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  1. SkellySkeletor

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    They dumbed down the decorations for Fright Fest this year. What happened to all the smoke and fire totems throughout the boardwalk and Golden Kingdom?
  2. SkellySkeletor

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Only box that's there is about special offer emails. What did i do wrong? Is it because other people are on the account?
  3. SkellySkeletor

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Anyone know how to sign up for the Rewards program? Just activated my Platinum pass at the park yesterday and I can't find anywhere on the mypass.sixflags to register.
  4. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I don't think that we'll be getting a T-rex like the Six Flags Fun psycho has rambled for the past year, but I believe they could do it. This year we got three conversions, Steel Vengeance, Twisted Cyclone and Twisted Timbers, so a small Raptor could be squeezed in. However, until the Six Flags Fun guy stops saying that they're making T-Rexes comes 2020 and actually provides a source for that statement, my best bet is an S&S air launch coaster/Premier launch coaster. A launched coaster with an actual layout would fit the park good, and based on this year I think there's a good chance we'll start seeing some S&S thrown around the chain.
  5. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    To be fair, El Toro has been very well kept, much more so than other SF woodies. If any park in the chain could keep a woodie in good shape, my money's on this one. (Yes, I'm aware that Toro is a prefab and doesn't age like traditional woodies)
  6. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    This is actually something I've thought about, and talked about with others on TPR. This new land would primarily be in the current Zumanjaro queue/Rolling Thunder outfield, and link up Golden Kingdom with Plaza Del Carnival and Frontier adventures, creating one giant loop as the backend of the park. The red blob would be where the new land would go, with more than enough space for 1-2 coasters and flat rides. The yellow hook at the top would be the new queue line for Zumanjaro, shortening the mile long queue into something much more reasonable. The blue box and lines would be a brand new SKyride circuit based out of the current stop in the fort. Finally, the tan line at the bottom would bridge over the creek and connect to where Bizarro's queue is now, which would help bring more foot traffic to that area. This would open up tons of new space for new attractions and alleviate most of the complaints about the park's long dead ends. On the other hand, this would require removal of acres of trees which is something the park has to fight every time. The bridge over the creek would likely draw flak from environmentalists concerned about the Pine Barrens. This expansion would also completely isolate Plaza Del Carnival from maintenance roads, complicating maintenance and staff access to the park. Most importantly, this would be a momumental undertaking for the park, costing 3-4 years worth of attractions in a best case scenario
  7. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I agree that we'll never see year around operations at this park, however I disagree about a few things. The winter climate in NJ is much too harsh to keep it open in the winter past what we already do with HitP, andI can't even imagine trying to staff all those rides during a weekday in January when the usual workforce for the park is back in school. Plus, HitP during the weekends is already mostly a ghost town, so crowds during the weekdays would be nonexistent. An entire half of the park would also end up closed, as Kingda Ka, El Toro and Zumanjaro struggle to run past Halloween. However, the rides could and have operated in temperatures much colder than the 30 degrees you said. Christmas week of 2017, I went expecting to pick up my pass for 2018 and head home, but in 19 degree weather they had Nitro, Batman, Green Lantern and Superman all running simultaneously, not to mention the number of flats and restaurants they kept open. Also, we already see coasters go down for days due to maintenance during the summer, so I don't think having 1-2 rides closed at a time during the offseason would mater much
  8. SkellySkeletor

    King Cobra

    I really hope it's staying, I'd rather not have another year wasted on flats/the waterpark when we're hurting for a coaster.
  9. SkellySkeletor

    Canada's Wonderland Adding Hotel

    I wish Great Adventure would have an on site hotel (like a SF Hotel Breakers at Ceder Point), but the sports complex across the street is fine for me. Also, I can't tell if this is on property or a third party opening up shop next door with CW advertising it as "their hotel"
  10. SkellySkeletor

    Which Areas Would You Like To See Rethemed?

    Areas most in need to refurbishment are the Boardwalk and Frontier Adventures IMO. Both of them look dated and uninteresting, and lack the rides and draw of other, newer areas of the park. Retheme the Boardwalk to "Jersey Shore" or something like that and heavily lean into a local beach theme, with Superman being rethemed and Green Lantern receiving sit down trains. Frontier Adventures just needs anything, as it hasn't been touched since Medusa became Bizarro. A New coaster, new flats, a rethemed, anything would greatly help bring this section of the park back to 2018