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  1. Hey all. Me and my friend are going to the park on Sunday, and were wondering if anyone has had experience sneaking drinks into the park, and if its easy, hard, or just not possible at all.
  2. I think 2024 is going to be the year for the next big addition to Great Adventure. It will be 4 years since Jersey Devil, and will be the parks 50th anniversary. 2021, 2022, and 2023 will be some combination of kids area, water park improvement (water coaster), Congo rapids redo, and thrilling flat and then 2024 will likely be some kind of new coaster
  3. Y’know what I think I would love in 2021 or 2022. A Congo Rapids revamp. That is an absolute necessity
  4. Just by pausing the video to compare the height to Batman, JD honestly seems to tower over Batman. To me, it seems like Jersey Devil falls almost exactly in between the height of Batman and Nitro, I'd guess 165 feet for the Jersey Devil coaster, but I may be just way off
  5. I think people are underestimating the height. If I had to guess I would honestly say 160-170 feet.
  6. Nitro: Front Row, Clear Sky, Night Ride is by far the best ride I have had on any coaster at Great Adventure. Truly unbelievable. I would try to hit that if you can. Back row during the day but if you are going at night you HAVE to do nitro front row
  7. Lol this was a joke from the r/rollercoasters discord I don’t think this is true
  8. A little, but it is nice to see Six Flags stop spoiling them with crazy rides every year
  9. Yes definitely I just saw the post on Reddit and didn't really do my research for it. My bad guys.
  10. Apparently Great Adventure changed their Twitter bio to say they have 14 world class coasters.
  11. If it’s anything like Time Traveler, I would be completely okay with it
  12. Also one thing to think about for the attraction coming in 2020 is the competition that they will be facing against other parks in the area. You have Hershey Park with Candymonium and their entire new themed land, which will be a huge crowd drawer for them. You also have Nick Universe at the American Dream Mall which will definitely bring in crowds due to 4 new coasters being installed there. Both of those parks are going huge for 2020, and the casual park goer would definitely be more inclined to take a trip out to one of those two parks rather than Great Adventure given the new world class attractions that are to be installed at those parks. Great Adventure has to know what they are up against in 2020, as the local competition will be absolutely fierce in order to draw in park guests. They know they are going to lose many casual park goers to these new and exciting parks, and if they don't put up their own fight, they are going to lose a lot of crowds. I don't think that a Premier dueling coaster or a Maxx Force clone would help to attract guests away from the other parks. Hell, even the Intamin sit down/invert concept might not do enough. This is why I think Great Adventure has been saving up for this year, knowing that it is now or never to install a world class attraction.
  13. I'm gonna say the 12 stands for the 12 years it will take to complete the coaster.
  14. As much as I think it could be YES RMC, I don't think the park would be that direct in literally telling us what the coaster is going to be before the actual release. It does seem quite plausible that the last letter could be M, but I feel it could also simply stand for something, like Kings Island and their "The end of the world as we know it"
  15. Ok guys. My latest theory on what we are getting. Clue #5 stated "Slither or soar, which one do you like more. Either one can explain, but neither one's in the name" Now I, like many others, instantly thought of the sit down/invert Intamin dueling coaster, as that seemingly was described perfectly by "Slither or soar". But what if slither or soar wasn't referring to the ride experience. What if it was referring to the type of ride that it is. Now, slither or soar, these are two generally very different movements that an animal can make. But, when you sort animals into a class, it gives for the opportunity for many more unique characteristics to be present in the different species of animal. Now, what ride may I be getting at, you ask? I'm sure you may have realized by now, but I am talking about the RMC Raptor. A raptor is not described as one animal, but a group of certain types of animals. Some SOAR through the sky and hunt for food, and others stay lower to the ground and don't fly, in a sort of SLITHERing like movement (Correct me if I am wrong about the raptor I am not an animal guy). When the clue said "Either one can explain", it was not referring to the ride experience (though it very may well still be), it was referring to the characteristics of the animal named after the type of ride that we will be getting. And thus, using this theory, we will be getting an RMC Raptor.
  16. The one thing that I like to here in little excerpt from Great Adventure is the word "unique" being used. Unless it was poor word choice, this gives me hope that our attraction won't just be another West Coast Racers or Maxx Force
  17. I really don’t like getting my hopes up for stuff like this knowing it’s Six Flags, but if I’m being honest anything less than one of these three manufacturers would be a major letdown for the Great Adventure community if they are teasing like this
  18. Yea. I’m pretty sure Great Adventure (hopefully) has learned their lesson from that experience. I don’t think they would get people’s hopes so high if they were gonna let everyone down again in the end. They can’t tease the top three manufacturers in the world and expect people to not be pissed if we don’t get a coaster from one of them
  19. I could probably name like 25+ different types of roller coasters that fit this exact description “tall, fast, steel”. RMC Raptor is not the only coaster that is tall, fast, and made of steel
  20. I thought the same way as you at first. But there are a couple things that make me think otherwise. First off, what are the two biggest pieces of speculation that are going around now. What’s going in, and what’s coming out. That is what Great Adventure is trying to do with this hint. They name the three manufacturers as part of what people think is coming in, and although water and kiddie ride is pretty general, it seems to be as though they are referring to Congo Rapids (water) and Loony Toons Seaport (kids area) as what is speculated to be being removed. Also, after the disaster that was El Diablo, I don’t think they could possibly think it would be a good idea to give the community false hope about what they will be getting, given they just names the three manufacturers that people would be most excited about
  21. Didn’t realize that before he replied, my B
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