait) and did that twice front row and 2nd row. It's running fairly smooth and better than it did last November. I went over to Bizarro which had NOT ONE person in the queue. That ceases to amaze me. We took the sky ride over to the Jonny Rockets by Batman had a bite to eat and then rode Batman. After that we went to Justice League and got a quick ride. That area looks nice with it's holiday decor. We went over to the Joker and rode it quickly. Kingda Ka was still closed. Superman was running awful to be honest. I was one of the only people in the queue and all set and done, it took 20 minutes for me to board in my empty row. They kept putting us on and then taking us off. I went to Kingda ka for one final Ride and it was running great. I had a great day at the park. There weren't any crowds which is an adjustment from Fright Fest. It truly is "No Line November"
  20. No Line November | 11/5/17

    I wonder too. I felt bad for the car behind us (Im surprised it's running 2 trains too). They were waiting on the stacking area for like 10 minutes.
  21. AVAILABLE: 2006 Guidebook

    I'm interested in this. Is it still available?
  22. I was at the park today. Do we know if the area by Metropolis will be a whole new HITP section? I'm clueless to the theme of it.
  23. It's about time Game

    2- Old Country Entrance Sign 4- Time Warp 6- Autobahn 8- Digital Clock on a Main Street 9- Garden of Marvels 12- Aqua Spectacular (Fort Independence) That's all I have so far.
  24. It will be a clone of Iron Shark officially now.
  25. GA to Host 8th Annual Grape Adventure Nov 4&5, 2017

    From what I can see it has a great turnout this year. I've never done one myself but it looks like people enjoy them.