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  1. Ahh makes sense. I guess that’s where the name Rotting Lumber came from. It’s sad that it wasn't maintained properly. Theres a lot of wooden coasters significantly older than RT that are still running. I just hope the park learned a lesson and gives El Toro the extra attention it deserves.
  2. This isn’t really an idea for the park since it’s now impossible but after seeing RMC transform rides like Mean Streak/Gwazi/TC into these insane new hybrid coasters and reading the reviews of how amazing these rides are, it makes me question why Six Flags never thought about giving Rolling Thunder the RMC treatment. The excuse for RT being removed in the first place was for Zumanjaro’s queue (which still seems like BS to me). There was so much potential for greatness with the length of track and space RT had. Was it out of the budget at the time? or maybe the structure couldn’t handle a refurbishment? What do you guys think?
  3. While we’re on the topic of lighting, the park should look into getting spotlights on Kingda Ka’s tower. I know some enthusiasts enjoy pitch black night rides but I think it would look really good from all over the park/parking lot, especially with Zumanjaro on the tower.
  4. After a recent visit for the first time in years, it was great to see crowds are now disbursed evenly throughout the park, instead of the major coasters having 2+ hour waits all day. My longest wait wasn’t even a coaster!
  5. This coaster is so aesthetically pleasing. The lift/drop shape reminds me of Millennium Force. If lighting does get added I hope it’s just flood lights on the lift and the rest of the ride pitch black.
  6. How can you be disappointed by this?? Even without the official stats this thing looks intense. El Toro’s airtime will definitely have competition in 2020.
  7. And the rumors of Congo being used (if it is removed) The trenches could be used for subterranean maneuvers on the new coaster similar to Cheetah Hunt.
  8. Slither or Soar Airtime or Low to ground laterals transitions?? They are doing an amazing job at marketing this new attraction whatever it is. I hope it lives up to the hype.
  9. I know this massive GCI model has already been mentioned in this thread as a pipe dream but with the “Duality” dueling clue and now the possible Congo removal, it’s a possibility. A wooden coaster on both sides of the park would be nice but then again Lightning Racer is similar and only 2 hours away.
  10. I was thinking the red flame/smoke background could be hinting at something too but I thought that was reading too far into it. Maybe...
  11. This is looking like a winner but I’m afraid to get my hopes up just yet... Whatever the attraction, this location looks promising. Right next to the lake and in the forest. I just hope they work around the trees and don’t cut them down.
  12. Probably. If there was a trademark filed I’m sure we would know about it by now. The coaster community wouldn’t let that slip under the radar lol
  13. Please no Goliath at our park. That name is so overused but I wouldn’t mind Medusa being used again. That was one of the best coaster names ever for GAdv. I feel like the marketing team doesn’t even try at this point. I mean, why would they? With an IP like DC, they probably figure what’s the point in coming up with something creative when the IP sells itself. My my vote is still for a Jersey Devil attraction at the park. What better way to capitalize on Jersey “culture”.
  14. Jersey Devil was the first thing that came to mind when I heard “legendary” and “monstrous.” I’m not taking the world record thing too seriously because everything’s a world record to Six Flags.
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