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  1. Could anymore agree that the dark knight coaster should be retheme to wayne manor and batcave?, I mean they can make the exit though the gotham city store and change the facade to wayne manor Maybe if the batcave props from astroworld are still in storage, I can see six flags reuse the props for the coaster
  2. I thinking of making the park has areas again, for the movietown, looney tunes, and seaport, it has the dc rides. and bizzaro becames medusa again, and boardwalk would splited into two lands, air force base and dream street with fantasy forest becoming the part of dreamstreet again, golden kingdom plaza de carnival remains untouched but get news, and frontier adventures becomes wild west, and national park becomes bugs bunny boomtown (i mean boomtown is in texas and the setting of frontier setting also takes place in texas, get it?)
  3. as long as they didnt call the new rotor "cool party" from the nightmare that is batman & robin, im be okay with it
  4. so this means turning boardwalk and fantasy forest back to fortune festival (the area before boardwalk existed)?
  5. i think i could take out green lantern and build a new land, maybe the new old country, something on a scale of kings island oktoberfest area with a backlot stunt coaster themed to autobahn, maybe split boardwalk into 2 lands, for the rides section be the air force base while the other half be turned into dream street and fantasy forest could restore back to dream street
  6. maybe move some seaport rides to bugs bunny national park where the old great lake grandstand once stood and retheme the area to bugs bunny boomtown and build a kiddie water raft ride in the voodoo island lot
  7. i like to say this but move the joker somewhere else in the park, like behind the stunt arena, maybe add a flat ride next to it and call it harley quinn spinnaity, demolished and rebuild the stunt arena and has a nice plaza like gotham city at six flags over georiga
  8. man i wish we get this makeover for bugs bunny national park and seaport in great adventure next
  9. unless they move the bucket blasters to gotham city and rename it to the penguin
  10. why not retheme superman to x flight and have a queue line themed to a hanger with a hall of fame walkthough experience with profile pics of great adventure members on the walls and build a better superman coaster in movietown
  11. i prefer to take out v2 and yanke clipper, then rebuild logger run to what coney island getting, and put a launch coaster there
  12. how about this, movietown has superhero capes, and other stores has great adventure specific merchandise.
  13. i always thought should six flags rebuild the 4d cinema in movietown, they should have chances to play the polar express 4d movie
  14. yes i trying to say that, but i have to change my opinion to batman vs superman show, but the area is movietown and the mask is a warner bros and new line cinema property so put it there
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