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  1. and that was the only good coaster, the rest are awful = Ranks = 0-10 - Not Worth It Unless Modifications 10-20 - Add In 1 New Coaster 20-30 - Add In 1 Flat Ride 30-40 - Add In 1 Kids ride 40-50 - Add In A Waterslide 50+ - Add In A Restarount, the Collection is Perfect *A Wacky Worm (1/10) *A Vekoma SLC (2/10) *A Bayerncurve (5/10) *A Vekoma Junior (1/10) BARELY Made the Cut... but still not worth the loot
  2. it's not worth sicne they removed B&R
  3. yeah, but there was no suspended inside looping coaster
  4. Well... i only went to Over Georgia, and well, Over Georgia's batman made me barf in the Wendy's bathroom... is Great Adventures better or worse.
  5. i had a nightmare last night in my nightmare i was at Six Flags Great Adventure riding the SkyScreamer little did i know i was the last rider and so once i got off, walking home, it got knocked over in front of me P.S. i had melatonin
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