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  1. Interesting. I've been doing it for years with no problem.
  2. Every time I go, I stick two full water bottles in my bag. Sometimes I even have bars or candy. I have never been stopped. Even before the park went to airport style x-ray machines
  3. The park absolutely needs a kids area expansion. But that shouldn't be all for 2020. I think the park is starting to look run down. Spend some money on simple things and they are on their way to looking like Hershey or a good Cedar Fair park. Pull some weeds. Pick up dead and fallen bamboo. Trim bushes back out of queue lines. Add mulch to the areas where people decide to step on the flower bays. Dye some concrete. Make Kingda Ka's launch view able from outside the line. Is that too much to ask for? Most of that is just landscaping. When I got into WW's line for the first time and saw the secluded patch of grass and bushes, my first thought was, "How long until this starts to look like Zumanjaro's over grown mess of a queue line?"
  4. Found this picture on rcdb by David Lilly. CRS doesn't match the markings on Steel Vengaence nor the Joker at Great Adventure. Still doesn't confirm or deny anything. CRS is most likely for a footer or support.
  5. I am with you. Even though I've never ridden a raptor, I feel like they are a gimmick and cheaper quality wise compared to an I-Box. Plus, I always hear raving reviews about I-Box tracks. I never hear a raptor review coming close to an I-Box.
  6. No. I'm talking about a piece code welded onto a support of an already standing ride. Like, the track fabricator just took their welder and drew/welded "CRS" onto a support.
  7. It's a survey marker. There is no chance they are hinting using it. Some construction worker could see it and do something that is not suppose to be done. Which is not preferred on construction sites. Plus we just saw Maser consulting there. Who had surveying equipment with them. https://www.fractracker.org/2016/02/surveyor-symbols-signs/ And "CRS" sounds VERY familiar to me. I'm scouring every picture I have saved to see if I can remember why. I feel like I remember seeing it welded on a support.
  8. Surprised it hasn't been made yet. If I'm not mistaken, the 2020 thread was made before the 2019 announcement by the certain someone.
  9. I definitely feel like these clues are simply for the theme, I doubt they are giving the technical details through them
  10. If that is true, that C is the second and R is the fourth letter, I don't think we can rule out that the ride is not a DC themed ride.
  11. Any one ever think that the amount of each repeated letter is the position that letter is in the word we are unscrambling? Like, "C" is the second letter and "R" is the fourth?
  12. Im hoping that Six Flags at some point realizes these cheaper rides they keep adding to parks don't last as long or don't have a large draw. Maybe sometime they will buy rides from Intamin or B&M again. One can only hope. That would require not adding something new to every park though.
  13. The two Cs has me thinking of Captain Cold. I don't know how that fits with legendary and monstrous, but I do believe there is some tie with Captain Cold and Mr.Freeze. Of which we have seen Mr.Freeze in other parks before.
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