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  1. Thanks all. Unfortunately I got waitlisted for a permit and I'm pretty sure I won't get a parking pass before the semester's over. I'll keep all of this in mind if I make the trip over the summer!
  2. Hi everyone. Hopefully if all goes right, I'll get to have a car on campus for my last month of the semester. If this works out for me, I'll have a chance to get to Six Flags America. It's only 1hr45mins from my school, a lot nicer a driver compared to the 3 hours it would take from home. Anyone have experience at this park? I've never been, and it will be the first Six Flags outside of GAdv that I visit (I've been told so far to lower my expectations... I guess those of us so close to GAdv are lucky, I'm going with an open mind and just happy to get on some new rides!). Any info on the rides, crowds, or general trip planning would be great. Might be a day trip if I can go, but I'll have a few opportunities to go back before my finals start up. Thanks
  3. I’ll be there hopefully for the whole day!
  4. The park uses Weather Bug to make all of their weather-related decisions. So far the Weather Bug app is saying partly cloudy and 62 degrees. If that holds then we have perfect weather, but I feel like we can't be sure until Saturday actually gets here. I'll be there either way
  5. Looks great! I wish the park maps would go back to this size/layout. Makes them a lot easier to carry.
  6. I think they could get away with giving it a generic fun house theme for the regular season. Something like the one at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk.
  7. Tbone112499

    Musik Express

    This was a fun Spotlight to work on! The Musik Express was one of the few things I wasn't too scared to ride back when I was little and this was still at the park. Deja Vu is a great reminder of the ride and I hope we can get another true Musik Express model in the future!
  8. This goes beyond rides, but I miss the thematic music (film scores in Movie Town, pirate-esque songs in the Lakefront). It really did a lot to bring the rides together rather than have them feel like they were randomly placed.
  9. If they do turn it into a queue house for WW, maybe they could scatter the dining tables for Metro Grill on the side of the restaurant near the bathrooms and across the way near the observatory. There were only 2-3 tables there before, but maybe they space the other tables there to free up space for a WW queue.
  10. I'm glad that the Justice League area is being called DC Universe. It would really irk me and my OCD if the park called it Metropolis and Superman were clear on the other side of the park
  11. Good catch with Rockwall and Safari Tours. I didn’t even notice. I didn’t see Rockwall get used much last year so that’s not too surprising, but I’m hoping that not having Safari Tours on the map was a typo.
  12. Even in Delaware the weather is great! High of 67 degrees and sunny. Definitely feels more like a Great Adventure day than an exam day
  13. We have our first video look-in on WW construction!
  14. From the park’s mobile app. “Catch a glimpse of 2019’s new construction.” Maybe we won’t see WW open with the park on April 6?
  15. I just recently got the book over my winter break and brought it back to school with me. Definitely makes me feel a little closer to home! And my roommate (from Delaware) had no idea of what used to be at the park
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