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  1. I’m going on Sunday does anyone now how much a one day maze pass is for a season pass holder?
  2. They didn’t give Kingda Ka a new paint job when they added Zumanjaro. They didn’t give Batman a repaint when it was right across from Wonder Woman.
  3. For the first time in what seems like a million years Great Adventure has listened to their fans. I bet you Six Flags Fun is crying tears of joy. Even though he sometimes could get carried away and say we are getting something with no evidence. Well today is his lucky day because as of now his dream ride may be coming to our park. Merry early Christmas Six Flags Fun hope this was everything you asked for!
  4. I know things may slip but I don’t think they would let anything major slide. I think the name could have been told around or the height but nothing major.
  5. I think only the executive employees in the marketing departments and other high up positions know what is coming. Their is no doubt about it. I do believe they do have to sign non-disclosure agreements. I really don’t think someone would risk their job to tell someone who works as a cashier or ride operator what is coming.
  6. I just hope whatever the park decides to add it isn’t a clone of a ride at another park.
  7. Thanks! I tried being as creative as possible. However I don’t believe if the state wouldn’t allow a ride to go under Toro they wouldn’t allow something under Congo River Rapids. I do think their could be an exception to steel rides because the rides at the American Dream. ( This might be because the state may view a wooden coaster as less stable, I don’t know I am just guessing). I do hope Congo does receive some love being that parks are starting to take their rapids rides very seriously (Infinity Falls and Calico River Rapids). Both rides have opened in the past year and have shown immersion and rapid rides are very popular. And may I add both rides have very long lines on normal days. Theming can be an inexpensive way to make guests want to ride a ride that was previously not as popular. It’s also an easy way to advertise the park instead of the same commercial where they lie about going higher on Kingda Ka, faster on Nitro, etc. They can finally tell the truth and say ride the new coaster, get wetter on the newly improved Congo River Rapids, and ride other favorites like El Toro, Kingda Ka, and Safari Off Road Adventure. They could close it out by saying their is so much new and improved things at Six Flags Great Adventure the question is why are waiting to come?! ( Then a season pass deal closes the commercial well). I took marketing and business classes so I know what I am talking about Hopefully if the park reads the forum they see this and get an idea for not only Congo River Rapids improvements but also a new way to advertise the park.
  8. I think if we get a coaster in the Seaport Congo area I think it would be the perfect time to give Congo the TLC it deserves. Congo deserves some new theming and rock work. It would be great to have the waterfalls working again with some new elements like tribe heads that shoot water out randomly. It would be great to have some interaction with the new coaster maybe like a dive under Congo and on to the island in the middle of Congo ( I don’t know how possible this is but it seems cool). I would want the park to add bamboo around the ride if it does go on the island to make it seem mysterious. I want Congo to have a stronger theme with more presence then what is currently their. Great Adventure has the perfect opportunity to bring new life into an older ride.
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