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  1. It was really good to see SUF get painted. Bizarro and Nitro are both looking pretty shabby at this point. Batman and Kingda Ka aren't great either, but they aren't as bad. I also agree about the Fort, it'd be great to see them touch it up.
  2. It was nearly impossible to see through those windows the last time I was at the park.
  3. I feel the same way. The new maps are way too clunky since they don't fold neatly as well.
  4. It's a shame to see these Arrow loopers closing. It seems like Viper at SFMM is going to be the only mega looper left after this year. This announcement really surprised me, especially since Vortex is such an iconic ride for Kings Island.
  5. The problem with Green Lantern is that it is inconsistent. Although it usually tends to run a little rough, I actually really enjoyed it when I last visited the park. It was running extremely smooth, and I didn't have any head-banging. If it ran like that every time, I would have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Unfortunately that isn't the case. I do not think GL should be turned into a floorless coaster. The park already has a much better floorless coaster in Bizarro anyway. I would much rather see Green Lantern travel to another park and be converted there, than having two floorless coasters (with very similar elements) at the same park.
  6. A kids area expansion, or at least some new kids rides are a necessity at this point. LTSP was looking very run down before it closed and Safari Kids is not too far behind. I would still love to see a mid-size GCI wooden coaster come to Great Adventure at some point in the distant future.
  7. I really miss Rolling Thunder as well. It left a gap in the park's lineup that still hasn't been filled. It's also hard to find coasters that still run with PTC buzz bars as a large amount of parks have been removing them from their old wood coasters. Although it may have been rough, Rolling Thunder was always a lot of fun, and generated a lot of hilarious ride experience stories.
  8. It seems a lot of these smaller boardwalk parks are getting rid of their coasters since they take up so much space and require more maintenance, which is a shame. The two new rides that took the place of the Mine Train both charge more money per ride than the coaster did. Jenkinson's also got rid of their big coaster this year.
  9. While in Ocean City over the weekend, I decided to take a quick visit to both Playland's Castaway Cove and Gillian's Wonderland. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from my visit, and only rode a few rides, but I did notice some changes from last year. Unfortunately, it seems Gillian's has removed their main roller coaster, the Runaway Mine Train. Last year when I visited the park, the ride ops let me and a couple of my friends ride 3 times for the price of one, and I was hoping to test my luck again. I was sad to see the coaster gone, as it was by far the best deal in the park. A Gravitron and a Moby Dick ride took its place. Also, Gillian's seems to have switched over from tickets to refillable cards. It seems like a lot of boardwalk parks are beginning to make this shift. With Runaway Mine Train being gone, the only ride I ended up going on at Gillian's was the log flume. While it's not that great of a ride, it has a pretty big drop, and it's always nice to see a flume on the boardwalk. Playland's Castaway Cove was relatively unchanged compared to last year. Unlike Gillian's, they still seem to use tickets instead of the refillable ride cards. The only ride I went on was GaleForce, which now completes two full circuits per cycle. For anyone who hasn't ridden this ride, I strongly suggest you check it out. While the $10 ticket price may seem a little steep, the ride truly delivers a one of a kind experience filled with ejector air. The fact that it now completes two circuits during one ride cycle makes the ride even more worth the price, although I'd definitely recommend a night ride on GaleForce. That concludes my extremely brief trip report from Ocean City. These two parks are always a blast to visit, and I hope to get there again next year.
  10. The only half decent kids area at the park is Bugs Bunny National Park. Just went to the park the other day and Safari Kids is not looking too great. All of the rides/signs in that area are extremely faded. I'm not sure if Jersey Devil will take up the entire LTSP, but if it doesn't, I could see the park extending the current safari kids area back to RRR for the time being. However, there are several other improvements that the park needs in addition to a kids area. I recently went to Gillian's Wonderland in Ocean City, and the light packages they have on their ferris wheel and drop tower are awesome! I'd love to see something like that put on either the Big Wheel or Sky Screamer.
  11. It's running much better this year from last. Just rode Toro yesterday. The turnaround is the only slightly rough part, and it's not bad at all.
  12. Lol, it's the name of the guy who runs the Coaster Studios YouTube account. That is actually hilarious. I think the Jersey Devil theme would be awesome, and I hope that really does end up being the real theme. I personally am still hoping for some kind of GCI or RMC ground up hybrid, but these clues are literally all over the place so I have no idea.
  13. El Toro: last row/last car Runaway Mine Train: somewhere in the middle (noticeably smoother than the front or back) Bizarro: Back row (great hang time and some nice pops of floater) Nitro: Back row (Air time) Skull Mountain: Back row (completely changes the ride. The airtime is absolutely ridiculous, and not just on the first drop either) Batman: Somewhere towards the front Superman: no preference Green Lantern: Front (smoother) Kingda Ka: Front row (intensity) Joker: no preference
  14. I've ridden 75, and am hoping to get on a couple new coasters this season. I got to ride a bunch last year including Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land.
  15. That's so unfortunate. GaleForce is an extremely good ride! It really exceeded my expectations. The trains added for 2018 really improved the ride experience.
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