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  1. Camel-backing into Koala Canyon! Here's the site map for March 30th and the final one for the month of March. Ready to spring into April!
  2. LOTS of maps coming out today and through this next week. Here's the site map for 3/27 with tons of new track on the raven dive!
  3. Raven-tracked PARTY MONSTER! This one took a little bit longer than I had liked but a little more time on the map doesn’t hurt, especially with nothing much else to do The raven dive is nearly complete as crews are absolutely HAULING on the construction site! At the north end, crews have begun the pull out of the insane raven dive element and have begun staging more track for future uses. At the south end, we have tons of electrical work occurring for the ride's control unit and vertical progress on the maintenance/storage shed. In the middle of the layout, there are still three missing columns mysteriously removed and nowhere to be found, which is still heavily suspicious. Anyway, progress is greatly advancing as we are all heavily anticipating the next moves on this groundbreaking new attraction! Thanks and have a good night (or morning, technically)!
  4. Here’s some cool pics I grabbed today: This is the desolate road to the park on what would’ve been a busy opening weekend. Absolutely surreal seeing this road and the entrance to the park gated off and completely deserted. A great overview of the coaster progress so far. The track stands out like crazy from afar and the orange is such a great contrast to the other rides near it like Nitro, Batman, and Joker. Here’s where crews have stopped as of today. From about column 12 up to column 52 has been completely tracked, which includes the valley of the first drop, raven dive, camelback, stall, and entrance to the crows nest. Through the trees here you can see the entrance leading into the crows nest out of the stall. This was a very pleasant surprise from my trip, as I was not expecting crews to have this much of the ride done! Here’s one last look at the whole ride from afar in some absolutely breathtaking lighting from the sky. Can’t wait to see progress on the coaster in the coming weeks as crews wrap up track work and testing can hopefully begin soon!
  5. Some construction projects are considered essential, since some structures cannot be left standing alone without the proper support (like the angled A-frame support for the raven dive that desperately needed track). Hopefully they keep going!
  6. Thanks @coliwood_studios and Mid Atlantic Coasters for the update!
  7. The pad is most likely the power grid for the ride. That little outlet off of the side of the storage building will be the ride’s control room, which leads to the power grid. The gravel access road might stay as a new storage/access route to the ride, but it very well could be removed once construction is complete.
  8. Those will be staying. As you can see in the recent drone update the path in front of them was removed, so they will have a new entrance portal and I'm sure the interior/exterior will both be remodeled to look like the rest of the bathroom updates in the park (Metropolis, Big Wheel, etc.)
  9. We've also got a drone update for today! **Notice the two vacant caps under the valley of the airtime hill that had their columns mysteriously removed
  10. Progress is absolutely MOVING! Thanks to Coaster Crew for the photos.
  11. Finally, after too many days, the 3/21 map is complete. This is the last site map ever without track on it, so this was very nostalgic and sentimental to create this map knowing it would be the last one before we channeled orange. There may have been a few minor things I missed from the video (very minor, probably even insignificant things) but I'm just so tired of this map right now and I wanted to get it out before the end of the day today. You all know the deal by now: bunch of new columns, exit ramp things are poured, maintenance shed foundations started, three columns Bermuda triangled, and crews began doing their final touches to prepare for track. I also fixed some coloring and texture things in the surrounding area around the ride, such as the hideous maroon paths pretty much all over Safari Kids. I can't tell you how much I want to put track on this map right now, it's been so long. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, the map is posted below as per usual. Enjoy.
  12. I am currently working on the 3/21 map, I will post the 3/20 map below but... I don't know if I'm going crazy but two columns on the coaster have disappeared according to this drone update. Two of the support columns leading out of the camelback airtime hill have been removed...I even went back to prior videos to see if they had even gone in in the first place. The two columns were installed, and are now mysteriously removed. In the 3/21 source video from TheCoasterSpot, the only other columns left on site belong to the crows nest. Those two columns have not only disappeared from their pier caps but they are gone from the site completely...who can solve this mystery? Edit: I just noticed another column that has been removed; one of the columns leading out of the first drop. I feel like I'm going insane.
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