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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    and you still have to wait in long lines and get crappy service
  2. Misc GA Mumblings

    that's great news - never went to Mama's, but smelled it all the time....LOL
  3. Garden of Marvels

    Nice, but I don't ever see it happening. I'm not sure millennials really care about this kind of stuff.
  4. How I Made It: Gary Goddard

    My wife would definitely disagree with you on the shows, but agree with the other two.
  5. Kudos to the title of this thread!
  6. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    How long does it typically take between approval and breaking ground? I assume detailed drawings had to be completed in order to get the approvals.
  7. GA to Host 8th Annual Grape Adventure Nov 4&5, 2017

    My daughters had a pretty good time. They only attended the festival, and didn't pay for park admission. They shared a bottle of wine and ate at one of the food trucks.
  8. Holiday in the Park 2017

    The park is becoming more and more like a year round destination. The only time of the year it's really closed is January through late March.
  9. My daughters are going today but unfortunately it looks to be a wet day.
  10. October 28 2017 Trip Report

    I'll add my notes from our trip on Saturday, Oct. 28: Weather was beautiful - we got there when it opened at 11 am. There was virtually no backup getting through the parking plaza and only a few minutes to get through security and into the park. Crowds weren't too bad for the first hour or two. We did three rides and three shows, ate lunch and a snack. We walked the whole park to see the decorations. The Unleashed show was excellent, especially the trampoline artists in the neon lighted outfits. When we left the 5:00 show, the park had become wall to wall people, so the wife said it was time to get out. She weren't waiting in lines for any more rides or to get dinner, or even for the parade. We started walking to the gate at around 5:30. It was like a salmon trying to swim upstream - people were coming in by the thousands. As we walked towards our car in the lot, we noticed that they had already started parking cars over in HH. It was a challenge to drive towards the exit with all these people coming in the opposite direction. We finally got out to Route 537, where we immediately hit a traffic jam, and I was perplexed. We turned right towards I-195, but couldn't budge. I noticed the NB entrance into the park had been closed off, and then realized NB traffic had to go past the entrance, make a u-turn at the jughandle, and then enter the park via the overpass. It was pandemonium with 3-4 lanes of cars trying to weave in every direction to get where they needed to. There was no signing or traffic directors, so many people were lost and confused as to what to do. It took us a half hour to get from the exit ramp past the jughandle, which is only maybe a quarter mile away. Once we got past the jughandle, it was finally clear sailing, but it took an hour from when we exited the main gate to the time we passed the jughandle. It was now 6:30 and the line of cars coming from the north was backed up at least to I-195, and probably back on to the interstate itself. I estimate it would be at least 8:00 before these people actually got into the park. And then good luck getting on any rides or attractions as the park would be unbelievably crowded. I realize the park was open until midnight, and maybe a lot of these people had season passes, but I still can't see how it is worth it to visit the park under those conditions. Neither my wife or I have ever seen anything like this at any park. Apparently we escaped the asylum just in time! LOL
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    Thank you for that video - it was enlightening. It's amazing how many full time workers the park employs year round. I wonder how much the carpenters and mechanics get paid? Do the inspectors on the rides get extra hazard pay for having to work at such heights and under those conditions? I've never been a big fan of unions (that's a topic for another day), but in this case with safety (both patron and employee) being so important, I can see the value of union labor doing this work. They have to get it right.
  12. This or that?

    forgive me, but what are these?
  13. Holiday in the Park 2017

    My daughters are going to the wine and food festival tomorrow. You have to buy a special ticket on top of the general admission ticket. Fortunately one has a season pass and she can bring the other in for only $10. I did not think the park and rides were open again until HITP started.
  14. Is that the big ugly colored building you used to see from the Turnpike, or is it new construction? Go to the panorama view and scroll - it is sweet! Looks like this will be a amusement park you would be able to take the train to. There aren't too many of those!
  15. This or that?

    I'd prefer to visit Hershey. And eat it too. LOL Toyota or Honda?
  16. October 28 2017 Trip Report

    It's still mind boggling to me that they closed the NB entrance, but there were no signs or traffic directors to tell people where to go....total mayhem with people getting REALLY pissed trying to get into the park.
  17. Did you miss the cobwebs throughout the park this Fright Fest?

    How long has GA owned those two Hearst cars for? Do they just sit outside in a storage lot the rest of the year? Some the windows are missing, so I can't imagine what they are like inside with the rain getting in them.
  18. This or that?

    Right Twix (I don't really care but I love the candy bar...lol) Diet Coke or Coca Cola Zero Sugar (new)
  19. Did you miss the cobwebs throughout the park this Fright Fest?

    I think I missed FF last year. Were they there the previous year?
  20. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Unleashed was excellent! My daughter's company will be setting up tents for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She'll be there this Wednesday. The tents will be erected in the HH parking lot.
  21. This could be getting serious! I noticed that SFGA is about at the 50 mile radius on their map. So I guess the ferris wheel is going to be outside, presumably because of its height. I really want to see this ski area completed and see how it fares. Too bad I stopped skiing due to help issues....
  22. The Green Lantern

    the crowds at SFGA on Saturday were ridiculous - I can imagine the line was that long
  23. Fright Fest 2017

    awesome quality video!
  24. Fright Fest 2017

    I assume the park never opened on Sunday. We were camping nearby and the whole campground flooded and we lost power for over 12 hours.
  25. Fright Fest 2017

    The park is open on the 30th? We should update the original post: