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  1. When i think of the park i think of various Batman themes i have heard specifically Batman returns (or what i personally call it Batman 1992) since that is what i was thinking of when in line and riding it, and Batman and Robin (Batman Forever also has the same music to it). The last one is what i really think about when visiting the park even thou the ride shut down 11 years ago (and i was too much of a wee little lad to ride it). I edited this in afterwards but i agree with the others choices and have them myself but i am not gonna be redundant and state their points again.
  2. I did Safari before it stopped letting normal cars through.
  3. Eh my list pails in comparison (since i have went mostly to Great Adventure and some occasional smaller parks but i have ridden (with only the first one being in correct order). 1 Road runner railway, 2, Blackbeards treasure train (which is now Harley quin crazy train). 3, Batman the ride, 4 Dark knight coaster. 5 ,Both sides of Rolling thunder. 6, Nitro. 7 ,El toro. 8, Kindga ka,, 9, Green lantern (i was too much of a wuss as a kid to go on the Scream Machine something i still regret today). 10, Bizzaro, 11, Some small kiddy coaste
  4. I had to answer no but i was once really close to doing so after i rode alot of flipping rides in one day such as Green Lantern, i think Superman, maybe Bizzaro (i have poor memory here) but sure as heck Batman the ride which afterwards i could not even walk properly and i needed to go home and get to bed afterwards (only after sleeping did i feel better). But on one occasion (off topic from throwing up) is that my head started hurting after i rode Nitro 2 times in a row buy it was still worth it.
  5. 5, The 4D ride experiences (Spongebob and others which was near Scream machine). 4 Fort independence. 3, Rolling thunder, 2, The old Country 1, Batman and Robin the chiller, Honorable mention which just missed the list is the Scream machine.
  6. Thank you for the response here but with the demolition of the Autobahn isn't that where the fire of 84 was? are they building on that land? is it now a empty lot or even a unrelated garden (like i heard and saw as a kid).
  7. One of the most creepy and eerie things i have personally found out about the Park the history of the closing of the old Country. When i was a boy i went to Six flags and enjoyed rides in that area to forget about them instead opting to ride other rides (i was tall enough for all the coasters) to while years later i come to realize those old rides were abandoned for years. When i was not thinking about the rides they were sitting completely abandoned. The line and building of Batman and Robin the Chiller remained up, closed gift shops and soda stands remained up. The Musik express and Autobah
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