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  1. Photos of the first airtime hill being in place for the Jersey Devil Coaster! Photos from CoasterCrew
  2. I’m interested in what the signage will look like for Jersey Devil BBQ
  3. JD’s track is flying up fast! The dive loop probably will be completed either today or Monday!
  4. Yay! I'm very excited for this week's construction update from the park, hopefully we'll be able to see track go vertical, and more! Thanks to daylights' saving time, we also are one hour CLOSER to opening day!
  5. It looks like most, if not all of the Transfer Track Columns are in place, the "Crow's Nest" support base are in, and the turnaround from the FBR is in place!
  6. JD’s station and transfer shed are manufactured in China?
  7. JDC update From February 27th! Photos from @Sfgradventure on Twitter https://twitter.com/sfgradventure/status/1233146017320706050?s=21
  8. Six Flags Great Adventure did say at ACE’s EastCoaster event that the ride will include a continuous moving station.
  9. I think they’re the same, the seat back on the JDC is just taller. Here are the two trains side by side for comparison:
  10. I think that the pieces on site potentially are for the dive loop, lift hill and first drop, zero g-stall, and zero-g roll!
  11. More photos from JDC’s Construction site today! Photos are from GADV!
  12. Track is on site for the Jersey Devil Coaster!!
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