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  1. Guys. We really need a new coaster. It’s been 4 freakin months since the last one. Idk about y’all but I’m over gadv being screwed RMC T- Rex 500 footer with 12 inversions final answer
  2. I would LOVE to see a FAMILY ride section. Not a kids section but a FAMILY ride section where I can take my 5 yr old daughter who is dying to go on bigger things some rides that kinda scare her
  3. Im just gunna do what Six Flags fun did for 4 years. Say the same thing over and over and eventually one year I’ll be correct.
  4. That’s exactly what I estimated based off the structure supports in the video and comparing it to WWGL. I assumed 140-150 with a 120ish foot drop and speeds around 64mph
  5. Its not easy for us but the mans was right since 2015 lol
  6. I just want to know the specs. It’s either as high or slightly higher than El Toro
  7. My sole disappointment comes from an 87 degree drop and 3 inversions which I honest to god would’ve expected 4-5 inversions and a 90 degree drop. Especially since wonder women is a 90 degree with 3 inversions. Yes I know you wont feel 3 degrees but it’s more a principle for me. other than that the ride looks amazing and I’m thrilled
  8. Welp, here we go. Kids area is a MUST but Uhhhh I’ll take a Trex with a side of dive coaster pls /s
  9. How soon after the announcement will official specs be released? Height, length, top speed, etc
  10. Six Flags Fun you win we all owe you an apology. tomorrow when you start your 2021 thread, please no TRex talks
  11. Anyone else confused as to why its an 87 degree drop and has 3 inversions... when WonderWomen golden lasso has a 90 degree drop and 3 inversions on 1800 ft of track
  12. Kinda disappointed myself. I guess because I expected a lot bigger. The ride looks amazing but capacity has always been the main concern for GADV. So I’m unsure how I feel exactly about this. Either way it’ll be an amazing ride
  13. Wonder Women is 113 feet tall with a 100 foot drop. This is probably about 135-150 feet with a drop maybe at 120ft or just north. Didn’t look tall at all i will say the last few seats are in for a ride of their life tho
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