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  1. WE’VE GOT FOOTINGS! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER has its first footings poured in the back half of the ride as work is swiftly moving along around the station and transfer track area! I would expect the majority, if not all, of the footings to be poured before the end of the year!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! That aerial shot of the molds is very helpful! I also wasn't sure what the shipment of bricks was for, as it seemed way too early in the construction phase to start doing any brick-pavers for the new pathways and the shipment was on the smaller side... now looking at it, they were used to weigh down the plastic film for the molds, as they are placed around the inner ring of each mold. Very cool stuff!
  3. The last of the 11 November maps is here after a fairly long delay! By far the most challenging map to date, and this one is anything but a small change: (Map updated as of November 28, 2019)
  4. Still trying to update the map and I am having a very challenging time figuring out how many storage bays there are. While the animation has four, there might actually be three. So for now, I'm going to let this one float until they set in the rebar cages for those molds.
  5. A little fun fact I just discovered! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER is rotated approximately 7.5 degrees from grid east-west of the construction site, from my observation. Meaning that in regards to the site itself, the ride does not run at a straight 180 degrees along the site's horizontal x-axis, rather it runs about 7.5 degrees on a negative slope that is not parallel with grid east-west, assuming the site is a regular grid that is parallel with the Earth's longitude and latitude lines.
  6. My pleasure. It is an honor to hear that from you; thank you so much for acknowledging my work!
  7. MAP UPDATED AS OF NOVEMBER 27, 2019: Updating this map was challenging yet rewarding. Not only do we have several footers poured and even more forms in WITH REBAR, but the most significant discovery of this map was finding out exact footers of the ride and which sections of the ride those footers belonged too. I will explain this more below but we were finally able to pinpoint the location of: The bottom of the first drop The entrance and exit of the raven inversion The overbank following the midcourse The drop off of the midcourse The first off-axis airtime hill AND MUCH MORE! In total, we were able to pinpoint the location of about a whopping 21 ride footers and where on the coaster they were located. Below, I have color-coded each of the cages we currently have and indicated where they line up with the animation (I didn't think they would, but the footers in the animation line up perfectly with real construction). You can find these footers in the top left corner of the map over near Congo Rapids. On the map, I have dashed the color of the corresponding footer above, below, or next to a black box, which represents one above ground footer location. On the animation still picture, I have marked the corresponding footer in the respective color. NOTE: Used colors ONLY APPLY TO THEIR RESPECTIVE IMAGE. COLORS MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE BUT DO NOT INDICATE THE SAME FOOTER. Thank you and enjoy!
  8. Monumental news.... @EasternThrillsand I have pinpointed the EXACT footers being poured from the animation video. This clears the air on a lot of things for us. More to come on this very soon!
  9. OVERLOAD! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER has its first rebar cages set in place and we can now clearly make out the future site of the raven inversion and over banked turnaround! (Map updated as of November 26, 2019).
  10. HE'S HEATING UP! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction is swiftly moving along with TONS of new stakes on site and several more forms excavated! (Map updated as of November 24, 2019).
  11. That's crazy! So cool that they were able to unearth this piece of Great Adventure history!
  12. #JerseyDevil Coaster construction update 11/26/19 Excavation is moving quickly and we’re getting ready to start pouring concrete footers very soon! Unearthed some remnants from Adventure Rivers and Koala Canyon. (Source: SFGADV Twitter)
  13. Currently at the park...there’s some very exciting new stuff on site! Stay tuned for more
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