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  1. I went to that site the other day to see if there had been any progress made on that car. I remember when these cars were replaced by the (what we called tea cup cars) that are currently there today. I still have a big stash of cable car keys in my collection.
  2. Do you think that they will ever reveal the Janitors real name before the season finale (if there is one?)??
  3. It was either '85 or '86 when I was still at Dream Street cables, the wind got so bad in a freak storm, the wind meter shut the ride down, we used the VW's to bring the cars in off the cable, but we actually had to pull the car down into a vertical position on approach. I never seen anything like it, cars being angled so much that low to the ground. I do not recall what the wind meter was reading now, but I remember we were in shock at the high readings.
  4. On Western cables 'B' side catching area, there was a door that had a small, pie shaped wooden platform where you could fit only a couple of people on, the rest was a big pit beneath with a ladder going up to the tower. It was dark, lots of trash at the bottom of the pit. Under the station, the counter weights, when I used to smoke, my lead and our sup would have smoke breaks down there. I remember there were a couple of union meetings down there as well. I believe that grounds had one of their meeting areas there at one point as well. Dirty, lots of cigarette butts. You could see people at night through the logs from the entrance queue line as well. When I pulled double shifts, I was down there at least once a day to perform the limit checks on the counter weights. In the tower, I remember stories about monkeys hiding up there that the safari staff had to retrieve once in a while. One time, we had to shut down B side due to a raccoon sitting way above the loading area, safari came to get him. He was just hanging out in the rafters.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Rob. I used to work at GA from 1985 to 1991 on Dream Street, then Western Cables. Before that, I visited the park a quite a few times. Working there though, some of the best memories and this site brings a lot of them back.
  6. I miss being able to visit my old ride now that I live in FL. In Busch Gardens, they have another Von Roll cable car ride, after 7 years of hearing those sounds, it was nice to hear them again. It was amusing seeing how the kids working there today performing the same antics we used to do (stopping a cable car leaving the cable without lifting a foot, stopping the car from the front (something that Mr. Burns would have fried us over if he saw us doing that from the bushes he hid in). I also remember when our 120 sup wouldn't send someone over for a bathroom break. If we were running 17 cars and they were spaced properly, I would catch, unload, load and trip the car out myself (my lead would run to the bathroom near mine train and run back in the matter of minutes). This was night shift, so it was easier to go unnoticed.
  7. I find it sad as well that the Lion is gone. I remember seeing it often when I was a child on 537 on my way to LBI when leaving Millstone Twp.
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