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  1. I can’t say enough great things about Wonder Woman! I got my first 2 rides in today on a quick visit and not only is it great for filling such a valuable space in the park, but the ride is so intense and an awesome addition to our flat ride collection! GAdv really has a hit on its hands, can’t wait to ride WW again soon!
  2. I think I see a ton of Wiggles World props and the Sea Planes! Thanks Flyin Phil, Awesome pictures!
  3. Weather Bug isn’t calling for any rain Wednesday. That’s the app the park uses to make most weather-related decisions.
  4. After my classes ended for the year at UD, I decided to come home for a few days before I have to go back for finals. I got in my car and was home and at the park by 2 that afternoon (glad that traffic wasn't too bad on the DE Memorial Bridge). The park wasn't too crowded, most crowds were schools participating in the Music in the Parks event. Had a great time and met up with a bunch of other enthusiasts for some rides. I was at the park during the power surge, and was next in line with some friends for JL. The building went dark for about 3 seconds and then the ride began to reboot itself. Until we got out of the line to get some snacks, we had no idea that this power surge effected the entire park! We were glad not to be on a coaster and to not have to go through the hassle of an evac! After that, we walked around and got a ton of rides, with El Toro hauling. Great visit, and I'm going back for more this weekend! Hopefully I'll get to a wider variety of rides today (5/18/19)! Final Ride Count: JLBFM 2x BTR 1x Nitro 2x Sky Screamer 1x RMT 2x El Toro 7x
  5. Happy birthday Harry! Have a great day
  6. Justice League has one too. The only problem is that the single rider line is only accessible about toward the last 3rd of the line. So if there’s a wait time that goes into the second or third set of switchbacks, you’re still looking at a pretty sizable wait even as a single rider.
  7. Is there a specific time announced? I have my last final around 1 that day and would love to be home in enough time to get on it early!
  8. I’m taking a class called “History of Music in Film” next semester and it got me thinking of the soundtrack to The Right Stuff. Hearing “Breaking the Sound Barrier” brings back all these great memories of standing inside the hangar and hearing this score with the jets flying over head while waiting for the ride. If I remember correctly they kept that for Fly Me to the Moon, too. Even without the memories around it, what a great film score!
  9. I think for the most part that there’s a good variety of kids rides. What most people are pushing for is a revamp to get them looking a bit more sharp. Aside from the rides Lemur mentioned, we aren’t missing much for kids rides. It would be nice to see the old kiddie train make a comeback as a ride. If I remember correctly the track is still being stored on the old site of the Fun Factory.
  10. According to the park's Facebook page and website, the WW Membership event was pushed back one week. I wonder what caused the change. At least judging from FB photos, it looked like construction was on schedule. Maybe some more testing is needed?
  11. I could see Safari Kids becoming DC Super Friends pretty easily. Maybe the old Safari Tours area could fit a Joker Funhouse coaster? If they decided to put another coaster there, I wonder what would happen to RRR.
  12. Update: looks like I got taken off the waitlist for a parking pass! It’s just a matter of my schedule for finals and I’ll make the trip to SFA! Didn’t expect to get there this year, hopefully Firebird will be open when I go!
  13. I know Marissa! I graduated HS with her
  14. Thanks all. Unfortunately I got waitlisted for a permit and I'm pretty sure I won't get a parking pass before the semester's over. I'll keep all of this in mind if I make the trip over the summer!
  15. Hi everyone. Hopefully if all goes right, I'll get to have a car on campus for my last month of the semester. If this works out for me, I'll have a chance to get to Six Flags America. It's only 1hr45mins from my school, a lot nicer a driver compared to the 3 hours it would take from home. Anyone have experience at this park? I've never been, and it will be the first Six Flags outside of GAdv that I visit (I've been told so far to lower my expectations... I guess those of us so close to GAdv are lucky, I'm going with an open mind and just happy to get on some new rides!). Any info on the rides, crowds, or general trip planning would be great. Might be a day trip if I can go, but I'll have a few opportunities to go back before my finals start up. Thanks
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