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  1. Just posted a new update on JDC: https://youtu.be/WCpZeS2j9wI
  2. I hope it will. I remember hearing somewhere that the ride can be considered unstable, which would mean construction needs to resume, but who knows at this point.
  3. I personally think that parks will almost definitely be open in July. Apparently, Disney has tons of PPE that they would hand out to their guests, and they’ll be ready to open soon (I don’t have direct evidence of this, it’s something I heard).
  4. I'm going with 2006 for coasters and maybe even overall with 1999 & 2000 a close second. It really would have been great if they kept one of the Lightnin' Loops.
  5. It would be really cool if they left Roadrunner Railway in the same area, repainted it and renamed it "Little Devil" (using the tiny toons taz character).
  6. It would be great if the park map posters made a comeback.
  7. It always seems that whenever the line anywhere is long (bank, any store, Great Adventure, etc.) some moron decides to ask some stupid question just so you can wait even longer!
  8. Online, hassle free renewal would be great! We did our Cedar Fair passes in less than five minutes. On another note: the whole membership/passes situation is the most confusing/annoying thing to deal with and to make matters worse they keep changing it!
  9. There were no mentions of Great Adventure's future plans at yesterday's ACE event. However, Morey's Piers is planning on adding 5 new coasters in the next 10 years, depending on their income of course. As far as the Raptor wish goes maybe you should give it a break for awhile.
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