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  1. Is it just me, or is the picture not actually appearing?
  2. I'm convinced Six Flags Fun is actually a bot arranging "RMC Raptor 2020" in different sentences, all saying the same thing.
  3. Looks to be a little short in height but compared to other dives, but considering how much they've been adding lately and in the future this knocks it out of the park. Great addition overall!
  4. Why are there random closed days in the middle of summer? June 20th and July 3rd are both the only days closed in their respect months, which makes no sense to me.
  5. And it'll only get worse next year, as Maxx Force will almost certainly draw more crowds than Wonder Woman. GAdv has such a big market to tap into, being dead center of both NYC and Philly, but corporate refuses to make the changes that'll bring in crowds.
  6. HitP is only really that busy during the week break between Christmas and New Year, when everyone is off work and school. Considering how the park is not very full the other 95% of the time, i'm not sure it'd be worth it from the park's perspective to staff and maintain another large section of the park when it'd sit almost completely empty during the rest of the event. Plus, I'm pretty sure Toro is very temperamental in the cold, Ka is notoriously unstable even in optimal conditions, and Zu would not be fun that high up in the cold. 3/4 major rides closed, leaving a very empty area of the park.
  7. The Skycoaster couldn't be in a better spot right now. You have to pass by it to get to to the left half of the park, bringing in a ton of foot traffic, and the ride can be seen from pretty much all around. It's even one of the major things you pass by on the Skyride.
  8. Where is this building again? Anyway, I'm all for tearing down the unused and abandoned buildings of the park, which is unfortunately too many.
  9. I'd love to see some Dark Knight TLC. The building itself is kind of an eyesore with the simple blue painting on it, and most effects on and around the ride are broken.
  10. Has the park even said anything about this and Diablo leaving? AFAIK, they're both listed as "closed for the season" on the park website and app, when one is all but confirmed to be gone and the other currently gone with a possibility of getting replaced.
  11. Considering there is four coasters in that photo and already know what three are, I'm thinking the suspended got cut which is sad. I'm sure the Chance Coaster will be great but another family suspended/inverted would've been nice too, especially indoors.
  12. Maybe all the slush will have cleaned the pathways of the leaves that sat on the ground during Fright Fest!
  13. Coaster youtubers know less about what parks are getting than the Dippin' Dots guy working the food stands in the park. I value what I see on here and the Reddit more than any "rumor" coming out of Youtube, and I barely have faith in those two anymore We have had absolutely zero indication of a 2020 coaster other than what the Park President said back during the Cyborg press release and the RotB enthusiast event, which is that our next attraction will be "tall" and "made of steel". Take that as you wish, but saying things like "RMC Raptor 2020!!1!!111!!!!" or "S&S Launch coaster confirmed!!!!" is setting yourself up for disappointment, especially considering the past additions we've gotten lately.
  14. What else is open from last year? The only difference I can spot is that the Parachute Tower won't be lit up this year and actually plans on running.
  15. The deal with the flames is that a while back, it was rumored that Six Flags was taking it out after it closed with the rest of Plaza Del Carnival during HitP. Apparently, the state doesn't like the joystick operating cycle on the ride (where the oeprator controls the train with a joystick), and Six Flags plans on taking it out, either for good or to replace it with a newer model. Themeing coming off the ride is usually a good indicator that a ride is on it's way out.
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