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  1. Is anyone gonna be there for the Slam Fest? I really wanted to go because I love Moxley but I am gonna be camping that weekend.
  2. I'm probably the youngest person on this forum, and anything related to Wiggle World makes me nostalgic as hell. My best childhood memories were at Six Flags in the late 00s.
  3. I’ll be at the park today for the first time this season. Anyone else?
  4. This is random but imagine how many times we've passed by each other at the park and didn't even know it
  5. I would love a Shazam themed coaster but I don't think we should act like we are definitely getting a Raptor or T-Rex, we'll see what happens in September when the new rides are unveiled.
  6. How many of you are gonna be there Saturday?
  7. Hopefully I can make it for Opening Day! Excited as hell to be back there, and even though a lot of stuff will probably be closed, I'm still hyped. I'm glad to see a lot of park maintenance, hopefully this means Nitro will be repainted as well.
  8. I’m in Hershey for a competition and it’s so weird seeing the theme park empty, I wish it was open so I could ride Sky Rush until my legs fall off
  9. I am so goddamn excited about the fact that I can get my coaster fix during the three months of GA not being open. I live like 35 mins away from GA, and around 30 from the future Nickelodeon.
  10. I used to think that a Cartoon Network themed land would be a great idea to take over Wiggle World/Safari Kids, but DC Super Friends would be a huge hit. The only problem is the GP would get confused between the two superhero areas, but if people figure out that the Cyborg/JL area is Metropolis there wouldn't be a problem.
  11. I've seen the ground laid for a while now, so I assumed they had done something other than just clear up space. You are almost definitely right about the Memorial Day opening, as that's when pretty much every ride opens now.
  12. I know that attractions rarely open on opening day, and that they typically open sometime in May, but I can't imagine that a Frisbee is that hard to install. I know that it definitely won't happen, so I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, but the idea of a Frisbee taking a while to install baffles me. They have already started advertising it, and if they started in March, I'm sure they would get many people there on Opening Day. Thoughts?
  13. I really wish all the theming still worked, not nearly as well done as when I first started riding it. I know that it's Six Flags, but a lot of stuff is missing like Joker saying "Why so serious" in the tunnel, and the voice coming over the speaker in the pre show room telling you to evacuate.
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