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  1. so if they retheme bugs bunny national park to bugs bunny boomtown, could they have a looney tunes dark ride planned, unless they expand the island to part of the paddle boat lake
  2. i always thought a water ride themed to looney tunes could been awesome, i thinking about putting it in koala canyon space a mack rides twist and splash could also work in somewhere in the park, maybe in movietown/metropolis, lakefront, or golden kingdom
  3. i thinking about bringing back old country (and no, im not talking about bring back old country in the same spot, im talking about where that stupid green lantern is) there are rides in the area like: spin meister: a zamperla enterprise ride, a zamperla hawk called excalibur, a musik express like carowinds have, a zamperla flying bikes called davincis flying machine, and a backlot stunt coaster clone called autobahn i know this is off topic but pineracer tells me that he wanted to replace green lantern with a new land
  4. i agree with this one, remove it and build a awesome walkway with all the landscape and turn fantasy forest back into dream street again, bring back the colorful banners on poles
  5. i wanted the park colorful banners to come back and retheme fantasy forest into dream street, tear out the paintball building for a walkway, use the great lake grandstand lot for a wave swinger ride and move the teacup next to the wave swinger and use the teacup spot for a theater like six flags new england rockville theater
  6. how about they add this awesome skyline to every sides of the dark knight building
  7. well how about next to the drop tower tunnel so they build rmc raptor behind it, im not talking about put it in el diablos place
  8. could they move doo wooper somewhere else, maybe like reuse former hunts pier for a new theme park
  9. yeah, like moving the enterance and exit to rolling thunder spot in golden kingdom and using the enterance to wild safari and using the exploration station spot for parked jeeps, and add new animals in unused safari spots could be a awesome way to improve the animals
  10. harry2004


    for some reason, i thinking that if six flags is for sale, i thinking that warnermedia could buy six flags and rename the parks like paramount way: warner bros great adventure, warner bros magic mountain, warner bros america, warner bros great america, and more on, and use theres ips warner bros owned like: the meg, lethal weapon,the matrix, willy wonka, animaniacs, smallfoot, storks, unforgiven, wild bunch, gremlins, austin powers and more, all expect for harry potter, lotr, and pokemon (the kids wb show and 2019 movie) and ready player one
  11. cyborg use the left side of autobahn while a landscaping area took over the right side of autobahn, and yes it use to be the site of haunted castle but it got burned down and replaced with a garden that lasted until 1993 when they demolished the garden and replace it with autobahn with the creation of old country in 1994
  12. they reopen the walkway, but they demolished the old country theming as well as for musik express and autobahn, and reports that lot well be used for future expansion of the near by dc area
  13. this is off topic but paramount still owns kings island, son of beast will be demolished in 2006 instead of 2012 for action zone expansion in 2007, with itailan job coaster in it, and the antique cars remained, and new for 2005 is spongebob water coaster