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  1. That actually brings up a good question. IF Great Adventure did a live camera for Jersey Devil, where/what do you think they would place the camera on?
  2. Fingers Crossed! I don't know where they would place the LiveCam if it were to happen (GADV if you see this, please add in a live camera for the Jersey Devil Coaster).
  3. It looks like Road Runner Railway is the first ride to be getting deconstructed!
  4. That would be awesome, and add another coaster to the park’s lineup!
  5. The height does not matter to me, as the ride will be absolutely fantastic! I just can't wait for construction to be well underway!
  6. Will anybody be attending the planning board meeting for Jersey Devil on September 16th? Hopefully somebody can and will report back to this GAHistory forum!
  7. I don’t know if anyone has brought this up yet but Batman: The Ride’s sign has been repainted and it looks awesome!
  8. Hopefully JD will win the GTA for best new ride of 2020!
  9. I just wanna say that the back row on JD is gonna be SO good! I love the length of the trains, and not only will it help capacity, but it also will give incredible airtime!
  10. Safari kids will be operational during HITP (Most likely), which is very good!
  11. Awesome! I assume they’ll start construction hopefully within the next month (fingers crossed!)
  12. They mentioned the JD Being the 14th coaster in the park, so with RRR, I wonder if this means that the ride will be relocated somewhere else.
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