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  1. Out of all of these, I think the most cost effective one is probably the 100x2 configuration. This setup would only require one roof structure and would also require two kiosks instead of the four needed for both 50x4 configurations. Let me know if there are any other locker configurations you think are possible for a 200-locker setup.
  2. Here is the final schematic I made for a potential dual 50x4 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  3. Here is another schematic I made for a potential double 50x4 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  4. Here is a schematic I made for a potential 100x2 standard locker setup for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. NOTE: Not an official document. Schematic by XENITH.WAV, 2021.
  5. We can expect about 200 lockers for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. This keeps up with several other rides at the park like Cyborg, El Toro, and Kingda Ka that all have 200 lockers as well. Depending on where the lockers are located in the ride plaza, we may see 2 sets of 100 lockers or 1 set of all 200 lockers. To read more about the lockers in specific, check out the PDF below from GoPod, the company that manufacturers the Six Flags lockers. With 200 total lockers and the standard configuration consisting of 5 tiers and 2 rows (10 lockers total), we will see a front and back row with 100 lockers each
  6. Yes, the park has previously provided photos of the coaster's trains. At the moment, we do not know the full configuration of the train. Due to the nature of the harnesses, I would assume that they would be able to accommodate larger riders similarly to Bizarro and other coasters at the park. Hopefully this harness system isn't as strict as rides like El Toro that are a bit less forgiving to larger guests, but we will have to wait and see.
  7. I threw together a little diagram of JDC' station based on the information given in the last update. The color palette is rather interesting but from what I can see, we will have rust red/brown stairs and exit ramp, a silver steel skeleton structure for the station, and what I think is a brown corrugated iron roof. With this week's update, I am sure that we will learn more about what the station looks like and I will update this diagram if needed. Otherwise, below are two diagrams of the station: one with the iron roof and one without the iron roof.
  8. And once again I stand corrected Full analysis of today's update coming soon.
  9. Happy almost-Friday! Normally, we would be expecting a new JDC update tomorrow. However, with the nor'easter that plowed through the east coast this week, I am starting to doubt that much work was done on site, if any at all. At the bare minimum crews may have worked some on Monday, but that is probably all. Likewise, a high chance of rain is predicted in tomorrow's forecast, so any work tomorrow is unlikely as well due to unfavorable weather conditions. The park may provide us with a small update tomorrow on some progress early in the week, but with ground-work as the main focus and inches of
  11. Here is a lift diagram I made for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. **NOT OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. SCHEMATICS BY XENITH.WAV, 2021 This diagram simulates the appearance of the lift hill with the full assembly installed. This diagram depicts the chain system in further detail. Note the direction of travel. The set-up for the lift motor/gear box is similar to that of Steel Vengeance. The main differences between the two are that (1) JDC's lift motor will most likely be at the base of the lift while Steel Vengeance's is at the top of the lift and (2) JDC'
  12. Unfortunately yeah, probably an additional day or two on top of not working today. On the brighter side of things, crews are probably getting a nice little break after working so hard this past month to finish trackwork!
  13. I saw them use the markers sometimes when I went last year, but it wasn't much at all. I am not sure why this is; could be staffing related or that staging area feeling a bit overcrowded, but hopefully they can use them more with JDC because that would make operations much more efficient. JDC also depends more on efficient operations compared to Wonder Woman due to the continuous loading as well, so we'll just have to see how it all pans out.
  14. Possibly. They may stick with the station setup that was planned for pre-COVID operations but not utilize the grouping area/guest staging markers on the ground (similar to what Wonder Woman did this year) and simply let people into the pre-load area from the stairs of the queue/flash pass line. Instead of grouping two trains at once they may also group one train at a time to maximize social distancing in the station.
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