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  1. Is it just me, or do others walk off of Green Lantern with their head banged up. The overhead restraints are positioned to hit the sides of my head. I wear glasses, as I'm as blind as a bat, and having my ears smack the sides of the restraint while wearing glasses feels lovely.
  2. SIX really needs to increase ticket prices. I know it's a slippery slope, but $69 for a season pass is a bit silly. They moved to the multi-tier memberships, which definitely helps their bottom line, but I also don't feel that they priced the Diamond Elite membership anywhere near high enough. People aspire to greater things by making emotional decisions/purchases, and with four tiers of memberships, SIX seriously could have taken a pricing risk on their top tier. It's kind of difficult now to increase membership prices or add a fifth tier, as an additional tier may confuse the consumer.
  3. To add to your comment, keep in mind that most of the large ticket attractions were added to GA before the bankruptcy, and still tend to be the most popular (Kingda Ka, El Toro, Nitro, etc.) Part of the difficulty is the market segment SIX targets. They aren't going after the Disney crowd who drops $10K for a weeks vacation. They are content bringing in the masses via a $69 season pass and $79 dining pass = $148. The price of a single day Magic Kingdom ticket is $124. SIX touts themselves as world class theme parks, but in reality they can't spend $300 million for a Test Track or $100 million for a Tower of Terror. They just don't generate that kind of revenue. I would agree that SIX rides/attractions are very cookie cutter (off the shelf), and they definitely order multiples of each (El Diablo). I have no doubt that they order rides many years in advance, as they do incorporate some differing design elements. SIX is what it is. It's a low priced regional amusement park that caters to the masses. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. We just need to temper our expectations.
  4. Once Jim Reid-Anderson is gone, I predict that much more general maintenance and smaller projects will be completed. He stepped down from the position once because he could not scrape any additional revenue out of the parks for his shareholders beyond extending seasons, purchasing other parks, and of course his contracts with international developers. His ego just could not handle having a down year, so he tried to escape. The man has no concept of how to increase revenue with what he has, so defers just about everything.
  5. All of you are way too funny! You are acting as if a new attraction is really that important in your life.
  6. Pulling out Congo River Rapids would be an absolute mistake. Yes, it's labor intense, but it was also the first installation of that concept in the U.S., and people still enjoy it.
  7. That definitely is impressive. We usually arrive early, as well, so as not to deal with the fiasco. However, even being among the first through the gates, the FP HQ is either not yet open, or there is already a line in front of us. There really needs to be a better system.
  8. Ugh! So maybe not as promising as I had hoped. I just find it ridiculous to have to stand in line for usually around 20 minutes in order obtain a device that makes your line waits shorter.
  9. OK, that's good news, as it was a mess last year.
  10. Quick question: We alternate years between Six Flags Season Passes and Disney Season Passes. We are slated to purchase Six Flags passes, dining passes, and all season flash passes during the Labor Day sale; however, we were curious if the park changed the location where members obtain their skip-a-line passes. Last year, we had waits that pushed 45 minutes at times at the Flash Pass Headquarters due to that facility being used for both Flash Pass and Skip-a-line members. If the dual use of the Flash Pass Headquarters has not changed, we may rethink Six Flags passes this year. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  11. While we didn't purchase Six passes this year (we alternate between Six and Disney), my preference would be for another Nitro style mega-coaster. I can take or leave loops and launches, but I like the speed of Nitro and El Toro. I'm just not sure that a $30M coaster is necessary from a business standpoint, given that attendance is stronger than every at GA.
  12. Nitro's lines were over 90 minutes Saturday evening, as well. My Flash Pass Platinum was rendering wait times approaching 20 minutes. Interestingly, the Justice League had lengthy waits. El Toro was all over the place, as that ride was going up and down most of the afternoon. I'm certainly glad to see the crowds coming out. SIX just needs to figure out how to generate those types of attendance numbers outside of Fright Fest with other high-interest special events.
  13. Disney charges $20 a day for parking.
  14. I have absolutely no basis for my comment, but I find it hard to believe that the economics makes sense to move El Diablo. This is not a high budget ride, and I would have to think that the cost of demantling, shipping, and re-installing El Diablo is just not worth it.
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