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  1. are you grid from the Six Flags wiki, i assume so as your gender is "Not Telling" (no offense), you are obsessed with DC and you like cyborg.
  2. Now Bugs doesn't even HAVE a land, please make Kidsopolis Bugs Bunny Boomtown.
  3. Themed land... Six Flags is known for parking lot coasters and Golden Kingdom could've been a parking lot land if they would've added one more coaster but they decided not to,
  4. Is this book in color? I have the SFOG book since that one's my home park and that one is black & white...
  5. SFGAd Crossword My Sheet D1. The Dark Knight D2. Batman The Ride D3. Kingda Ka D4. El Toro D5. Niro D7. Batman & Robin: The Chiller D14. ??? D15. The Joker D16. Batman The Ride D17. Green Lantern D19. Green Lantern A6. Superman A8. Jersey Devil A9. Viper A10. Runaway Mine Train A11. Dark Knight A12. Sarajevo Bobsled A13. Hurricane Harbor A18. El Diabo A20 - Superman
  6. Yeah, and it fits with the Mardi Gras theme... I was hoping floorless Apocalypse was called "Fat Floor-less" or "Booze Breaker", but nope, we have to get a Cedar Fair name.
  7. and that was the only good coaster, the rest are awful = Ranks = 0-10 - Not Worth It Unless Modifications 10-20 - Add In 1 New Coaster 20-30 - Add In 1 Flat Ride 30-40 - Add In 1 Kids ride 40-50 - Add In A Waterslide 50+ - Add In A Restarount, the Collection is Perfect *A Wacky Worm (1/10) *A Vekoma SLC (2/10) *A Bayerncurve (5/10) *A Vekoma Junior (1/10) BARELY Made the Cut... but still not worth the loot
  8. it's not worth sicne they removed B&R
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