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  1. AZ is too hot. One report I'd read said that San Francisco had better productivity than Phoenix due to the panels being too hot.
  2. Exactly. While their productivity may be cut as much as 90%, solar panels are still collecting energy even when it's raining. Also, temperature plays a part in it as well. While AZ may get the most sunshine, it's heat reduces output of the panels by 10-25%.
  3. Matt, did you hear anything about another event on Tuesday?
  4. Thanks for the clarity Matt.
  5. Yeah, and it always strikes me as odd. Oh well.
  6. No, some of them are just blue lines, sponsored by Dr. Scholl's and don't go anywhere in particular. I think SFNE's is like that.
  7. Is Dr. Scholl's sponsoring it again this year? Other parks have them as well, they just don't lead to the safari (because, obviously, other parks don't have safaris.)
  8. Rumor is that Wonder Woman is opening FRIDAY for Member & Passholder previews, soft open to the public 5 PM on Saturday. Details are supposed to drop via email later today. This is second-hand information so I take no credit/blame for it.
  9. It's an insurance thing. It's the same reason why they card senior citizens for beers at concert venues. If you force everyone to disgorge their pockets regardless of whether or not they zipper, there's no issue with capricious exceptions or rules going unenforced.
  10. They'll probably hold off for a weekend without a member event, maybe the 15th (which would put it between Bizarro's 20th birthday member event on the 9th and the Calypso Springs opening member event on the 21st). I can't see them sitting on it until late June/July but they'll want to do the usual fanfare with previews and all that.
  11. I've had the book sitting on my Kindle for years. I really should make an attempt at it. I just finished Blood Meridian though and need something a bit lighter.
  12. Actually, it was supposed to open with a Member Appreciation Event on 18 May, which was pushed to 23-25 May and then pushed back indefinitely as NOTHING HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED. You're really bad at this game. You might want to consider not playing it anymore.
  13. So ... knitpicky thing ... why is it "Coasters *for* Cancer"? That makes it sound like they want the cancer to win. It should be "Coaster Versus Cancer" or "Coasters Beating Cancer" or "Coasters Against Cancer", basically "Coasters [insert oppositional verb] Cancer". I sometimes wonder if people think before they sign off on these things. It's a great cause, but c'mon.
  14. AccuWeather is saying a possible t-storm or shower. Either way, I wouldn't get my shorts in a knot over it.
  15. Rumor is it's got a bum motor. It passed state inspection a week ago though.
  16. 1. Your two names are terrible and barely thematic to Mardi Gras. Throwing words like "fat" and "booze" at something doesn't make it Mardi Gras themed. And how exactly does one "break" booze? 2. Firebird = Phoenix. Considering that they took a stand-up coaster that should have been sold for scrap and turned into a eminently ride-able floorless, it's an apt name.
  17. Back in your day, the folks running the park were more comfortable with spending more on ops than was coming through the gate.
  18. Yeah, I agree. Then again, with so few details besides the "capricious and arbitrary" argument, it's hard to parse out what the delay may have been. "Capricious and arbitrary" is pretty much generic land use talk for "I don't agree with your board".
  19. Rumor is the ride manufacturer hadn't sent some paperwork along and it was pushing inspection back.
  20. Are they legit ass implants or the shady black market ones with tubed silicon?
  21. They did not buy them, they have agreements to operate them. They are still owned by a separate entity. As for the rest of your comments, agreed.
  22. But did you have to pull a groundhog out of a claw machine?
  23. Just in time for people to get their tax returns.
  24. For the last time, ehhh? Good, maybe now you'll give the rest of us some peace and stop posting the same baseless, pointless speculation you've been trying to pass off as rumor for two years now. Seriously, give it a rest. Your posts are making this forum extremely unpleasant to read.
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