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  1. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    I like it, and I like the fact that it's not dumbed down and kiddified.
  2. That's repulsive. Though 13 year old me would have called it cool.
  3. From reading the press release, it looks like that may be the case - "Upon completion of the major, students would receive a bachelor’s degree in resort and attraction management". If it was just hotels and resorts, it would be a BA in Hospitality Management. Interesting note, a lot of school that offer degrees in Sports Management or Sports Analytics say their coursework includes theme parks. Things you'd never consider, but then again, marketing and running a sports team really isn't that far off from running a theme park, I guess.
  4. I can't imagine they'll have much of an issue if they're actually clawing back plans that were already approved (unless I'm mistaken and they didn't have ZBA approval for the bigger solar field).
  5. I think you're trying to compare apples and oranges. They point of the IP is to appeal to two separate yet complementary audiences. They aren't competing. But let's not inflate their importance either. If you dressed the character staff purely in superhero outfits and put them front and center at the fountain, they're take as many pictures as the Looney Tunes characters. I don't think anyone is showing up at the park solely to meet Tweety Bird or Batman. They could drop all of the IP theming entirely and go with generic kiddie and coaster theming and the only thing that may show a downward tick in performance would be the photo sales, which they could easily make up with opening up a couple of closed ride photo stands.
  6. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    They haven't been bad. They've been purely mediocre since 2010. They've missed the playoffs three out of six years since their last Cup run and acknowledge they're rebuilding under Hextal. Consider the sheer weight of the terrible contracts they were carrying over from the Holmgren/Clarke era and the fact that they still don't have a franchise goalie, they've actually done better than they've had any right to do. Big things are on the way for this team (the blue line is sooooo much stronger than it's been since Pronger was forced to retire), provided one of their goalie prospects pans out and no one gets trade-happy.
  7. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    As long as you're not obnoxious and make a spectacle of yourself, people generally don't care. You might get the occasional raised eyebrow, but generally people are cool unless you act like a tool. (And the same goes for NYC fans. I've gone to the Rock and Citifield in Flyers/Phils gear and never had a problem. Most people just want to know how you got your tickets to see if you'd bought from a season ticket holder or if the tickets were retail. Occasionally I've run into problems at the Garden, but it's usually some drunken yabbo who thinks he's being funny right up until another Rangers fans sets him straight. Which is the thing, most fans are cool. It's the drunks who think bullying people is the height of hilarity that are the problem. I've been present when Eagles fans started heckling Giants fans who were just walking past and other Eagles fans told them to shut the hell up. It ended in Eagles fan on Eagles fan violence. Zero police horses were punched. As for the Sixers ... I haven't watched them since the Iverson era and quite frankly don't care about the NBA. The Big 5 City Series though, that's something else.
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    Ehhh. It wasn't that bad. Nothing the fans do can be worse than when the Mayor bombed his own citizens.
  9. Misc GA Mumblings

    The argument can be made that more people in Jackson commute to NYC than to Philadelphia, so it's culturally and economically tied more closely to NYC. But yes, very fuzzy.
  10. I'm well familiar with the rebel yell - it was actually a hunting cry that the Confederates took up. Still stupid. It could also be named after a Billy Idol song. Retheme the cars to late 80's punk rock and keep the name.
  11. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Do we credit you with the win then?
  12. Stupid. Confederate history aside, Virigina was an original 13 colony that rebelled against the British crown. No reason to do this unless it's heavily CSA themed.
  13. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    True, but once you get past Mid County and head west for Gettysburg, you can rock it out.
  14. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    You'd be surprised, I knew some Danger Rangers out at Gettysburg who did stints in Philadelphia. They'd run between the two parks just for fun. They also used to screw with the ghost hunters at on the battlefields with the spots.
  15. Yeah, depending how they're oriented, how many panels they can get in what configuration, etc. etc. etc., it may not be cost effective. Much cheaper and easier to just put up a solar farm and panels over the parking lot.
  16. It would also be a welcome respite after getting sunburned as hell lying in the lazy river.
  17. Misc GA Mumblings

    Wanna trade? I'm stuck with all of the NY teams and refuse to buy Center Ice just to watch the Flyers. Back when I had Cabalvision (I have no idea what they're calling that now, BTW? Altice? Alice? Patrice?), I could at least get both the NY and Phila. news stations, which was always great for watching SEPTA buses slide down City Line Avenue during a snow storm.
  18. Orlando trip in April

    And I'm anti-CityWalk. You can do half that crap at any other tourist trap in the US, and some of it in your local mall. Margarettaville? There's one in every cruise port. Bubba Gump's? There's one in Times Square and I avoid it like the plague. I'd go out and hit the Fun Spot off of I-Drive and ride White Lightning or to the one in Kissimmee and hit up Mine Blower. You could probably do both, if you're ambitious.
  19. It's be a helluva lot easier if people just admitted it was racist, but instead they go through all kinds of mental gymnastics and claim it as their heritage. I love me some Looney Tunes, but yeah, there are some pretty racist episodes that are best viewed in the context of Jim Crowe or World War II propaganda. That's the biggest issue, is that we're so lacking in proper historical education that the context of so many of these pieces is lost. Also, when you actually know the context, they're really not all that funny anymore. Because Buckwheat is an incredibly racist caricature? Yep.
  20. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    I think they put it there so there's a band of family-friendly rides (galleon-Swashbuckler, bumper cars, scrambler) before getting into the kiddie area and the coasters. Also, it's one of those rides that people expect in a park, so putting it near the Ferris Wheel makes sense. They did the same thing with the carousel-tea cups combo. (Seriously though, thinking about this really points out how lacking in flat rides the park is. At least it's got a great safari.)
  21. But I thought Neal Thurman was a god among mere mortals?
  22. I'm well aware that manager competency is an issue in all lines and levels of business. I'm also very aware that high school and college kids, with limited exceptions, far more interested in hanging out with their friends or having fun than working and thus have a tendency to "no call no show" or take a job and quit halfway through the summer when their vacation request gets turned down or a more interesting offer comes along. I spent a summer working at a beach - an incredibly boring, low stakes job that could be done while drunk and/or hung over with little to no consequences - and by the end of August, our original crew of about 100 was down to 20 original kids. The attrition rate with that age group is extremely high due to low pay, more enticing offers (a bar back gets paid way more), more interesting offers (wait tables/cut grass with your friends), a lack of desire to do the job (mommy and daddy will subsidize lifestyle). I tend not to hold that against management, as it's pretty much a universal truth when dealing with kids that age. Now, high attrition rates among adult workers is something else entirely.
  23. Or, you know, employing high school and college aged kids.
  24. The "problem" with the Looney Tunes IP right now is that it's a bit stagnant. Many of the old cartoons don't get air time anymore for a host of reasons (newer generations prefer newer animation styles and characters, the inherent violence of LT cartoons, the fact that they aren't in heavy syndication the way they were in the 1980s, their last real forray into recognition was Space Jam in the 1990s), so the character recognition on them is slipping. Unless Warner Brothers breathes new life into that IP, I can see SF phasing out the Looney Tunes theming entirely in favor of more Animaniacs should that reboot on Hulu prove popular (which I hope it does, as I loved me some Animaniacs). DC's IP right now is probably more paramount. DC has a stellar cartoon lineup, but their movies are ... well ... objectively speaking they make more than they cost to produce but they aren't nearly as beloved as Marvel's movies. (In all honesty, I despise the DCEU movies with the exception of Wonder Woman and quite frankly, even that one suffers mightily from the DC house style - the dark and gritty color palette combined with the dated "bullet-time" SFX nearly ruined a really great movie. But that's another rant for another time.) As long as the DCEU exists, that IP will be prominent. That said, which is more important? Neither. They're skewed toward two separate audiences. You need a kid-friendly IP for your family areas and adult-leaning IP for the thrill rides. They don't have to compete.
  25. John Winkler Named New President of SFGA

    Hopefully he can get the Notifications part of the app actually working ...