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  1. Looks like Bizarro is getting ready! (Not my photo and this was taken today)
  2. I definitely think that riding coasters with masks won’t be an issue, and it’s great to hear that nitro was testing at GADV!
  3. Just so everyone is aware, May 29th - 31st are full for reservations.
  4. It is interesting how they're not requiring reservations, especially since most theme parks will now require a reservation in order to attend the park
  5. I made a wallpaper for JDC’s dive loop if anyone wants to use it!
  6. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/attractions/safari The Safari Opens May 30th to the public and May 29th to Members and Season-Passholders!!!
  7. I believe it isn’t counted under being open
  8. Starting Monday at 6 am, non-essential construction can continue! This means that the Jersey Devil Coaster can continue construction starting on Monday!!!
  9. https://www.jerseyshoreonline.com/jackson/adventure-crossing-presents-revised-general-development-plan/ Of course, construction won't be able to continue until Governor Murphy allows non-essential construction to continue, but it's nice to know that the project does still intend to move forward!
  10. 1. Rolling Thunder 2. Wave Swinger (moved to Metropolis) 3. Big Wheel lighting package 4. Ride posters near front gate 5. Medusa theme back to Bizarro
  11. @Flyin Phil Great Photos! Do you plan on doing another Aerial view of the park soon ?
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