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  1. Well, people do think Cyborg Cyber Spin looks like the machine. But I doubt anyone would remember Contact by 2018, so chances are it'd stay Cyborg, harry2004. OR, the Contact attraction could open in the 90s, and in 2018 it could be rethemed to Cyborg. I wish Moloko stopped at GAdv and the other Six Flags parks in the 90s if they ever did a US tour, since they were on the Warner Bros. Records label. They honestly didn't put much care in their so-called "US invasion." Only a US music video and that was it.
  2. Unless the GP were around in the seventies, of course! Black Vulcan was a superhero who appeared on the Super Friends TV show. He later made an appearance on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
  3. The Endeavour could also be themed to Black Vulcan, but I don't think Six Flags has the rights to the Hanna-Barbera characters anymore. Twister should be rethemed to Brainiac. The parachutes will be the Watchtower. Boardwalk gets rethemed to Metropolis, just like at SFMM.
  4. Yes! Remember when I told you I found you on GAH?
  5. Everybody, go check out ElToroRyan's channel.

  6. I know I posted a thread about this before, but this one is more logical. Movietown should be rethemed to DC Universe. Here's what we would do: Add some more theming to Batman and TDK (especially the latter) Add a flat themed to Poison Ivy somewhere in the area, and play "Poison Ivy" by Me'shell Ndegeocello and Ivy's dance theme from Batman and Robin in the queue Add a ride themed to Grid near Cyborg Add a ride themed to The Flash Add a water ride themed to Aquaman (makes up for his absence in Justice League BfM) Add a ride themed to Shazam. He needs more ri
  7. The spinning coaster fits Harley more than it fits Cyborg. OTOH, the Tourbillon fits Cyborg more than Harley. Is SFOT some sort of backwards Bizarro World?
  8. It's the Harley version, though. Who the heck thought this ride would fit Harley?! Couldn't they at least show the GAdv version, or even better, theme the one in Texas to Cyborg? #TexasNeedsCyborg
  9. So me and my mom are watching The Wizard of Oz on TCM right now, and I had the idea of "what if Grid (DC villain) was watching this movie? What would he think?" And it eventually evolved into a thing where Grid just watches classic Warner Bros. movies and riffs on them MST3K style. Grid would have his voice from the Cyborg Hyper Drive ride at Six Flags New England. Somehow, I just think Grid would find The Wizard of Oz too saccharine...
  10. One of my facts WAS gonna be about The Chiller. I might do the Medusa thing, OR I might call GL the Scream Machine and say, "You know, somebody lost their hat on it once." (referring to a hilarious pov I saw of it) Oh and on Twister I'll say "Enjoy your ride on Brainiac" because it totally needs to be rethemed to Brainiac
  11. So I've read stories about people being ride ops and having fun, and I would like to be one at GAdv. I'll pay attention and be responsible since I love roller coasters and flat rides, and I have autism, which means repetition is easy for me. My gimmick is going to be giving DC Comics factoids before sending people off on the rides with DC themes. Safety is my top priority. However, due to the whole coronavirus thing, I'm not so sure when the park will open for this year or if they will hire me. I hope this will blow over and they'll hire me.
  12. What about Cyborg? Warner Bros. Movie World Australia and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi has him...
  13. I've already went! I went on The Shredder and the Nickelodeon Slime Streak while my brother and his girlfriend went on Shellraiser.
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