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  1. SkellySkeletor

    Holiday in the Park 2018 - New Info & Guide Map

    What else is open from last year? The only difference I can spot is that the Parachute Tower won't be lit up this year and actually plans on running.
  2. SkellySkeletor

    Photo Trip Report: November 8th, 2018 - GA Bonus Day

    The deal with the flames is that a while back, it was rumored that Six Flags was taking it out after it closed with the rest of Plaza Del Carnival during HitP. Apparently, the state doesn't like the joystick operating cycle on the ride (where the oeprator controls the train with a joystick), and Six Flags plans on taking it out, either for good or to replace it with a newer model. Themeing coming off the ride is usually a good indicator that a ride is on it's way out.
  3. Great Adventure would be fine, Sesame Place has a completely different demographic than GA. San Antonio and Fiesta Texas, however, would almost certainly be competing with each other, which isn't exactly what you want for two sister parks. I'm torn on this deal. On one hand, I feel like Seaworld could use a stable owner, and SF could use the extra revenue from the Orlando and San Diego parks. On the other, I don't trust SF to keep Busch Garden's and Seaworld's identities intact, and I wouldn't want them to become "generic amusement park #1231423".
  4. SkellySkeletor

    Fright Fest 2018

    Overall, I felt that quality of decorations was improved even if quantity was down, from what I saw. Also, out of 5 visits, I saw the security gate Grim Reaper blow fog and glow red eyes a grand total of 1 time.
  5. SkellySkeletor

    Misc GA Mumblings

    How is the November 6-9 weekend crowd wise? Thinking about making a trip then but if it's mobbed I'm not gonna bother. One last weekend of Toro is tempting, though, so is it usually a dead weekend?
  6. SkellySkeletor

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I agree with 29yrs. There's only so many times you can ride the biggest attractions, and there middle ground is sorely lacking. They have the top tier attractions down pat, and the low tier (like children's lands and path side attractions) relatively well filled, but the middle ground of flat rides and family entertainment is near nonexistent. They don't have any shows or parades during the summer season, they ripped out most of the special "nook and cranny" things like the Axis Chemical Wash or the Tiger Shows, and if you're not riding things there's literally nothing for you to do. They have multiple stadiums that sit empty for most of the season, why not throw a few special acts or dance parties in there? Why not make themed parades that travel throughout the park? Just do something!
  7. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Taking rumors from YouTube comments is like getting banking advice from the school playground.
  8. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Those two additions in a single year, plus Ka and Golden Kingdom immediately before bankrupted the chain. The days of a major coaster and land to accompany it are over. If we get anything next year, I'd bet money it'd be a big but short S&S like Maxx Force is.
  9. I'm hoping that because it's so far out a lot of stuff hasn't been finalized yet, because I doubt Hershey of all places would actually open an ice cream creating experience as "ice cream parlor". From what we we can see it looks like a good looking area, I just they add more flair to it before it's done. With Meadowlands Xanadu opening soon as another direct competitor and now this I really hope SF Corporate will do something big 2020. I know nothing SF is willing to put out will beat this but another large scale coaster would be nice.
  10. SkellySkeletor

    Fright Fest 2018

    How do they make it scary? Doesn't seem like the type of thing to easily accompany scare actors, so maybe video projections?
  11. SkellySkeletor

    Fright Fest 2018

    With Fort Wilderness gone in favor of Joker I don't think we'll see the Stuntshow arena removed. It's still used for events like Band competitions and Cheerfests, along with the usual shows and parties. Plus, a coaster there removes a vital backroad/employee entrance to Movietown that'd have to be relocated to a much more inconvenient place.
  12. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    It's interesting that they'd possibly keep the old theme, cause then they wouldn't be able to market it as a new attraction. I wouldn't put it past them to just change the theme and pretend it's a new ride.
  13. SkellySkeletor

    King Cobra

    I wonder why that is? Most times the modifications are to fix an unsafe part of the ride, like when Chiller's Zero Gs were replaced with S hills to prevent valleying, or when Chiller got lapbar restraints to prevent headbanging. This also casts doubt on the theory that El Diablo will be modified instead of replaced, which would suck as then the park would basically go a year without a new ride.
  14. SkellySkeletor

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    You can see one Here on the far left, and another Here, although at Great America. I remember a few of these in front of the CarnEvil Maze in the Boardwalk.
  15. SkellySkeletor

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    He never quits, does he? Anyway, I think the AMA sort of confirms that whatever we get come 2020 is S&S/Premier. I doubt RMC can handle 6 simultaneous projects of large scale at once, and this upcoming season hints at a SF/S&S partnership over years. Now I'm just hoping that whatever we get isn't as short as Maxx Force is.