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    Korn, skateboarding, life, energy drinks.
  1. Another boring summer day in NJ! Forgot I was registered on this board! What is up? How have the past......2 weeks of life been for some of you? Anything kick-ass happen? ....or suck? 2 weeks....go!
  2. Send mail to that address now....LOL see what happens!
  3. I bet this is silly. But CHECK IN! Mercer county! Used to live in New Egypt! RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD from G/A!
  4. I have been to it.............once years and years and years ago. I did see parts of scream machine. Anyone recently checked out the area? I dont live to far from there still these days....... (might be worth a meetup! )
  5. Any one wanna hang? NJ peeps!

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