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  1. ka is opening in a few days i was told and should be testing again tomorrow. storm runner i believe is closed because of the lawsuit and it does seem odd for the rest of the launching coasters. maybe all the parks weren’t ready to open in time and the rides that need extra maintenance aren’t done yet.
  2. Heard a rumor that Kingda Ka was opening on the week of the 20th. Not sure if this is true. Anyone know anything about it?
  3. I know someone asked about what songs were played in the queue and station for kingda ka and after a long search for the final song, I found it! Here is the Kingda Ka soundtrack! 1. "Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)" Safri Duo 2. "Snakefood" Safri Duo 3. "Samb-Adagio" Safri Duo 4. "Everything" Safri Duo 5. "Crazy Benny" Safri Duo 6. "Baya Baya" Safri Duo 7. "Rising Up (Club Mix)" DJ Quicksilver 8. "Do U Feel" Dre Stortion
  4. Bourbon street fireball sounds nice and is not expected from six flags parks I feel. Usually they just all have the same name so something fresh sounds nice!
  5. I’ve had really bizarre dreams of Kingda Ka with a lot of them involving be falling from it idk why lol
  6. Fair point. I thought about that too lol. Why the need to clarify it’s outside makes no sense but idk
  7. Any song from safri duo episode II reminds me of Ka.
  8. corey

    Happy b-day!

  9. A suspended looping coaster that is outside? Lol Maybe the term, inverted coaster was too complex for people to understand.
  10. As cool as it sounds, six flags would never make an investment at least as of now that big. Especially since green lantern was just added back in 2011. But I agree, if one ride needed to be replaced it would be Green Lantern.
  11. Yeah Green Lantern and DOD do the same. I wish they would improve all lines. Especially four seater rides like bizarro, nitro, Superman, etc. I doubt they ever will though.
  12. Sheesh rough day at the park? Lol
  13. Last Saturday, some guy on bizarro claimed his restraint came loose and was yelling at the ride ops to get fired. Everyone cheered when he was escorted out but the train he was on was sent empty for a while.
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