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  1. I thought I’d share some photos of what I hope could come to gadv in 2020, one of my ideas was for a premier multi launch to go behind Congo rapids/LTSP: https://gyazo.com/a0a7072c7b6b5ab303c98a33a39afa0d https://gyazo.com/21229a9f05cc9ccc32cede34f38ccc74 https://gyazo.com/d53f62e38577eb45ac60a0172702ab0a https://gyazo.com/34356619634d351900205f50e8d83af2
  2. Does anyone know if WW has opened yet? I’ve heard of things from it opening, to it begin temporarily closed. If anyone is at the park today can they confirm? Also does anyone know if the blue fence is down yet?
  3. The announcement will most likely be at 5 AM, like previous announcements.
  4. That’s another thing I hope for, more effects on Congo Rapids so that way EVERYBODY on the raft gets wet. Even just a simple tunnel that has water coming out of it so that way everyone comes off wet instead of 4 - 5 people out of 12 getting wet.
  5. I would honestly be really happy with a Bucket Blaster type ride, as I want more water rides in the dry park! (Log flume always has a long line and it’s not very likely that everyone will get wet on Congo Rapids)
  6. Not the planning board, but apparently the Jackson township council meetings (I haven’t checked it out myself) And the source was someone from a discord server (Ik, what an odd source). Like I said, take it with a massive grain of salt. Just thought I’d share it.
  7. Take this with a grain of salt, but apparently in the one of the Jackson Township council meetings, they talked about the 2020 addition being a ride from Premier Rides, so if that’s true (which I don’t know) I think that the park could receive either a ride similar to Full Throttle, or a taller, faster, and longer version of West Coast Racers!
  8. I think the fact that Six Flags sending out surveys concerning adding in a hotel is very interesting. (I do know these are sent with regards of all of their theme parks, but this will be talking about GAdv). With it involving Six Flags Great Adventure, I know that there is Adventure Crossing under construction, and Trophy Park in planning stages, but I think that it would be interesting if GAdv got its own hotel. I know the park almost received one in the early 2000s, so hopefully the survey will get good feedback and they’ll receive one of their own SIX FLAGS Official Hotels, as I think it would do really well. Also considering the fact that it’s located between two very large cities, Philadelphia and New York City, could furthermore help turn Six Flags Great Adventure into a Multi-Day getaway!
  9. I don’t think SFFT is getting a coaster, as they just got Wonder Woman two years ago. 2020 Coaster wise, (Outside of GADV) I think that SFOT and SFNE will both be getting roller coasters. SFOT I think could get a modified smaller model of the Mack Powersplash & SFNE could receive a launched coaster from either S&S or Premier.
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