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  1. It would be really cool if they left Roadrunner Railway in the same area, repainted it and renamed it "Little Devil" (using the tiny toons taz character).
  2. I was just on Nitro, and saw that there were TWO devil statues! Two bodies and two (or three) bases.
  3. I mean, we have a Y now. Starting to look more and more true....
  4. They're probably getting rid of the Aquaman merchandise to make room for The Jersey Devil merchandise
  5. I must say the park is doing an AMAZING job with this teaser campaign!
  6. THE JERSEY DEVIL RMC TREX DUELING COASTER 2C's 4R's 7E's Pretty sure we cracked the code! What do you guys think?
  7. That may have been used for Harley Quinn at SFDK, but if not, it could be headed our way!
  8. I saw a couple of interesting thoughts on Instagram, such as 12 records (by six flags standards), or since it's dark knight's 12-year anniversary, it could be a celebration of that (hence the confetti).
  9. This is a major stretch, but 12 characters in the name of the coaster? Jersey Devil J- 1 e- 2 r- 3 s- 4 e- 5 y- 6 (space)- 7 D- 8 e- 9 v- 10 i- 11 l- 12
  10. A couple of things: I think the clues are for the general public and the highlighted letters "R" and "C" are a nod to us enthusiasts. If and I emphasize IF, Congo Rapids is removed I think they will reuse the current queue for the new ride (coaster). I also think LTSP will be revamped and not removed, with the possible removal of Congo Rapids there would be no need yo use the LTSP area for the new ride. If it's not a coaster themed to the Jersey Devil, I'll be shocked, and at a loss of words for what they're doing In 2020.
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