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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    All because of a damn groundhog.
  2. Disney Parks additions

    you got my dream job!
  3. Spotlight Requests

    You best send that photo to the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Society in Lancaster PA for identification: www.roughandtumble.org
  4. Safari trucks

    As I've commented previously, every time I rode in those trucks, they are exceptionally noisy, with smelly fumes and have a terribly uncomfortably ride over the bumpy sections. When they are accelerating, it is pretty much impossible to hear the tour guides talking over the intercom. I know the trucks were selected to fit the part, and they ultimately get the job done, but I would have considered a potential electric propulsion alternative. The other benefit of that option is that they could promote the 'green' ness of the park, especially with the natural setting of the safari. Currently the smoke bellowing trucks stand in contrast with their oft-advertised efforts to preserve the natural environment.
  5. Disney Parks additions

    I hope you are right. I ride the monorail system extensively whenever I'm there, and always try to get a seat near the cab in order to see the operations. Heck, sometimes I just ride the monorail to cool off and get off at the stations to peruse parts of the resorts I normally don't get to see otherwise (I never stay on site). I admit I am a railroad enthusiast, and particularly a monorail lover. And there aren't many places you can ride one - the only other one I've been on is Hershey Park and that one isn't nearly as exciting to me. I even wrote an extensive research paper on monorails back in high school...LOL And I disagree with the statement that repairing the monorail is not a good 'bang for their buck', so to speak. The monorail at Disney World is as iconic a figure as Mickey Mouse. They use it extensively in their massive advertising campaigns. It is the centerpiece of sorts for their overall resorts in Orlando. If it goes out of commission for any length of time, especially permanently, it will seriously affect their ability to advertise and attract customers. It will become an eye sore if they don't tear it down, which would cost a significant amount of money. And in that scenario, what will happen to the Contemporary? They would have to alter the ends of the building in some fashion. But perhaps the biggest issue mentioned so far is the negative effect on transportation. Even now with a functioning monorail, it can be tough to get around, especially when the parks and resorts are crowded.
  6. I didn't think that many people chew gum anymore.
  7. what is it with people, gum and amusement park??
  8. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    was that a Freudian slip when you mentioned (twice) that you were cursing up the highway? LOL
  9. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    The other day I was driving through a school zone with the sign that flashes 25 MPH. This jackbag in a Jeep behind me tailgates within a foot of my rear bumper the whole way through the zone, even though there were at least two crossing guards present. I tapped the brakes several times to try and get him off my rear, but to no avail. After we got through the school zone I sped back up and he caught right back up to me and proceeded to tailgate me again. About a quarter mile later, he finally turned off onto a sidestreet in a development, but not before flipping me the bird. What the hell is wrong with people????
  10. Spotlight Requests

    with those bolts sticking up it looks like the top half of the engine is missing!
  11. Spotlight Requests

    hard to believe it's been around a quarter century already
  12. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Unfortunately, alcohol emboldens some people to act out in a violent manner (such as wife-beaters). Most people are happy drunks, but there are a handful that turn from well-behaved and introverted, to obnoxious idiots. I remember working with this guy that you never heard a peep out of until he drank heavily, and then you couldn't get him to shut up.
  13. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    When the Phillies were on their run, I went to watch the Mets play there. I was wearing no Met paraphernalia, but I happened to be wearing sneakers that had orange and blue colors on them. When I went to the bathroom, some drunk Phillie fan immediately started loudly berating me as a Met fan who dared to come to CBP, even though I never said a word or made any gestures to anyone. I finished my business and high-tailed it out of there, thinking there was a reasonable chance that this dude was going to do more than verbally threaten me. I didn't return to CBP for several years because of that incident.
  14. Misc GA Mumblings

    is the current water treatment plant the original?
  15. Maser Consultants are the engineers.....I know them well....