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    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I would like to see another fatman friendly coaster. Something with the same restraint system as Skull mountain. The thrill rides are ko0l and all but the larger guests have limited things to do. Unless they re add the shows
  2. Urklore

    Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    i have the Diamond Elite plan. I think the drink cup thing is Bogus. I was told by numerous employees this last weekend that they need to check pass's. Due to Cup theft and people abusing the cup refill rules. The 20min time is a little steep. when it hot as heck out i need to wait to Quench my thirst. Waiting to see how hurricane harbor works with the preferred seating.
  3. Urklore

    2018 SFGA Theme Park Map

    Nice Pics
  4. Urklore

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Last weekend i just got hit in the face with someones hat from skull mountain. Sometimes i think they focus on the wrong things and the the obvious ones.
  5. Urklore

    New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    I just hope i can lose the rest of my weight so i can fit on this
  6. Urklore

    Six Flags Great Adventure 5/6

    For me its more about a mobility thing with asthma. I recently had weight loss surgery so i lost almost 250lbs. I find that Skull mountain is not too rough for me.Although at the time being it is the only roller coaster type ride i can fit on.
  7. Urklore

    Justice League Scoreboard Center - What's your score?

    I have hit 280k but this the highest i can prove with a Picture,
  8. Urklore

    Six Flags Great Adventure 5/6

    Well This is the First time i will attempt to catalog my visits to the park. I normally go every Friday night and all day Saturday until Hurricane harbor opens. Then i am there Friday night , Saturday and Sunday. We got to the park at 10:20 am. The parking lot was completely empty. It has been empty the last couple Saturdays but today was far the worse. (i think the chance of showers chased everyone away).I With Virtually no one in the park i got to the ride information building to get my grand daughter measured and pick up my Blue handicap pass in record time. It took longer for me to walk to skull mountain then it did for the line to get on the ride. I managed to ride the ride 15 times in a row with just periodically changing seats until my granddaughter wanted to move on. I did notice on my way to Battle of Met. That they work on the new Cyborg ride looks like it is coming along nicely. after a grueling session of 10 laps of Battle of Met.(Again granddaughter runs my life lol). i manged to convince her that we should eat lunch and go to the safari. It was a nice day a little cool but we decided to walk the long way past El diablo. I noticed that the Taco place(Macho Nacho ) was now open but did not currently have steak or taco salad bowls on its menu as of yet. We ate at our new normal spot at Best of the West. We then as like every Sunday went to the Safari. By this time it was around 1:30/2:00 i expected some line on the safari. I literally walked right to the top of the stairs and on the truck. However this is the first day they had a Photo guy in the line Que to take pics of people against their back drops. We found out during are Safari trip that they now opened Camp adventure and they will now make that a stop once again.. We got off the truck intrigue on where they were going to put the new restaurant in the camp. It looks like next to the right side of the Bathrooms they have opened up and added some buildings and tents that will form the new restaurant. After our mandatory Giraffe feeding. we got back on the truck to finish our day in the park. I have come under the impression that no matter how many times you go threw the safari no two times are the same. When we arrived back into the park we walked to the Looney tunes kids area so my Grand daughter could enjoy the rides. Of coarse being short staffed not all the rides were working. being a regular i often find myself talking to random members of the staff as i know most of them by first name. One of the Black shirted supervisors told me they a lot of there normal workers from Jamaica are having trouble getting their visas this year.I hope She is mistaken as i Will miss my Jamaican photo friend. However, Back on top as the day drug on The people in the back thinned out even further. by dinner time i was walking through the park and going on the adult coasters like i owned it. Zero lines Zero waiting 1/4 full trains. Although i just think i got lucky i know the warm weather willl be here soon and the Vacationers will out weight the locals so i will enjoy while i can. While My Trip was one to remember i did enjoy the fact like it felt like i was the only one in the park. it alowed me to talk to some of the staff i have not seen in years. I will try again this weekend and see what The dice of life brings me