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  1. Could they retheme Adventure Seaport to a forest theme area but dark?, give a dark theme to the Rapids and retheme Nitro to a another monsterous myth (Wendigo?) and demolish Nitro Grille for a better exit way and queue line, and maybe replace safari kids with monsoon lagoon, and maybe replace johnny rockets and that pizza shop with katys grille
  2. what if we get a new rapids ride like at knotts, maybe two rides in one year, a new coaster and a new rapids ride and take a look on the creatures of the us that i think they can theme the new coaster, a retheme of nitro, and a new rapids ride to
  3. If they going to demolish the looney tunes seaport, i bet a coaster could go here with the enterance in the old koala canyon and looney tunes seaport enterance way as well as a theater like the size of Sesame place paradise theater could go in the current looney tunes enterance way and Seaport Eats, and maybe a retheme of adventure seaport to steampunk area with congo rapids retheme to fit with steampunk theme and nitro gets retheme but the name remains, maybe move the rapids mainentrance pool to the middle of the rapids ride and add a disko in it place and please connect Adventure seaport with Movietown
  4. i like to see rockville be broken up into 2 lands the scream, poltergeist, and hustler become the underground with a twist and splash ride in the part of the old car driving car ride theme to the underground water company, and rockville streets, rockville high, wonder woman, and batman become dc universe with a right stuff like ride in the old rockville high building
  5. Maybe they replace Safari Kids with Monsoon lagoon like at great escape and replace looney tunes Seaport with a New launch coaster, maybe a steampunk area would work, maybe retheme congo rapids to a steampunk themed rapids ride, and for the name of the new launch coaster: i think it will call hyperdrive, maybe a zamperla enterprise ride reusing the grinder gearworks name and retheme nitro to fit with the steampunk area
  6. And it turns out premier did bought the six flags chain, maybe a company like warnermedia could buy six flags again, and warnermedia (back then its time warner) used to own six flags in the 1990s, so maybe sell off the parks that did not have dc or looney tunes theme there like great escape and la ronde first and let warnermedia buy six flags, something like six flags sold atlantis and power plant that lead to time warner to buy six flags
  7. Maybe add a driving trucks like Six Flags over texas where antique cars propsed to go to and a couple kiddie rides where stage coach express is, but keep the log flume and move daffy duck hot air balloon to adventure alley where the remote trucks are and call it Cloud Bouncer
  8. as long as they didnt call the new rotor "cool party" from the nightmare that is batman & robin, im be okay with it
  9. i like to say this but move the joker somewhere else in the park, like behind the stunt arena, maybe add a flat ride next to it and call it harley quinn spinnaity, demolished and rebuild the stunt arena and has a nice plaza like gotham city at six flags over georiga
  10. man i wish we get this makeover for bugs bunny national park and seaport in great adventure next
  11. unless they move the bucket blasters to gotham city and rename it to the penguin
  12. i prefer to take out v2 and yanke clipper, then rebuild logger run to what coney island getting, and put a launch coaster there
  13. how about this, movietown has superhero capes, and other stores has great adventure specific merchandise.
  14. i always thought should six flags rebuild the 4d cinema in movietown, they should have chances to play the polar express 4d movie
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