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  1. And on that map it said new ride in its spot. It is possible tho that they change the height waiver like they did for Batman.
  2. Six Flags discovery Kingdom has begun demolition on a dolphin pool in their DC Universe section.
  3. California's Great America: Dropbox slides Canada's Wonderland: flat ride and water slide Carowinds: water slides Cedar Point: old rides from the past return Dorney Park: GCI Kings Dominion: Waterpark additions Kings Island: Giga? Knott's Berry Farm: Flat ride Michigan's Adventure: hahaha Valleyfair: waterpark expansion Worlds of Fun: waterslides
  4. I've heard that executives from La Ronde were looking at the ride today.
  5. I doubt the state will allow that after the Windseeker issues.
  6. It looks like they are retheming the area to DC Universe
  7. i feel that Tava's Jungeland is too themed already in the animal part of the part to become Bug's Bunny. They would probably just redo their current Bug's Bunny area and then retheme Seaside Junction to DC Superfriends.
  8. Parks: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Family rides/DC SuperFriends and Bugs Bunny Boomtown Six Flags Magic Mountain: Flat ride in Samurai Summit Six Flags Mexico: Giant Discovery Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Water Park addition Six Flags Over Texas: Raptor or Mack Powerspalsh Frontier City: Skyscreamer Six Flags St. Louis: Freespin Six Flags Great America: Water park addition Six Flags Over Georgia: Freespin or water slides Six Flags America: Waterslides Six Flags Darien Lake: Flat rides Six Flags New England: Water Slide complex Great Escape: Family flat La Ronde: family flat
  9. There's a good chance SFOT is getting a raptor instead as there have been survey crews around their shoot the chutes ride which has been closed for a bit. Maybe SFGADV will get something like Full Throttle.
  10. I mean how did he find the online addition as it's not published by the park yet.
  11. It won;t be a Trex, it's not ready to be bought yet by parks. RMC has said they want to focus on the raptor before they sell the Trex.
  12. How did you get this, it's not on the website yet?
  13. The white primer usually means a new color from what I have observed with other coasters but I could always be wrong.
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