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  1. My initial thought on a 4D theater was to say “I hope not” and that it seems like the industry is kind of moving away from straight up 4D theaters and incorporating 4D elements into dark rides instead. However, then I remembered that at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Flight Of Passage is wildly popular and that is essentially a 4D theater ride in a non-conventional position. Though Disney does have the insane budget to make it really good and add all of the other sensory components (smell, feel, etc) to it. So I won’t say it’s impossible but I don’t know that I see one being added. The one we had previously wasn’t great in my opinion and unless if they really go all out, I’d rather see them spend the money elsewhere because I don’t see it being a wildly popular ride. We’ve all kind of seen 4D simulators and theaters by now (in a standard theater format) so unless if they bring something unique or with a compelling story or it just ends up being really fun, I don’t think there’d be a ton of repeat ridership and we’d have another 4D theater sitting empty for years. Perhaps they can prove me wrong and I honestly hope they will if they did go with this.
  2. Nope. I went on Saturday and had my phone in my pocket. The security guard stopped me despite not being able to visibly see my phone and told me it had to be in a zippered or buttoned pocket. I guess he saw an outline in my pocket but why are you looking that closely? So dumb because I know from experience the restraints will hold my phone in my pocket. If they are worried about photos or videos and people dropping their phones...I don’t see how a button or zipper prevents that.
  3. They actually also refunded me for the payment of my old gold membership (pass...whatever they consider it now) which happened between ordering my new membership and them canceling my old one. Which was nice because I thought I was going to get stuck paying twice for a month because I waited too late at the end of my bill cycle.
  4. I got mine 4 days later. They sent me an email that my old one was cancelled and then a little later I got another email with a new online order confirmation that had my refund listed. It’s showing as a credit on my credit card.
  5. As much as I'd love a new major ride, I totally agree with this. I've tripped on some of the cracked pavement by Joker before and I noticed in front of Bizarro was looking crappy too last time I was at the park. I feel like its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and sues them which should be incentive enough for at least paving the bad areas. I question whether or not repaving would take an entire new ride budget but maybe they could add more themeing and tie together sections that are more bland. I'd also love for them to take out dead ends. I'd love a new stunt show too.
  6. Good catch! I'm doing the process for real now (I knew I should have waited to post). I was looking at the national member portal. Matt is correct, when you are actually using the ticket buying system there are options for 2 or more at the lower price points. Might want to choose Membership at the top to make sure you see all of the options. I started on the member portal and I was taken directly to the membership I choose (they opened a new window and the ticket system came up directly to my selection) and I could adjust the quantity but I fear that the price might not adjust if you don't pick the specific "2 or more" listing but maybe they were good and auto-discounted you if you added additional. Better safe than sorry unless someone knows for sure from experience.
  7. So in case anyone is in a similar situation, I did speak to someone today via online chat and I essentially need to go through an "Upgrade" on the membership portal. Even though you are upgrading you'll basically be signing up for a new membership and then you provide them with both my new and old accounts and they'll cancel the old one. I get the impression that this is part of the upgrade process so you should not need to initiate anything with member support in order to do this. I confirmed that I would not be losing any benefits (from Gold Combo) and I was told it would be the opposite and even selecting the Gold Plus level which costs less would give me more than I have now. The only catch is when you do the upgrade, you are now on the hook for an additional 12 months so you can't cancel before then without owing the full amount. Also don't be fooled by the prices they list on their main website, unless if you are buying 4 or more memberships your price will be a dollar or so higher. I thought I could get Platinum for a few cents cheaper than what I currently pay but when I went to do it, I found it'd actually cost me about $1 extra per month per membership since I don't have at least 4. Ahh I see. I work for a small company and we have a few totally custom systems and one of our systems that isn't, we've purchased most of their source code and made customizations as needed (they hate us when we call for support and always blame us even when the problem exists in their standard code too...it's fun). I think I sometimes forget that you don't just get the source code for free and sometimes can't afford to pay a consultant either. You'd think they'd have the resources to get this fixed but I guess not. It does seem like a bizarre manual process that they are going through because the website said they'll either merge or cancel one of my memberships and then notify me of the details of what was done. Luckily its not my job!
  8. Thanks. As an IT professional, they should be embarrassed if that's true. More likely they want you on the hook for another 12 months. At least be honest, lol
  9. That's upsetting...hopefully I'll be able to get it sorted out quickly. If there is push-back (not sure why) I guess I could always cancel and start a new membership since I'm well past my 12 months. I feel like they have to have the foresight that people will do that and be willing to just switch you to a new plan. I feel like they should have at least emailed people with old memberships that they are offering new ones that may save you money or offer more benefits to you. Something like that with a link to check them out and potentially switch. Or maybe since all plans seem to offer more than Gold Combo, place people on a new plan that is closest in cost to what they pay now and then send them a notification and try to entice them to upgrade from there. I know its money, but at least give the heads up so it's on the customer for ignoring the notification. Unless if they did and I just deleted the email ...totally possible and I am being salty for nothing.
  10. I have a same issue, I have a Gold Combo Membership with parking and I think Gold Plus is like $2 and change less than what I currently pay. A little pissed because the membership website gives you a ridiculous combination of codes you can type through their phone menu to talk to someone but it doesn’t work anymore. I emailed to ask what benefits I’m getting to justify the extra charge... I bet it’s nothing. Really wish I could talk to someone on he phone so I don’t have to email back and forth a bunch of times. I live an hour away and I’d prefer to not waste time on my first trip of the season to argue with someone to negotiate my price down so hopefully they’ll be responsive to my email. It’s stupid because for like 31 cents less I’d have Platinum and I’d get free soda for the season and a day of preferred parking. Why am I paying more and getting less?
  11. Interesting. I'm not sure if I was aware of this or not it sounds vaguely familiar now that you mention it but I may just be wanting to remember it. Might have to see if I can find a few episodes. I'm interested to see what they did with it.
  12. Agreed, I feel like there would also be more motivation to promote their IP so we'd probably get more shows, character meet and greets, and special events to correspond with new movie releases. Also are Looney Tunes relevant anymore? Genuinely curious because I'm not sure if they are even still on TV anymore and if not, I wonder if we'll get to a point where kids think they are just mascots that Six Flags made up? I feel like Warner Brothers could really throw Six Flags a bone if they'd come out with something new from Looney Tunes but since they no longer own SF...that motivation isn't there.
  13. Thanks! Just figured I'd see if anyone knew any details or had asked. AGREED! I'd love for them to add some shows...I actually was thinking they could have a DC stunt show and then I saw on here they did in the past. I actually just went to WDW with this friend in October. In all honesty I'd love to see Six Flags do some more strategically placed dark rides. Might be an unrealistic hope for budget and perhaps space issues, but I feel like they'd bring in some more people who would otherwise not go and also work for families and kids. The reason I say strategically placed is it can be cold during Holiday in the Park and I feel like being able to dash quickly to a ride that's heated would be a plus (or even AC on hot days). Additionally, there would be more to do if it started raining during your visit. I also think an indoor coaster that is fast (probably needs to be launched for that) would be cool too...though admittedly that might not appeal to their missing market. I actually think they should be careful with flat rides to an extent. They may help move a lot of people but I don't know that they necessarily bring in new guests and more income unless if they are truly unique. Plus, how long are they unique? We are the first in North America getting Cyborg this year but how long until parks on the boardwalk get a copy under a different name? Why pay the $50/$75 for Six Flags when you can just go down the shore and pay a couple of bucks per flat ride until you get your fill? That may be the mindset of people who aren't big on roller coasters. It really depends on the goal, I feel like more flat rides may help alleviate long lines but I'm not sure that they'll bring in markets they are missing. With that said, I realize flat rides are probably way cheaper than dark rides and we are more likely to get flat rides. I just think if they were able to invest in a few unique dark rides over the years that might bring more markets in because they can't experience those somewhere else locally. My mind may just still be stuck at Disney but Six Flags gave me some hope for that with Battle for Metropolis. Whether or not they'll follow up with more remains to be seen.
  14. Just curious, is this speculation or did you hear from an employee? I don't doubt it needs it, last time I was there in November the Houdini head was not operating so we just got a disembodied voice. I'd be up for them updating the pre-show with some more modern effects but that might be a stretch. Anyone know any more info on this? I'd be curious to know when they plan on opening Houdini again. I've finally convinced one of my friends who isn't super into big roller coasters to give Six Flags Great Adventure a shot and Houdini was one of the unique non-coaster rides we told her she has to check out. Our trip is planned for May 5 which seems tight for a refurb depending on its extent... I'm hoping this was started in January and not April? I'll feel a bit bad if it ends up being closed but I do think she'd still enjoy herself.
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