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  1. You can get a 2 hour locker right by the rides for $1. Assuming you have a way to secure your belongings for the other rides this is definitely the best option: rent a 2 hour locker, if the line permits ride multiple times and get your fill of that ride in the 2 hours, then move on. There is the $8 moveable locker option where you get the locker for all day and can disable your locker and one ride and then get it again at another ride, but it’s usually cheaper just to do $1 lockers for whatever you want. Based on this cash for lockers is just a few dollars, ones are definitely best but I think it will also takes fives. It definitely will not take anything above fives
  2. Specific days throughout the year at both hurricane harbor and great adventure hey have member events where members get free food, ERT, and 1 free pin for each event. The dates for the events are here, closer to each event they update it with a detailed schedule. 3 events (opening, Wonder Woman, and bizarro) are already passed so you can’t get those pins, but if you go the rest of he dates you can get the rest of this pins for free. I’m 90% sure the dates are in the correct order of the pins, but don’t quote me on that Heres the link to the information about the pins: https://m.sixflags.com/greatadventure/special-events/member-collection-pins
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