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  1. Some interesting news out of West Coast Customs... Around the beginning of July, @fake_coaster_news on Instagram posted a fake headline on his page with a caption that read, "Breaking: Six Flags Great Adventure announces the removal of The Joker for the 2020 season. A reliable source told me that this is in regard to the creation of a West Coast Racers style ride that will incorporate the lake. The queue will be where The Joker ride is. Tell me your thoughts." West Coast Customs themselves commented on the post not once, but twice! The first comment was the emoji, to which @fake_coaster_news replied, "watchu mean???" They responded with "just wait on it" That suspicious comment takes us to today, where I took it upon myself to message West Coast Customs on Instagram. I messaged them with, "Are you guys working with Six Flags for any 2020 additions? Huge fan of you guys!" at 5 PM today, August 1st. They replied with, "The ride should be up in November" around 8:35 PM today, August 1st. Very suspicious stuff from West Coast Customs, considering West Coast Racers has not finished construction yet. Guys, what are we thinking about this? Screenshots posted below:
  2. Doubt anything will go there anytime soon. The trucks were most likely for maintenance. That is one of the main access roads at Great Adventure, I don't see them removing it or building a large scale ride there. Besides, NJ state law supposedly forbids anything (a ride) from going under El Toro's structure; if this is true, a coaster that goes under El Toro is out of the question for the time being.
  3. Agreed. I'm thinking a custom Raptor with a longer layout than the rest, probably 2,250-2,750 feet (the current ones are 1,800). Maybe with an MCBR so that it can run four trains to accommodate for the larger attendance at Great Adventure.
  4. Also found some information on Killer Croc, another DC character https://www.dccomics.com/characters/killer-croc "In life, you always want to put your best face forward. But what if that face is scaly, reptilian and likely to frighten anyone who sees it? From an early age, Waylon Jones has been burdened with that very question. Diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that causes his skin to appear scaled and his body to grow claws, razor-sharp teeth and other features similar to a crocodile’s, the challenged young man went through life bullied by other kids and raised by an abusive and uncaring aunt. As he grew older, Waylon became bitter, developing into a violent and malevolent criminal and adopting a fearful name that matched his frightening appearance—Killer Croc. Waylon managed to engineer a career path that took him from sideshow wrestler to a formidable criminal figure in the Gotham City underworld, often finding himself at violent odds with Batman. And yet, perhaps because of his childhood, Waylon has a soft spot for abandoned and neglected children. He shelters many within his territory in the sewers of Gotham, something that has not gone unnoticed by the Dark Knight, who has demonstrated a bit more leniency with Croc over the years than with most of Gotham’s rogues. Killer Croc possesses the traits of a crocodile in human form. His scaly skin is impenetrable and can deflect blows and bullets. His affliction affects his mind, too, meaning he’s sometimes driven by animal instinct that isn’t exactly rational. Super strength and endurance help him overpower his enemies, as does his sizable physique. And just forget about trying to beat him in a swimming match. Often, Croc's brutish behavior overrules sense, so if you do ever see him, we suggest backing away slowly and praying that he’s not hungry…" This could also pass as a potential theme for the coaster, as it, again, matches up with some of the description we were given. It also ties in very nicely to the area it is in, as this new coaster will most likely be located near/around Gotham City/DC Universe.
  5. I just found some details on DC's website...https://www.dccomics.com/characters/swamp-thing It breathes. It dreams. And, at night, beneath a low-hanging fog, it shambles through the shadows with its red eyes and funereal soul. The swamp has a spirit, and it walks on two legs. A monster that was once a man… Alec Holland was an idealistic scientist who was synthesizing a top-secret chemical in his hidden lab in the marshlands. But after a bomb in his office explodes, the young scientist is murdered. Or so it seems. Because rising in his place is the Swamp Thing, a creature made of vegetation that’s absorbed Alec Holland’s memories, personality—and grief. The monstrous Swamp Thing can control every iota of plant life on this planet, from the fungus on stale bread to forests of towering oaks. Superhumanly strong and grotesque, he can grow himself a full array of titanic bodies from even the tiniest sprout of green. A living embodiment of the power and terror in our environment, the Swamp Thing protects both humanity and the environment—usually from each other. Some words jump out there... "the legendary and monstrous details" Red eyes = red trains? Marshlands = Looney tunes seaport is near Switlik Lake, this coaster could interact with the water/go over Congo Rapids Monstrous literally matches up with the statement from the park Forests of towering oaks = the area where this coaster would go is semi-densely wooded with many trees around the proposed site. Superhumanly = monstrous, legendary This description screams Great Adventure, and a lot of details match up with what the park has given us...tall, steel, fast, runs on rails, record breaker, legendary, monstrous. Swamp Thing, Six Flags Great Adventure 2020 RMC Raptor Coaster.
  6. OK, so it was for 2020. That is so weird...then I guess it is a coaster.
  7. I have confirmation it is Thursday, August 29th.
  8. At this point, I am starting to think the whole "tall, steel and fast" clue was referring to Wonder Woman, as it fits the bill. Since we most likely aren't getting a coaster next year, there would be no reason for him to hint at a new coaster 3 years in advance. Especially with Six Flags, as they usually don't tease anytime before 2-3 months of announcements.
  9. That is a lot more likely. If Great Adventure were to get an RMC coaster, I think we are looking into the eyes of a custom Raptor/single rail coaster. RMC have also discussed a medium sized single rail coaster, between the size of a raptor and TREX, likely with two across. This would be a fair middle ground considering Great Adventure sees some of the greatest crowds in the Six Flags park network.
  10. Oh man, this whole debate for where this ride is going is so back and forth! I love it.
  11. The ones for Miami are definitely for Universal. Someone pointed out that the address that ordered the shipment is in Maryland. I think we can safely say now that this is for Busch Gardens. I’m officially concerned that Great Adventure will receive a new kids area for 2020. This was honestly my last hope that we were getting a coaster next year, and if it’s false, I think a kids area is in store for us next year.
  12. Exactly. And yes, all of the American Dream coasters are assembled; the two Intamin coasters are assembled (the half pipe coaster and Sandy’s Blasting Bronco).
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