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  1. Parks: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Small Flat Ride or improving kids area or adding more animal exhibits. Six Flags Magic Mountain: A worlds first or tallest flat ride where green lantern and the water ride is located. (Cant be sky screamer) Six Flags Mexico: The skyscraper added to St. Louis Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Waterpark expansion Six Flags Over Texas: ??? Six Flags St. Louis: Not a Raptor!!! Probably another flat ride or waterpark expansion. Six Flags Great America: Zamperila giga discovery Six Flags Over Georgia: 4-d free spin Six Flags Amer
  2. Six Flags New England Yesterday at 10:26 AM · Stay tuned for a MEGA announcement taking place one week from today This was on Six Flags New England Facebook page, I think the new addition would be near batman the dark night because there are markers near there and the style of this photo is superhero comic, and we already know it is going to be themed to Supergirl with the 252. What makes me think it is a coaster though, is why would they say a "MEGA" announcement if it i
  3. "New Attraction - Rumor - (8/13/19) Six Flags New England has posted what seems to be a teaser on the theater marquee in Rockville that says “252” on the top line and then “082919” on the second line, which is the date for the chain-wide 2020 announcements. So the question is… what exactly are they hinting at with 252? Height for the new attraction perhaps? I’m thinking that is too easy a hint, and the park already has a set of S&S towers and a Sky Screamer. Maybe it could represent something else entirely. Anyone else have any ideas?" This was on screamscape. I think the 252 is height for
  4. One reason that Six Flags New England would probably get a coaster is because they are announcing on the 28th of august for there 2020 new attraction. When they announce a ride early, it probably is a coaster. For example Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth came out a couple days early. I think it would go next to or in the turn around on Superman the Ride, and next to the lift hill on Batman: The Dark Knight. I know that the place near Batman is a little smaller, but that is where the launch track and the return track could be, while all the elements could be near the turn around on Superman: The Ri
  5. I know one that would fit the crazy definition, Houdini’s great escape is only at great adventure and New England. The only problem is no one has been purchasing them lately so I don’t know if they still make it. Also it wouldn’t fit the speed category
  6. Remember though, most or all of these could be trying to throw us off. Just because Fiesta Texas needs more room doesn't mean they will be replacing the attractions you said. So some of these clues could be invalid. I think Fiesta Texas would get D.C super friends and Bugs Bunny Boom Town replacing Kidopolis and (since they don't have another kids area) adding a kids area behind Poltergeist. I know that area is small because Fiesta Texas is landlocked, and I seen smaller kids areas. Fiesta Texas has been adding thrill rides for the past 6 years. In 2016 they added 2 family rides though, but 2
  7. So if we confirm that SFOT is getting a Mack Power Splash, then how many coasters do you guys think SF will be adding in 2020 I think 3-5 (Counting Kids Coasters)
  8. I think Magic Mountain should focus on flat rides because there collection isn't so great. I could see them adding a 400+ sky screamer, or even a flat ride package, with the Zamperla Endeavor like Supergirl at SF St. Louis. The Chance freestyle like Cyborg: Hyper Drive and Pandemonium(at the great escape). Maybe they would finally get a Larson Loop too! Also, the last time they added something to the kids area was 2014 and it was a new coaster! So, I could see them adding a smaller kids expansion, like flying scooters. All I'm saying is that I dont think magic Mountain is getting a coast
  9. Maybe they will finally replace the Ragin Cajun station
  10. Still, it makes sense because there getting Maxx Force this year. Also, the kids area looks outdated.
  11. Also, Six flags St. Louis has been getting bad rides ever since American Thunder in 2008. After that there only new coaster was a used boomerang. So, why would Six Flags suddenly give St. Louis a expensive coaster. https://rcdb.com/4536.htm
  12. Six flags Over Texas and New Englands both last coaster was the Joker, an S&S freespin in 2017. Also, we are about equal in terms of how good the park is. Also, Over Texas, Starting at 2001, always gets a coaster every couple of years, but also, every 10 years they get a new coaster. (I hope that made sense) https://rcdb.com/4531.htm
  13. Why would Over Texas get a new coaster and New England doesn't. Also, I don't think six flags would put all that revenue in St.louis because its one of the worst parks
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