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  1. iheartGA

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I noticed that during my last trip as well, RIP Panda Express 💔
  2. Even though I'm excited for this massive expansion, my heart aches about the entrance change. Walking through the current entrance brings so much nostalgia for me because of it's cute charm but I understand the need for this change. Despite feeling a little sad, it looks really cool and I seriously can't wait to ride the new coaster!
  3. iheartGA

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I have to say, it was very bizarre to see people waiting on line for slides while on my way into the park Sunday afternoon for Fright Fest 😆
  4. iheartGA

    GAdv Opening Weekend Photos

    These shots are absolutely amazing! What camera do you use?
  5. iheartGA

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Enterprise 2 (Spin Meister)?
  6. iheartGA

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

  7. iheartGA

    What are a few of your favorite things?

    one of my favorite things is when im riding Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train when it gets to the drop, the Buccaneer is timed just right and it looks like it is about to hit you.
  8. iheartGA

    Six Flags Stock

    Thanks so much!!! yay!!! im so happy now
  9. iheartGA

    Six Flags Stock

    so does this mean the park is not closing down? my mom's friend keeps telling her that it is closing down and now my mom won't buy a season pass. help
  10. iheartGA

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, i have been going to Great Adventure ever since i was little. My family gets passes every year. I love this site and i love reading the history of Great Adventure and i enjoy reading the forums!
  11. iheartGA

    2009 Opening Day April 4th

    same here.
  12. iheartGA

    New Royal Caribbean cruise ship will include Rides

    Now that is cool!!!!!
  13. iheartGA

    Six Flags' In-Park Television Network

    You know what else sucks? when i go on nitro and i'm wearing flip flops they tell you to sit on them insted of putting them on the side like medusa. (i know it's a bad idea to were flip flops if i know i'm going on floorless coaster but my family goes on hot days .)
  14. iheartGA

    Six Flags' In-Park Television Network

    My mom wears glasses. she wears cargos and keeps her glasses in a pocket.