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  1. I agree. The old entrance was much more charming (and had lots of shade along the pathway).
  2. I highly doubt they'd start repainting Nitro during the operating season. It's one of the most popular rides in the park.
  3. Maybe, but this topic is specifically for six flags parks OTHER THAN great adventure.
  4. That's exactly how I feel about it. The last new coaster with an original layout to come to the park was El Toro, and that was 13 years ago.
  5. I haven't heard about this. Where are you getting this information from?
  6. So happy to see all of the small cosmetic improvements being done at the park! The small details really do matter. I'm sad to see the Safari Tours car ride go, but it makes you wonder if anything is in store for the Looney Tunes Seaport/Safari Kids sections of the park. There's a lot of empty ride pads in that area.
  7. That would be a really cool addition! The Seaport seems like a perfect place too! Plus, the GP wouldn't get confused between El Toro and another wooden coaster (hopefully).
  8. I would be so sad to see Bizarro go. It's my second favorite coaster in the park. I personally would much rather see Green Lantern relocated to a park that really needs it than have Bizarro removed.
  9. So happy to see Superman getting a repaint. It was looking pretty sorry the last time I visited the park. As for El Toro, I'm glad it's getting some maintenance attention. The turnaround was noticeably rough when I rode it (rest was still glossy smooth). Does anyone know if Intamin is re-tracking it with Pre-fab track, or is a different company being outsourced?
  10. Interesting to re-theme Vertical Velocity to the Flash. It definitely works though!
  11. Would love to see some form of wooden coaster come to the park. Ever since Rolling Thunder was torn down, I've always felt a gap in the park's lineup.
  12. I don't think La Ronde is actually able to use the DC/Warner Bros properties. There's a reason they don't have a single ride themed to a DC character. I could be wrong, I believe both Goliath and Vampire were intended to be themed to Superman and Batman respectively, but both fell through. Vampire is a Batman clone that shares many small theming details (such as the entrance portal) with that of the Batman clones.
  13. Yeah, RT was getting a little sketchy by the time it closed. On my last ride, it jackhammered on almost every hill.
  14. It's about time. The Scorcher was starting to look pretty gross. I'm curious about the potential re-theme as well.
  15. The yearbook pages have always been one of my favorite features on the site, and it's great to see them being updated/expanded! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into them. I look forward to Timeline Tuesday every week.
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