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  1. It looks to me like the whole ride could fit south of the Seaport without removing anything. With the Jersey Devil Coaster being such a contrast in theme to Seaport, however, I can't imagine the path to the coaster coming from there. It's hard to imagine such a theme being in a kids section, regardless. Either Seaport will have its rides moved and the area rethemed/remade entirely, or they'll use the fright-fest trail that's usually a smoking section to make a new queue and the ride will be surrounded by trees to be "alone" in the park. All just my theory, though.
  2. Free WiFi is a huge plus. Several times on busy days last year, my service went to crap even with 4 bars.
  3. They need to add some sort of boardwalk area around the park-side of the lake. Or a restaurant on the lake. Something... on the lake. I really miss the lake-side stadiums.
  4. I didn't have a chance to take a picture, but I was there on NYE and it looked as though they might be starting the project by using up a portion of the over-flow parking lot (the lot in-between HH and GA). There's a lot of cement footings being put down (between 20-30 from my estimates), and it looked like they were tapping into the power lines over the road.
  5. Only if it had just as many if not more inversions than Bizarro, went faster, and had a gimmick for the train (ie. floorless, standup, wing, etc). I digress, you found the one exception.
  6. I literally made my account to comment on this. Bizzaro is very easily the most underrated ride in the park. I care little for complaints about "chipped paint" and "rattles". All that age showing in it adds to the theming for me. What's more bizarre than a B&M that's in the shape of an old Arrow Dynamics coaster? Beyond that, the ride is one of the longer and more enjoyable ones in the park. Removing it for literally anything else would be a downfall.
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