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  1. Sorry, a slight mistake. It wasn’t me who wrote that post.
  2. John Winkler said that at ACE's (American Coaster Enthusiasts) Riding Of The Bull last September and that statement could refer to almost anything.
  3. A new kid's area I would bet on a new kid's area for sure. With new kid themed parks opening in the near future (Nick Universe at the Meadowlands and Legoland) a new kid's area would help with maintaining/increasing attendance of families with younger kids. As far as a coaster goes I think a LSM multi-launched coaster will be next (East Coast Racers?). With the solar arrays there is plenty of power available. Additionally, I would keep an eye on what improvements Cedar Fair has for Dorney Park. It's been a while since Dorney got something significant (Hydra) and they are also well within the radius of the new parks.
  4. It would be great if the park map posters made a comeback.
  5. How about a dueling GCI "Lightnin' & Thunder".
  6. It always seems that whenever the line anywhere is long (bank, any store, Great Adventure, etc.) some moron decides to ask some stupid question just so you can wait even longer!
  7. Online, hassle free renewal would be great! We did our Cedar Fair passes in less than five minutes. On another note: the whole membership/passes situation is the most confusing/annoying thing to deal with and to make matters worse they keep changing it!
  8. There were no mentions of Great Adventure's future plans at yesterday's ACE event. However, Morey's Piers is planning on adding 5 new coasters in the next 10 years, depending on their income of course. As far as the Raptor wish goes maybe you should give it a break for awhile.
  9. Offering the paper cup option would be great! We tried the paper cup option with our Cedar Fair passes this past year and it was much better than the plastic cup. Here are some observations: Paper cup (Cedar Fair Parks, Dorney, KI, CP, KD): 15 minutes or so wait time between drinks, cup is on the small side, sometimes there is a wait to process the pass transaction (even at drink stations), you can bring your drink on line for almost any ride, no worrying about misplaced/stolen cups, great for rides with different entrance/exit locations, increased number of trash cans and servicing, increased litter patrol. Consistent policy at all parks visited. Sports Bottle (Six Flags, SFNE, SFGA, SFA): Refill over and over no problem, greater volume than paper cups, worrying about misplaced/stolen cups, pain in the neck to put in a locker, bees/wasps around cup holders. Consistent policy at all parks visited. Paper cup vs sports bottle operator view: Inventory and disposal costs, customer satisfaction, sponsorship/marketing opportunities, cost per drink (beverage only vs beverage & cup), control of refill period, trash control throughout the park.
  10. The poster size park maps are definitely my favorite (I have several)! Maybe they can print a limited amount for the season and number them. Since Six Flags makes changes/additions to every park every year, a limited number of maps for the year should ensure little to no inventory at the end of the season. Coaster Dynamix models would be great also. I have several from the Cedar Fair parks.
  11. I'd be really happy with the GCI dueling coaster from IAAPA.... Just saying.
  12. HITP just keeps getting better every year! Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  13. My father and I are planning a few very ambitious trips for the spring and summer of 2019. We're definitely going to be hitting our home parks which are Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Keansburg Amusement Park and iPlay America. We're also hoping to make it into Nickelodeon Universe's Media day, and attend it multiple times if possible. The first large summer trip would bring us down south, and then leading into the Mid-Western region of the U.S. The parks that we'd hit (in order) include Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Dollywood, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Cedar Point and possibly a Pennsylvania park such as Waldameer, Kennywood, Knoebels or Hershey on the way home. Our second large summer trip would bring us up north into Canadian Territory only before hitting New York parks, and possibly looping into Ohio. The park we'd hit (again in order) would consist of Darien Lake, Canada's Wonderland and Cedar Point. This trip isn't as far in planning as the other trip, so there is a possibility of use hitting other parks such as Great Escape, Michigan's Adventure, and even Quassy. There is a possibility that we'll hit other small parks within 2 hours of our home, but we haven't made any plans to do this quite yet. Let us know if any of you are planning to go to any of these parks, and maybe we could meet up!
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