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  1. John Winkler Named New President of SFGA

    Saw this in an article I found: "Jackson is the flagship park in the company," Winkler said in an interview. "It will always get heavy investment. Our five-year plan is loaded with investment and new technology and innovation." I like how he sees our park as the top park and wants to incorporate new technology in the 5 year plan.
  2. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I would way rather a custom RMC Trex, but the same capacity S&S Free Spin as Fiesta Texas came to our park. I'm hoping that Six Flags realizes the capacity issue that would occur at GAdv, but I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Raptor clone over a Trex. I would still be happy with any RMC.
  3. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I've been waiting for this. I always love trying to guess what our additions will be like next year. It is a very tricky thing to master, especially since Six Flags has thrown some curveballs (like the Tourbillons that GAdv and OT are receiving next season). I think Neal Thurman and Six Flags are trying to eliminate the Old Country "emptyness" and this is shown through the 2017 and 2018 investments being placed back there. I think in the upcoming years, they will try to finish off that section of the park. Here is my 2 year prediction: 2019: With a family ride added in 2017 and a thrill ride added in 2018, I think they will try to please both the thrill seeking guests and the guests looking for tamer rides. This could be with the addition of a Giant Discovery in the old Autobahn area. It could use the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth name. For the tamer part, they could give a DC Super Friends re-theme to some of the kiddie areas. I also think that they will start deconstruction on the Batman Stunt Arena during the 2019 season to prepare for their 2020 plans. 2020: It will be 4 years since they added a coaster in the 2020 season. Keeping with the idea of reviving the Old Country part of the park, I think that Great Adventure will add an RMC Trex Coaster (Maybe using the Lex Luthor theme- Lex Luthor's Fearless Flight). This could be possible, because RMC stated that they want to test out their Raptor Coasters before moving on to their Trex products (I don't know exactly where they said this). This could be placed in the area that Batman Stunt show stood and would take up some of the surrounding area. This would also make many of us enthusiasts SO happy! (And hopefully the GP would go crazy for it). Please let me know what you guys think of my predictions .
  4. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    I am very happy with this addition. With the addition of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis last year, they added a family focused ride. Cyborg Cyber Spin will give the thrill seekers something to ride in the Metropolis section. This is a unique flat ride and it has a great theme. Can it be Spring 2018 already!
  5. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Maybe the "seeing red" is a Cyborg theme hint, with his red electronic eye (just a thought).
  6. Funny Photo Captions!

    Looks like RMC showed up, and disguised their truck.
  7. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Does anyone think any Six Flags park would add a S&S Air/LSM Launched coaster? Six Flags is using S&S a lot. I just don't know the price of those.
  8. What ride would you like to see go?

    I would have voted for The Dark Knight, but it is not an option. I chose Green Lantern bc it's not even worth riding anymore due to the pain it gives. I want to like it, but I jut don't. Also, it sits on a big plot of land, so there would be a lot of room for a new addition.
  9. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    This is my first post! I have been looking over this site for a while now, and I think it is the perfect time to start posting. I think we will get a Zamperla Disk’O flat ride, just like what Six Flags St. Louis got this year.