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  2. @XENITH tried posting the most recent maps but his upload function isn’t working and the files are unavailable to anybody outside of his account. He really wanted to present the most recent findings so he commissioned me to post them for him. The two maps are posted below. More maps to come next weekend for the first few days of Holiday in the Park!
  3. That’s amazing! I hope they put up things like this in the Queue line to inform riders about the Jersey Devil and the history of it!
  4. More trees have been cleared this week! Photo courtesy of CoasterCrew on Facebook.
  5. I would assume so, it worked this year after about a month or so when Wonder Woman opened.
  6. No problem! The Devil creature is located near the maintenance shed, near the Movietown arena! I’m pretty sure it is from the green lantern sculpture, and from what it looked like in person, it was an orangish/red color! Fingers crossed, it’ll be utilized in Jersey Devil’s entrance/queue line! Regarding the graphic, it was made by my very good friend @XENITH, and hopefully everyone will be able to see more details and updates to the graphic as more construction happens on the project! Hopefully I can post more things like this to the site to contribute to discussion of all things Jersey Devil related!
  7. If you all want to see the photos from JD’s construction site today, click here!
  8. I know it’s late but here are the photos I got from today, October 20th!
  9. Nice! I’ll be going on Sunday, so hopefully the rain can hold out so I can get a couple pics
  10. @29yrswithaGApass Would you be open to allowing me to take photos of the JD Site for the page?
  11. Wonder Woman now has #’s where guests will sit upon getting onto the ride! (Photo is Dave Tarantula)
  12. Road Runner is alive! (You can see more on InsideGADV’s insta)
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