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  1. While I think a kids area or water park revamp is most likely, I could also see a green lantern conversion at some point in the next two years.
  2. That’s what I thought. It looks like something I would make in rollercoaster tycoon
  3. If you look on their website the falcons flight isn’t a raptor at all. There’s a nice POV of the ride and it shows that’s it’s for sure not a RMC
  4. I really hope Six Flags Fun is Jim Reid Anderson’s burner account
  5. The confetti could be like celebrating the record being broken
  6. Aye another GCI hopeful! I just think the whole idea of Jersey Devil in the woods sounds like it would make for a perfect fit. I personally think the most realistic think is something like a west coast racers that’s a bit more intense but nothing crazy breaking a record like fastest racing coaster which I wouldn’t be opposed to by any means. Obvi I would love a RMC of some sorts but I personally just don’t see it happening off no evidence it’s just a hunch.
  7. If I am not mistaken the Raptor has one across seating. But I am pretty sure it is implying a racing factor like previously mentioned. At first it made me think of a single rider line but I think that teasing that there is a single rider line is prob not the case but I wouldn’t put anything Six Flags
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