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  1. I’m going to guess SFGAm, SFOG, SFNE, and SFMM will get coasters Even though it’s really early for predictions Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Kids Area Six Flags Magic Mountain: An original coaster, but idk which one Six Flags Mexico: Zamperla Air Race Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Waterpark Six Flags Over Texas: Zamperla Disk-O Six Flags St. Louis: Zamperla Giant Discovery Six Flags Great America: RMC American Eagle Six Flags Over Georgia: S&S 4D Free Spin Six Flags America: Chance Freestyle Six Flags Darien Lake: What Great Escape is getting Six Flags New England: S&S or Premier Rides Launch Coaster Frontier City: Chance Freestyle Great Escape: Waterpark La Ronde: Kids Area Hurricane Harbor Concord: Waterslide Hurricane Harbor LA: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Phoenix: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec: Waterslide Hurricane Harbor Arlington: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Splashtown: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Rockford: Nothing White Water Atlanta: Nothing
  2. I would probably think one like Great America is getting
  3. Could 2021 have both a kids area expansion and a new water slide
  4. If it’s tall then we wouldn’t get a West Coast Racers coaster because it’s only 67 ft
  5. When I go, I can marathon The Joker because there is no wait. If you live by Jackson, go there at 5 because there are no lines. I go on Nitro like ten times and el toro like 5.
  6. I think we are going to get the T-Rex next year because it would be 4 years after The Joker and another 4 years would be the 50th anniversary, so it would be more evenly spaced
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