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  1. p_loots

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Thanks for the additional info! I'll admit, cartoon network idea was a fairly lofty one.
  2. p_loots

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    The last coaster we got was The Joker in 2016, and that was only 3 years ago. Most parks in the chain go much longer than that without a coaster. Great Adventure's last coaster before Joker was Green Lantern in 2011. However, a coaster is definitely still a possibility for 2020. I think it'd be really cool if Six Flags utilized their license with Warner Bros to create a Cartoon Network kids/family area as opposed to simply a Bugs Bunny or DC area (most likely not going to happen though).
  3. p_loots

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    A new out and back GCI would fit into the lineup perfectly! If Great Adventure gets a coaster, this would definitely be my top choice. However, I'd really like to see a family ride or two added next year along with some new landscaping/park-wide maintenance. The park has been getting lots of thrilling attractions over the past 5 years, so it'd be really great to see something family oriented.
  4. During my visits to Dorney Park, Talon has definitely been the stand-out roller coaster. With Busch's exclusivity deals, the only possibilities would be a flyer or a winged coaster. That being said, Cedar Fair has never purchased a B&M flyer, and hasn't built a winged coaster since Gatekeeper. I think a B&M would be a really cool fit for the park, and although I wouldn't rule it out completely, it just doesn't seem very realistic.
  5. That's so interesting! I can't believe I haven't heard about that before, but it makes complete sense. Thanks for the info!
  6. Huh, I've never heard about that. Where did you find the information about the Busch deal? I'm very curious to see. Also, from what I've heard, Kings Dominion mainly took out Volcano due to the frequency of its mechanical issues. Although the parts should be easily replaceable, I think the sheer amount of work involved along with the cost of repairs proved to be too much. It was SBNO for the majority of the 2018 season, and was down for portions of the 2017 season as well. Keep in mind that Volcano was a prototype (first launched inverted coaster), making its 20-year lifespan at the park fairly impressive. Many of Great Adventure's prototype rides (Ultra Twister, Viper, etc.) had much shorter lifespans.
  7. p_loots

    The 2018 Warner Awards Results

    The reopened Old Country and Golden Kingdom paths just make it so much easier to get around the park. I always felt getting from Plaza del Carnival to the Golden Kingdom was overly complicated, not to mention that the reopened pathways actually have shade!
  8. That's right! I completely forgot about Carribean Cove. That was a welcome addition.
  9. Although I don't think this is the best addition, it's great to finally see Six Flags giving Hurricane Harbor some much needed love. Unless I'm mistaken, the park's last addition was big wave racer in 2013. It'd be great to see a new slide in the coming years. I haven't been since 2014, and now with Cobra gone, there are less slides now than the last time I visited.
  10. p_loots

    Great Adventure Confessional

    Although it can be a toss up, I usually prefer Bizarro to Nitro. Also, Skull Mountain has some of the best air time in the entire park (in the back seat at least).