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  1. The only reason I have a crush on Cyborg is probably to do with the end of the Teen Titans episode "Crash" and also the fact that he's black (no I'm not being racist IDK why it's because blacks have never appealed to me until now)
  2. But... it's an ABC Rides Tourbilion...
  3. OK, OK, I'm basing it on the Adult Swim Toonami and on their event "Countdown." The coaster is gonna be a rethemed, better version of The Chiller because Countdown sucked just like the Batman & Robin movie. TOM and Sara: Nebula; black and purple/red colors. LSM launch. Dueling. Reference to the original coaster by having the Bat Credit Card in the queue.
  4. They should bring this back (contact HUSS and get them new parts/ride itself) and put it in Movietown or Boardwalk and name it "Brainiac."
  5. "Mission start. Code name Viper. Objective? Save TOM."

  6. They should bring Viper back, make it less rough and more smooth, and replace Green Lantern with it. This time, the ride will have a storyline. A sentient robot (unnamed as of now) that's known for his expertise in defending his home spaceship despite his preteen age has been infected by a virus (also sentient), and you have to save him. I don't know what Viper would have to do with anything, maybe it's the name of the ship in the story, your ship in the ride, the name of the virus, or the name of the robot himself. But it'd be fun, and hey, a Dive Loop gets replaced by another Dive Loop. ;) Oh, and also bring back the Chiller and keep the B&R theming. Even have a reference to the Bat Credit Card in the queue.
  7. Rolling around at the speed of sound Anyway, The Joker (repainted) - Swayzak
  8. YES! I'd put: The Riddler Revenge (Scrambler) Catwoman Whip (Endeavor) Poison Ivy Tangled Train (kiddie coaster) Scarecrow (Orbiter) Mr. Freeze: Zero Degrees (Rotor) Batgirl (Jump 'n Smile) The Penguin (teacups)
  9. Bizarro is nostalgic for me since it was one of my first bigger coasters AND my first floorless coaster. So no.
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