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  1. I'm so happy, I used to go through in my car all the time when I was little. I was deathly afraid of ostriches and emus. Does anyone remember the little park at the end that you could go to?
  2. That's crazy it makes sense tho. Safer to have less people in the park at a time. It means shorter lines too
  3. Anyone else wish the rails on Superman were still yellow? I love the repaint but I miss the yellow and red instead of the track just being red
  4. Damn I haven't logged on here in a bit how are y'all doing with this
  5. This really helps because even tho I’ve been going to GA for years sometimes idk what row to go in
  6. I was a happy lad when I was on Batman today as most of the OG sound effects were working, obviously not Alfred or the cop car but a lot of the sound effects like the dripping water, motor, theme, and more were back on for the first time in a while. Last time I was in the park was only a couple weeks ago and only some of the effects were on.
  7. Damn I was at the park today and didn’t even think I needed to pay respects to the Seaport as I thought I would have next time, I guess it’s too late. Rip granny’s house
  8. Is anyone gonna be there for the Slam Fest? I really wanted to go because I love Moxley but I am gonna be camping that weekend.
  9. I'm probably the youngest person on this forum, and anything related to Wiggle World makes me nostalgic as hell. My best childhood memories were at Six Flags in the late 00s.
  10. I’ll be at the park today for the first time this season. Anyone else?
  11. This is random but imagine how many times we've passed by each other at the park and didn't even know it
  12. I would love a Shazam themed coaster but I don't think we should act like we are definitely getting a Raptor or T-Rex, we'll see what happens in September when the new rides are unveiled.
  13. How many of you are gonna be there Saturday?
  14. Hopefully I can make it for Opening Day! Excited as hell to be back there, and even though a lot of stuff will probably be closed, I'm still hyped. I'm glad to see a lot of park maintenance, hopefully this means Nitro will be repainted as well.
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