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  1. my anxiety and this coronavirus outbreak in the south and west side of usa
  2. is warnermedia going to put ruby spears on hbomax as well as the post 1991 ruby spears library which they dont own i mean, if they added south park on it, why not the post 1991 ruby spears library
  3. i read that and i worred that jersey devil will end up like chiller went
  4. with covid 19 impacting the film industy and since wanda is from china, im scared about the future of legendary entertainment (the studio behind godzilla and jurassic world) since skyscraper and godzilla 2 failed, im worried that legendary will ended up like carolco pictures unless wanda sells legendary to warnermedia and nbc universal like mgm was sold to sony and comcast back in 2005
  5. i wonder shrek 5 will featured classicmedia characters, i mean if they parody fairy tale characters, why not parody dreamworks classic characters imagine burgermeister from santa coming to town is the villain of shrek 5 i made this as a joke because dreamworks owned classicmedia
  6. since viacomcbs owned the tmnt characters and all of the tmnt cartoons did they has a since of buying saban tmnt series and all of mirage studios (which is tmnt original owner)
  7. i never gotten comet, im from manville and comet is airing in phildelphia and not new york
  8. i can see a new area using the old safari exploration parking lot, maybe like white waters former american adventure maybe great adventure opens on march and safari park opens on april
  9. maybe after the coronavirus caesars could redo the first gambling floor, remodeling the walls, putting a restaurant where planet hollywood and dusk is, use the keno room for a new bacchanal, retheming the wild wild west to fit with caesars theme, and put something where the poker room is, and to top it all that. turn the pier shops at caesars to forum shops of the sea
  10. so six flags atlantis is a failed park in florida that the name become a joke (look at family guy)
  11. what will happen to the current guided truck tours of the Safari
  12. maybe the return of the western wagon and the super teepee
  13. I think this idea was evolved into Old country, I maybe wrong
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