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  1. I know this is a really old thread, but I just found it now as I was looking to see other people's experiences with the line cutters who say "I gotta meet up with my friends." I'm glad to see that there are at least some other people out there who refuse to let them cut. I dealt with several of them on a recent trip to the park. They act as if I'm being unreasonable because I won't let them cut the line to be with their friends. I tell just tell them, "No. If you want to ride with your friends, tell your friends to come back here." Then I put my arms across the cue and won't budge for them. They sometimes manage to find another way around, which is annoying, but at least I make them work for it, which gives me some satisfaction.
  2. I'm kind of at a point where I want anything other than coasters. Don't get me wrong, I love coasters, and I completely understand that they're the main draw for most people. But they get repetitive, and sometimes I just want something different (or I want to ride something, but don't feel like waiting in line for one of the major rides.) I'm glad they're adding the Wonder Woman ride this year, and I'd be thrilled to see them bring back more rides like the Rodeo Stampede, Music Express, etc. Those are always fun because you can usually get on them with minimal wait, and many of them are just as much fun as the huge coasters, even if they're not as intense.
  3. Yup, I remember riding Viper. But since it's not there anymore, Medusa/Bizarro could fill that role.
  4. I would change the name of Bizarro to Copperhead, and re-theme it to fit the western motif of the surrounding area. Replace the buildings in the middle of the coaster with some frontier-style buildings, and maybe add some giant cacti for the coaster to shoot past. Change the track color to earth tones, similar to a copperhead snake, and give the cars a snakeskin pattern paint job.
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