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  1. Such a hardship for you, Matt. Glad you had a good time.
  2. Allegedly, if Wikipedia is to be believed, because La Ronde, Frontier City and Great Escape are not officially SF branded parks, the Warner IP agreement doesn't cover them. That could be fact or that could be lore, but without actually seeing the agreement or at least a form-of it's impossible to tell. That's also not to say I disagree with you. Quebecois are completely like that, so I can see it being true.
  3. I haven't been to Disney since the pre-Fast Pass days, and reading all of this makes me not want to return.
  4. Vaping is the only thing that got me to quit smoking. Luckily, I had a lot less trouble quitting vaping.
  5. Please provide sources or kindly wait until it's actually announced to post your "I told you sos".
  6. Apparently we're all members of the same Facebook group ...
  7. I'm hoping we don't have a repeat of last year - park opening weekend delayed a week by snow.
  8. That's just gross. I'm not one of those former smokers who turned into an anti-tobacco Nazi, but c'mon! And to stick the good games there? Is it clientele related?
  9. After the sub-zero temps in January, temps at the freezing mark really doesn't feel all that bad. Unless you forget your gloves.
  10. I've always read that you ride Dragster first thing if it's running because you may not get the chance otherwise. Can't say first-hand as I haven't been yet but that's what the consensus is on another forum.
  11. I will admit to feeling a bit itchy to go coaster riding soon. I think the relatively mild winter has that effect. It will be nice when American Dream is open and there are four coasters in-state and available all year 'round. Not that hopping a flight down to Florida or Texas is a bad idea either.
  12. 1. Cedar Point is literally on a point of land extending into Lake Erie, so this is factually incorrect. 2. What the hell would that have to do with a managerial change in direction? This comment doesn't even make any sense. That's disappointing, as nostalgia is a great marketing point and can be a cost effective way to boost ridership. But unless you can do an entire section of nothing but and offer it in more than one or two classic rides, it's a tough selling point. It's slightly disappointing that they didn't learn the lessons of their last corporate bankruptcy and seem flummoxed by how to handle the downturn in attendance in a cost-effective manner.
  13. Because they already got Warner to sign off on the Superman theme? They just need to repaint the thing. Retheming, especially away from approved IP, makes zero sense especially when people already complain that they don't use the WB IP enough as it is. There's plenty of other IP they can use without retheming Supes. Also, what the hell is a "Great Adventure member" and why would I want to walk through a hall of them?
  14. Some internet weatherman is touting the European Model saying we're getting smacked with a blizzard next week. I wish I could find him so I can go throw things at him.
  15. They're also the most lucrative. I used to say if it keeps the passes cheap, so be it. But you get the feeling now that it's not going to keep the passes cheap or the parks upt to date but rather right into shareholder dividends.
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