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  1. Then again, it takes a long time to plan attractions. Between the time John Winkler made that comment and now, plans could have changed. Never know.
  2. If I'm not wrong, I think it only takes a day to assemble the parts to a Giant Discovery after all the concrete is set. Then the queue and other parts.
  3. I've noticed a bunch of orange and white markers appearing in random seconds on various parts of different concrete walkways. They are faded now but arrived early fall.
  4. I'm not buying it just yet. But I would welcome it in Metropolis as I thought the placement was an afterthought and it being in Metropolis would be a better fit. Of course themed different.
  5. I have always thought seeing a floorless conversion train with the new vest restraints would be cool. But they would need to put less than 4 seats per row due to size limits.
  6. I don't think I have evidence but I have support to back my speculation of it being removed. The whole ride is being neglected it seems. The paint is terribly chipping and fading. Worst I have ever seen. Plus there are many rust spots along the spine of the track. They removed the onride pictures early to mid 2016 season. Brakes are very jerky. When on transport tires, the train tends to skid over the tires. Causing a squeak. The wheels on the train itself squeak (well at least since the last time I have been on it). The wheels on the train also look very used, dirty and old. I personally think the shoulder harnesses were refurbished to look better instead of being replaced. On every B&M I have been on, they all have a flat, gloss paint/coating on any restraint. The paint/coating on Bizarro's seems like a cheap, matte alternative paint/coating. And the Bizarro marquee has been getting pulled apart by park goers revealing the under lying foam. They don't even bother taking some paint to cover up the yellow/orange foam. Or even take a sharpie to it. In my opinion, the Run Away Mine Train gets better care than Bizarro. And it is a shame too. Its a rather good ride. Seeing Scream get a repaint a couple years ago gave me hopes of a minor refresh. But I fully doubt that now.
  7. I had problems before. Luckily for me the system came back online about 40 minutes earlier than estimated. But it was going painfully slow. Transaction still went through though.
  8. I was skeptical about it because of no records of Zamperla importing anything just yet. But it just looked like they were in the process of creating the page to be published and accidentally published it early. That's what went through my mind. Plus if you delete the part that mentions 2019 in the url, it still brings you to Great Adventures website
  9. I'm kind of skeptical about it though. At least what I can see across many US Import Data sights, nothing has been imported in a month or 2 to any of the Six Flags parks. Now, I am a free user of the websites so I may not be getting the full information about whats imported to the parks. But I also know that Giant Discoveries only need a day to assemble once the site is prepared.
  10. I am certainly not dissapointed but I think another theme would have been better.
  11. More likely in 2020 than 2019. But still no evidence.
  12. I don't think that the park cares about the enthusiasts as much as other parks. They have no reason to give a "BIG surprise." Their coaster collection is great. Their flats are weak. There are other priorities that need to be filled besides coasters. And I don't think having a ton of coasters is a great thing. I hear people complain about MM all the time of there being too much coasters and not enough flats. So having a thrilling big flat is most likely better for the park than a filler coaster. Such as a Raptor.
  13. I forget where exactly I heard how much they were investing in new additions this year, but I think it was a couple million dollars less than last year chain wide. But still in the $90,000,000 range. My point is, they are likely going to be putting something in to Darien Lake and Frontier city. It may not be a ride but it would most likely be retheming of some of the rides to fit the DC theme. Over all this year, they spent a lot of money. Buying 5 parks is not cheap. So honestly, still investing $90,000,000 into the chain is amazing. But having to put money into more parks, having a coaster at MM and possibly Great America, it will simply be out of the budget to put one at Great Adventure if they want to keep their word of adding something to every park and keeping that addition bigger than a show.
  14. The point of this threat is to discuss speculation and rumors. We can't just debunk everything because we don't know what it is for sure.
  15. New Jersey Coasters is just as clueless as we all are.
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