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  1. Well everyone, Saturday will be the ultimate moment of truth to answer the question of whether construction on JDC has resumed coming off of Labor Day weekend. What's everyone thinking? If you don't think work has started yet, when do you think it will resume again?
  2. It's official! It has been ONE YEAR since JERSEY DEVIL COASTER leaked via NJ.com. All of those months of teasing and anticipation finally led to an answer with this twisted scream machine of a coaster. It has been an incredible journey over the last 1+ years now keeping tabs on all of the teasers and markings showing up around the park, which leads us to today where the coaster's structure is over 50% complete and the coaster should be ready to open next year! What do you think the best element on the coaster will be?
  3. They could probably maneuver a family invert of sorts throughout Safari Kids, something rather basic like Freedom Flyer would be cool. If they don’t go the inverted route, I could see something like a Runaway Tram in this area. They could probably fit a ride like Runaway Tram mostly in the Safari Tours plot no problem. Road Runner Railway remains in storage at the park, so it is likely not being relocated to another park. If I had to guess though, it will be relocated to Bugs Bunny National Park rather than Safari Kids. This way, they can open up more space for the kids area revamp i
  4. Normally around this time of year, we would all be speculating about what Six Flags will be adding for the 2021 season. However, that is obviously not the case this year, but instead I wanted to speculate about something else related to the technical 2021 new attraction at the park, JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. @EasternThrills and I have been speculating for a while that construction on the new coaster would start up again around Labor Day, which would be the following weekend after this upcoming one. However, there remains minimal construction equipment on site aside from some boom-lifts and miscell
  5. I was able to visit the park today, and there are a few things I wanted to note with my visit that I found interesting: THE JOKER, for some reason, was not listed on the attraction accessibility pass. We went to Guest Relations and they said that the ride’s slot does not print, so they hand wrote it in pen for us. We returned to the ride and were able to get on with the pen slot done by Guest Relations. Just a heads up for anyone with an accessibility pass to check the ride slots inside the pass and make sure that everything is there. Along with this small trip-up with the pass,
  6. Currently at the park! There are multiple signs posted alerting guests that Jersey Devil Coaster will debut in 2021 due to the current pandemic. Signs are posted at the following locations (from what I saw): On the Six Flags logo planter at the temperature screening switchbacks Outside of the Johnny Rockets next to the fountain On the fence of the smoking area next to Congo Rapids and Nitro On the fence next to Taz Tornado
  7. Here is the map for 4/14, I made it a mission not to go to bed before this was finished. It's late, here it is:
  8. There was a forest fire about 190 acres in size in the Pine Barrens today. Luckily, no structures were threatened by the fire. You can read more about it here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.app.com/amp/5409498002 Some views of the blaze from the Great Adventure parking lot:
  9. So I was working on the next JDC 8mm project and I made a "happy accident," in the words of Mr. Bob Ross. I ended up making a pretty eerie edit of JERSEY DEVIL COASTER at night. It kind of looks like an album cover if you ask me. **Turn your computer or phone brightness all the way up for the best quality**
  10. Since JERSEY DEVIL COASTER will debut in 2021, what if the park did a first-rider auction ride event like Kings Island did with Orion. For every person who raises a certain amount of money ($150 or so) for a given COVID-19 relief fund, they will be granted early access to ride JERSEY DEVIL COASTER before the rest of the general public. Not only would this allow eager riders to get on the coaster before the masses, but the park would also raise money for a great cause. The park could hold the media day, then the fundraiser event, then the membership and pass holder previews, and then the public
  11. In the mean time, here are the other photos I took of the coaster today that I edited regularly. I will likely be using one or two of these photos with the 8mm filter, but it won't be all of them.
  12. I took my first visit of the season to the park today and got some really nice photos of JDC! The ride is absolutely massive in real life and can be seen from many different locations throughout the park, and there are lots of cool vista points that I didn't expect to have of the ride. I am planning on editing some of the photos I took to make them look like old 8mm film photos, so here is the first of a couple that I plan on doing. Here is the first photo of JDC in an alternate universe (we'll call it 1981, 40 years prior to the coaster's actual opening year).
  13. Probably world's tallest and fastest too.. if MM has to increase the height to get it through the extended layout with enough speed JDC might not have its records for too long.
  14. Sad to see but yes, very understandable. Sounds so weird putting 2021 and JDC in the same sentence.
  15. MAP UPDATE: It has obviously been a while since progress has been made on the new coaster, but I wanted to update you all on a few things. First, I haven't put out a map in a while and I aim to finish up my final remaining map since construction has been halted. I am currently working on the site map for April 14, 2020, and that is unfortunately the final map until construction resumes. I will review the June construction update and keep a close eye on any noticeable changes, but I can't guarantee I will find anything of value. Other than 4/14 which I aim to complete soon, no other maps will b
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