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  1. Back in your day, the folks running the park were more comfortable with spending more on ops than was coming through the gate.
  2. Yeah, I agree. Then again, with so few details besides the "capricious and arbitrary" argument, it's hard to parse out what the delay may have been. "Capricious and arbitrary" is pretty much generic land use talk for "I don't agree with your board".
  3. Rumor is the ride manufacturer hadn't sent some paperwork along and it was pushing inspection back.
  4. Not snarking but a legit question ... exactly how many kid-centric rides are there that aren't currently in the park? Short of antique cars, a train and maybe the boats (though you really do need an adult for those), doesn't the park pretty much already have everything covered and just needs to refresh it?
  5. Are they legit ass implants or the shady black market ones with tubed silicon?
  6. I think the fact that tore that one splash pad/play area by Ka out is indicative of a new kiddie attraction coming soon. They've spent a lot of money attracting older crowds in the past couple of years by upping the amount of bars and more adult-oriented rides.
  7. They did not buy them, they have agreements to operate them. They are still owned by a separate entity. As for the rest of your comments, agreed.
  8. But did you have to pull a groundhog out of a claw machine?
  9. What's with the obsession with retheming everything?
  10. Just in time for people to get their tax returns.
  11. For the last time, ehhh? Good, maybe now you'll give the rest of us some peace and stop posting the same baseless, pointless speculation you've been trying to pass off as rumor for two years now. Seriously, give it a rest. Your posts are making this forum extremely unpleasant to read.
  12. Shouldn't matter how long they've been a member, it's "per calendar year", so even if they got a bottle in November 2018, they're entitled to a bottle in April 2019. Also, the noticable increase in the amount of benches was nice to see. Now they need to start re-planting some trees.
  13. DC. Not Marvel. (Apologies for nit-picking.)
  14. Pretty much this. The average park goer in the area *may* be familiar with Dorney and have a vague notion that Cedar Point is lurking out there in Ohio. They most likely have never heard of Carowinds, and if they have, aren't familiar with their coaster line up.
  15. It's amazing to me that DC is moving in the exact opposite direction of Marvel in movies. Marvel, via the Disney buying Fox, has gotten all of their characters back into an extended, unified universe. DC is shooting movies like these outside of the DCEU. Well, I wish them the best of luck. I haven't enjoyed a Batman movie since Burton directed them; even the Nolan movies I found interesting but lacking in the sheer manic fun of the Burton years.
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