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  1. I'm purely prognosticating at this point, but I don't see this making a huge impact on the Flash Pass lines. I simply don't think the interest in those levels is that high and I also don't think a limited number of people with one or two, spread out over the park, is going to make an appreciable difference on an average operating day. I do think it'll make one during Fright Fest or any other peak day though.
  2. Mine paid me $9.50, but it was in an aerospace fasteners factory. And my father worked there, so if I even tried to goof off, I got my butt whooped (yes, he was still whooping us at 18).
  3. I bought basic, so I'm going to see if they'll give me the discount on going premium. If not, oh well, maybe next year. I just can't get all worked up over this stuff.
  4. I'm planning on upgrading my membership but I'm not getting hysterical over it. I need to transfer my dining and all that crap, so maybe tomorrow if I have time to kill.
  5. I wish they'd run it fast enough to properly use the slots on the carousel deck. Ever notice the slots running from the inner hub toward the outer edge? They used to run that sucker fast enough that centripetal force would push the horses out, hence the slot. Also, I wish we had a brass ring game. ETA: I see the "Flying Effect" (deck slots) was discussed about five years ago. Ahh, to have ridden this before the days of personal injury lawsuits ...
  6. I gotta say, the whole roll out of the memberships/conversion/upgrade has been so badly managed that I would actually embarrassed if I worked for them. Clearly no one there is familiar with proper financial tech project management. That said, God I hope it's warm on the 24th.
  7. I think it's be fun if they turned it into a spinner, but otherwise ... yeah.
  8. I really don't like Justice League. I think it's overhyped and really not that much fun and I hate shooter video games. I'd like it better if it was a just a souped-up dark ride. There, I said it. I feel better now.
  9. Just something vague that a passholder posted on a FB group regarding a conversation they'd had with a CSM about something being "in the works", so we'll have to wait and see.
  10. I think you'll see Rock N Rollercoaster rethemed to something Marvel sooner rather than later, especially with Black Panther doing what it's doing right now, though I personally think they'd be better off going with Ant-Man, but that's me. I think Black Panther deserves a more original concept than a retread of an existing right. They've multiple hour waits right now just to meet someone dressed up in a freaking Black Panther suit.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the big Labor Day and Black Friday sales disappear, to be honest with you. They're really trying to get everyone on-board with the memberships which is why they're rolling out the flashy perks with them. The twelve-month revenue stream would allow them to keep the warm-weather parks open year-round and it gives them cleaner financials for borrowing, if they so choose. I already read that they're looking to do something for current passholders to smooth some ruffled feathers over the disparity in what memberships on the platinum and up levels get as opposed to what the season pass bought them. Exactly. It makes it much easier to value the company for investors, easier to get credit as they can show 12 months of revenue, and as someone who spent a good five months deciding whether or not to cancel my membership after a bad break up (which I eventually kept), they're banking on people saying "Ehh, it's only $8/10/12/20 a month. I spend that on lunch," and keep rolling the pass on chance they *might* want to go later. Gotta love it when FOMO is a market motivator.
  12. I inquired about this as well and apparently, if you've held your membership (not pass) for a year, you can buy a new membership at your preferred level, transfer the dining and cancel the old membership. I have not actually tried this myself, so I would recommend contacting someone at SF about the practicalities of doing this. It also subsidizes Magic Mountain being open 12 months a year.
  13. Once they hit rock bottom and can find a way to safely rid themselves of the captive orcas, maybe.
  14. That sounds like a retread of the Geauga Lake/Worlds of Adventure/Seaworld Ohio disaster.
  15. Would we all smell like french fries after going on the safari if they did that?
  16. Well, if climate change keeps up ... I can see the Texas parks going year-round and maybe Georgia.
  17. Yeah, going back and reading their hype and puffery, they're super-non-specific in which is first and whatnot but I do sit corrected. I'd stand, but it's Friday and its hard to type standing. As for the solar power ... I'm still trying to figure out if the people who think the park will close if it's cloudy or rainy are for real.
  18. I just don't want to have to wear my heavy down parka for a while.
  19. They never said they were getting the first Tourbillion. They said they were getting the world's first ride themed to Cyborg. They probably hope to have GA's solar array up and producing before the other two parks. The devil is, as usual, in the details and semantics.
  20. Yeah, it's currently listed as being on the refurb schedule. And unlike NJT and the MTA, instead of just cancelling trains, they're adding a gondola skyway. Granted, it will take a little while to get it running, but I personally think it's a cool alternative. (Also, the fact that they're adding PTC to the monorail amuses me to no end.)
  21. I like it, and I like the fact that it's not dumbed down and kiddified.
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