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  1. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson NJ will open on May 15! This exciting information comes from a press release that can be found from BusinessWire!
  2. New for Members is coming tonight via Six Flags Great Adventure!
  3. Highlighted in yellow is what appears to be the beginning frame for the maintenance shed as well!
  4. We have a new JDC update thanks to the park on Twitter!
  5. https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/plan-your-visit/park-operating-schedule/ Here’s the link to view the operating schedule! As of right now it can only be viewed on windows browser.
  6. We now have a calendar of all of the operating days that Six Flags Great Adventure has planned for the 2021 season, at 194 days listed!
  7. We have an all-new Jersey Devil Coaster Construction Update thanks to the park on Twitter, make sure to check it out and share it!!
  8. Something to celebrate is that the park has now placed all 3,000 feet of Steel I-beam track for the record breaking ride!!!
  9. New Jersey Devil Coaster Update from Six Flags Great Adventure on Twitter!
  10. Behind the Adventure Episode 6 for Jersey Devil Coaster is now live from the park!!!
  11. More Photos from Six Flags Great Adventure on Instagram!
  12. Jersey Devil Coaster has officially been topped off!!!
  13. Jersey Devil Coaster’s lift hill track can now be seen from Prospertown Lake! The photo is from TheCoasterSpot on Instagram!
  14. The Start of the lift hill is going in for Jersey Devil Coaster!!!
  15. Six Flags Great Adventure will be opening in Late March 2021!
  16. Another unique angle of JDC’s outer banked hill thanks to @sfgradventure on Instagram story!!!
  17. Tweet from Six Flags Great Adventure showing off the unique angles of JDC Resuming construction!!
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!
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