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  1. Nice video! Looking forward to any signs of construction resuming!
  2. Jersey Devil Coaster now has merch inside of the park! They are selling shirts, mugs, and more! They also have the Jersey Devil Coaster Nanocoasters inside of the park as well! All of this can be found at Main Street Market
  3. It really is! I cant wait until the lift hill and drop are put in place as well as the rest of the ride!
  4. Johnny Rockets, Congo Rapids, and Six Flags Universe have opened for the 2020 season!!!
  5. Here are some photos I took of the Jersey Devil Coaster to show what 2021 brings us! I know we all are excited for the day that the park resumes construction on this epic single rail coaster!
  6. I believe the 2nd Gen Swing Axle trains allow for more tighter and intense elements. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong)
  7. Looks like Bizarro is getting ready! (Not my photo and this was taken today)
  8. I definitely think that riding coasters with masks won’t be an issue, and it’s great to hear that nitro was testing at GADV!
  9. Just so everyone is aware, May 29th - 31st are full for reservations.
  10. It is interesting how they're not requiring reservations, especially since most theme parks will now require a reservation in order to attend the park
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