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  1. The free fall slide opened late this summer. I guess they are including it as a 2019 attraction.
  2. I hope the park finds some way to keep the awesome statue in front of the ride
  3. The ride has closed and is being removed and is being moved to La Ronde next year.
  4. Casino Pier has just announced they are bringing back the Centrifuge ride that fell into the ocean during Hurricane Sandy. It will be an indoor scrambler like before. Here is a link to their Instagram page where you can find the announcement https://www.instagram.com/Casinopier_bwb/
  5. It’s Wikipedia so I’m not sure how truthful that is.
  6. Yep the Thursday before Labor Day which is when the new ride is announced.
  7. I will be going to Cedar Point for the first time on August 19, 20, and 21st 2018. I will be staying at the Hotel Breakers. I have never been before. Anyone here on this forum that has been there this year can you tell me if this is the best plan for early entry? Right as the park opens for early entry the first day I plan to run to SV. Then i plan on riding Maverick and Millenium Force. And then head to Dragster when the park offically opens. Is that a good plan? Also I want to know some good places to eat at the park. I will be coming there on a Saturday. I will not be at the park that day. Has anyone been to the Hibachi Restaurant inside Hotel breakers? If so is that a good choice for dinner? We are not wasting our money on Fast Lane Plus. The days of the week I will be visiting the park are on a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I hear that Monday and Tuesday the park won't be that crowded with most of Ohio back in school. Has anyone been there around that time? I also see alot of the shows end after that Sunday which stinks. But we will make the best out of our trip. Any more advice would be appreciative. Thanks!
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