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  1. Happy birthday Harry! @29yrswithaGApass
  2. This is a great surprise! It’ll probably be the last time at least for a long while to get the classic drive-thru experience in the safari.
  3. My 1993 map is one of my favorites in my collection because it has Fantasy Fair on it! Once I get my apartment at school it’s going to hang there in my room with my 1997 map
  4. The storm is getting worse near me. I'm worried the power might go and I still have classes to worry about today
  5. It looks like the last thread for this topic must’ve been deleted, so we’ll start a new one here. Feel free to discuss your thoughts for what you think Great Adventure could be getting next year and beyond
  6. Another one for the rumor mill. This is rumored for Magic Mountain.
  7. It looks like the parks are going to be rolling out some new member perks in response to the virus, with an option to either “pause” or “hold” your account while the park stays closed. Personally, I’m going to keep making payments. Triple points will make hitting the 5,000/10,000 point mark for free bring a friend tickets will be a lot easier. And 3 skip the line passes per visit would be a huge perk!
  8. I’m here at Prospertown Lake, they just put up track for the dive loop!
  9. 2020 map just released to the park’s website!
  10. One step closer to going vertical. Can't wait
  11. Jersey Devil BBQ sounds really good! It’ll be nice to have a second BBQ restaurant on the opposite side of Best of the West. I wonder if they’ll have different/exclusive options to tie-in with JD.
  12. I don't know how many times I've seen a ride have a long wait on the app only to walk up to it and see that there's no line! I've also seen the app go the other way around. It would be nice for wait times to be more consistent. It's also funny to see that El Diablo is still on the app's map and Wonder Woman isn't
  13. I came across a Facebook post today that reminded me: yesterday marks 6 years since the closing of Rolling Thunder. I still miss it, my first coaster both in general and at GA! 🌩
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