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  1. I meant making an updated version
  2. There was a kid last year who brought a poster board to Six Flags' Ride Information Booth protesting he wanted the Kids Train from the 80s back for the 2020 season. It was somewhere in Golden Kingdom, and this kid had autism and had fond memories of riding it. So why not do the same to The Chiller? If nobody has done it yet, we could easily convince Six Flags to get the parts back from Beta Carrero World and make new blueprints for the ride. With all the Internet infamy Batman & Robin the movie has, the theming would still be relevant. Assuming the parts haven't been scrapped, then all we need to do is make new parts while looking at old images and reconstruct it based from there. It'd be over by Cyborg Cyber Spin and Batman The Ride like it initially was. I'm starting work on the poster board sign tonight. Any pictures/slogans/details you want me to include on it? I go to Six Flags in two weeks and I might bring it over there. If anyone sees me May 8th, go to the ride information booth and sign the poster board!
  3. Or you know if they bring back the Chiller they could open the Batman Stunt Show again.
  4. GAdv are never going to work with Premier again after what happened with the Chiller.
  5. LMAO they could even call in Moloko to reunite and do a show!
  6. If something had to get replaced, it'd be Green Lantern. As much as I would be sad to see it go, this replacement more than makes up for it. It's an enhanced version of the old ride Viper, more smooth and more elements. Plus it'd be enclosed, if that was the case. And maybe it launches you? It'd be a mix of Disaster Transport at Cedar Point and X:/ No Way Out at Thorpe Park. The storyline goes that a sapient robot with the mind of a preteen is in trouble. While defending his home area from a sentient computer virus, he managed to become infected by his enemy. Your goal is to save the android by volunteering to be shrunk down to a molecular size and injected into the robot's body, where you will fight the virus. "Viper" refers to your ship in the ride. The layout is similar to that of the original Viper, the trains looking more futuristic and spaceship like, and at least one real loop in there. Projections will be used to display the robot's metallic innards and the virus in his electronic brain, which will taunt you before being destroyed by a few blasts of laser light and you are expelled from the robot's body by way of a warp out. In the queue there'll be a few minimalistic space designs and you know how Great Adventure would play electronic music in the station, well here we have the song "Ho Humm" by Moloko being played. The storyline will be displayed on video screens throughout the queue. What do you think of this?
  7. Justice League Arena where bands can perform and you can meet hobos dressed as DC characters, except for Cyborg as I doubt they'll even bother to invest in the POC department AND come up with a convincing costume...
  8. Also my version of the DC Universe area keeps the Batman arena and just rethemes it to Justice League and turns the Chiller observatory into the Watchtower. Justice League Arena is where people can meet hobos dressed as the DC cast minus Cyborg (wah wah waaaah), and also where people can cosplay and where bands can play (concert in front of the Cyborg ride) I think having the themed rides scattered around gives it a little more variety.
  9. The only thing I dislike is that they put Brainiac in his comic design from the era instead of using his everyone-will-know Silver Age design which is the one being used today. Ya know, the polo shirt and briefs. I'm gonna dismantle that part of the sign if Six Flags doesn't listen to me. #NotMyBrainiac Hopefully if they retheme the Twister to him they're going to use his standard design on the sign for that. Then they'll update the sign in this ride's queue.
  10. LMAO they already had The Chiller also nothing can top the Bat Credit Card
  11. Cyborg was a flat. And also the first ride to be themed to a black superhero.
  12. You'll think you're looking at Aquaman (sorry had to make a Barenaked Ladies joke)
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