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  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cedar-fair-m-a-sixflags-exclusive/exclusive-six-flags-in-bid-to-acquire-cedar-fair-sources-idUSKBN1WH1ZA
  2. when did this question come up and why?
  3. This is Great Adventure were talking about. Screw the 30M Larson Super Loop. Lets get the 100M Larson Giga Loop #gobig
  4. I feel bad for Green Lantern, it’s sure gets a lot of hate when I absolutely love the ride, and the standing up concept is so intriguing... the head banging does not bother me at all.. It also adds to the lineup of the park, adding a major variety of rides.
  5. Now there are no kid offerings for Holiday in the Park. That’s the only kid area that was open during that season.
  6. So I know LTSP is probably going to leave. But what about safari kids? That area needs a lot to be done, making me think that it is probably leaving. It is a hit for younger kids, because I do see a lot of people in Safari Kids, but the appeal is just absolute garbage.
  7. Wonder Woman is not in the 2019 Fright Fest Lineup.. Maybe they just didn't have time to edit the picture to their Fright Fest picture with that antique filter.
  8. So I’m gonna start it off.. Six Flags FUN!, I am sorry whos next?
  9. Discussions about park improvements. Basically anything new that makes the park look better
  10. This is a much needed thread. Noticing some differences
  11. The metropolis area looks amazing. In line for dark knight right now. And it’s hard to believe your in a six flags park
  12. Went by the area. Same stuff as less time. Didn’t think it was worth taking photos because nothing has changed. EDIT: Will try. Just left the park. Will be back in less than an hour. I have my flash pass band, so I really don’t have a choice
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