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  1. LINKIN' LOOSE ENDS! As we near closer to the end of the month, both ends of the ride are inching closer and closer to each other as crews begin putting the finishing touches on both sides. Over at the north end, the previously molded footings have been stripped and capped off with many new column additions, as the south end prepares even more pier caps and one especially tall, 9 foot form for the pier cap that will support the iconic crows nest turnaround. As the month nears an end, expect crews to connect both ends of the site and several more columns to arrive in the third shipment! See you again for next week's update!
  2. PIER CAP PARADISE! Crews have been extremely hard at work to finish up the minimal molds left and subsequently prepare the pier caps for columns very soon! Nearly the entire set of lift hill molds are in place, as well as the camelback airtime hill! The only molds left to finish connecting both ends include a couple more for the lift hill, the exit valley of the zero g roll, and the exit valley of the camelback hill! I would estimate about 10-15 molds are left to complete, which is extremely welcoming news.
  3. NEW MAP Just a little something to tide you all over until next weekend when I get around to finishing the 1/17 map... enjoy!
  4. VERTICAL ON THE HORIZON! With around a whopping several more pier caps in place and the first steel shipments arriving, vertical construction is bound to begin IN THE COMING WEEKS! Work is continuing on the front and back halves of the ride as crews begin "connecting" the two ends of the ride with foundations for the lift and drop, airtime finale, and two valleys (valley between the airtime hill and stall, as well as the valley between the zero g roll and the midcourse brake run)! To celebrate the arrival of the first supports, we will be releasing a very special map next update... stay tuned
  5. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS The largest map update thus far of 2020 is a MAJOR step-up from the previous map. With around a whopping 25 PIER CAPS now in place, vertical construction is eminent within the coming month. Nearly the entire back half of the ride has been capped as work continues on the return trip from the crow's nest turnaround into the ride's final inversion and midcourse brake run! Make sure to check out @EasternThrills JERSEY DEVIL COASTER update dropping later tonight on his Instagram page @insidegadv Enjoy!
  6. 25 FOR 20! The first map of 2020, January 1st, is the 25th map to our series and I'd like to celebrate with a special announcement! @EasternThrills and I will be attending the JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction tour at ACE's Winter Adventure this year! It will be super cool to see the site up close and get some more details on what is to come! The park today also posted their first "Behind the Adventure" Episode for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER today and it looks absolutely brilliant! They also hinted at the arrival of the track and supports soon
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I just got around to finishing the final 2019 JERSEY DEVIL COASTER map, completing the collection of the whopping 24 MAPS that were pushed out last year from November 4th all the way until December 28th. Since today is the park's last day of operations, the park will be providing us with weekly construction updates via their social media pages. Therefore, maps will switch to a more weekly schedule and will not be as frequent as before. Nonetheless, these next few months are going to be an exciting bunch with vertical construction beginning in the near future! I have created a folder of every map created to date. If you would like to view it, I have provided the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OtyBIBPOceT7lC6iR2-rg9hVEk9ke2aM?usp=sharing
  8. SLOWLY CREEPING UP! Here is the map for December 27th! We have a myriad of new molds in for the zero-g stall, exit of the "crows nest" turnaround, and bunny hops leading into the brake run!
  9. HAVE A DEVILISH NEW YEAR! To celebrate the upcoming 2020, I am releasing a super-package of site maps today, which includes a whopping 4 COMPLETED MAPS! Below I have attached the maps for December 15th, December 19th, December 22nd, and December 24th! Most excitingly, we have our first pier caps in before the new year! Today I will be working on the maps for December 27th and December 28th, and come January of 2020 I will aim to finish the map for December 31st. Happy Holidays everyone! In addition to the maps, I was able to locate the firm that is supplying the park with many of their construction materials, including the forms for pouring the pier caps. You can read more on their website: https://surebuilt-usa.com/ For more on the concrete forms: https://surebuilt-usa.com/products/sureply-forming/ I was also able to find the form dealer, which is located on New Durham Road in Edison, New Jersey; the firm is known as Gamka.
  10. FROM THE SIX After six days of modification, the updating of the December 14th map took longer than any other update thus far! The molds for the transfer track have been fully poured, while molds for the storage bays were constructed behind them. Several new excavations have appeared as well, including some for the end of the brake run and zero g stall!
  11. I apologize for the lack of maps recently! Along with the most recent update with a planned launch tomorrow (December 14th), I've actually had to rearrange and shift the entire surrounding area of the site due to a fairly substantial yet fluent inaccuracy. After tomorrow's December 14th map, we have over SIX ADDITIONAL maps dated before the end of the year! (12/15, 12/19, 12/21, 12/24, 12/27, 12/28). See you tomorrow for the map launch!
  12. RODEO STAMPEDE, Mack Rides PowerSplash (AQUAMAN: PowerWave clone), new for 2024 as apart of GADV’s 50th anniversary and a revitalization of Frontier Adventures; the ride goes in the former site of the Saw Mill Log Flume and Best of the West. Find me when it happens.
  13. THE MELTING POINT Our December 12th map has officially become the single largest update in JERSEY DEVIL COASTER map history! From new footing molds to several identified columns and stakes, construction has shifted into fourth gear as the crew prepares to begin constructing the final molds in the coming weeks!
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