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  1. I really think that pale orange is going to be the color scheme of the track. It’s the same color as the letters that are highlighted in each clue.
  2. Are there any leads on who the manufacturer is? I thought workers from RMC typically come to survey the park when they are doing a project. We haven’t seen that (yet at least), Maser Consulting appears to be responsible for assembling the ride.
  3. The theme and teasers remind me of Wendigo, the man-eating spirit native to the Atlantic coast. As from Wikipedia, “Although descriptions can vary somewhat, common to all these cultures is the view that the wendigo is a malevolent, cannibalistic, supernatural being.” This makes me think it could be related to the theme, even the grouping on Wikipedia is “legendary creature”.
  4. I would love that theme! However, Cerberus is more of a guard than a “villain who stalks at night”, though. He stops the dead from leaving the Underworld. Definitely “legendary and monstrous”, though.
  5. Something is off about assuming it will be “RMC”, especially considering they highlighted multiple letters in the clue and not just one. Plus, there are 6 clues that will likely highlight an individual letter each. The anagram is either the attraction’s title, or something related to the ride’s theme. TEOTWAWKI for Kings Island teaser was a clever nod to the theme.
  6. I feel there is limited information on Raptors, since there are only two operating. But since the 110 foot clones are 1,800 feet long, and if the new Raptor is 200 feet tall, I’d expect around double the length of the original Raptor clone(s), at least. Therefore, I would say between 3,600 to 4,000 feet.
  7. It looks just like the wide-spined track of Steel Curtain. There’s a possibility that track is for Great Adventure’s 2020 project?
  8. Another possibility that came to mind is the 2020 addition being a large S&S looping coaster, similar to Steel Curtain. It’s hard to find details about the price of Steel Curtain, but I think it could be possible since Six Flags worked with S&S very recently.
  9. Does anyone remember the trademark filed by Six Flags for “Curse of Ra”? I know it was said to be for a haunted attraction, but it sounded unique and original enough to be the name of a thrill attraction. Also, I am wondering if this really is an RMC project. I would like for there to be one at Great Adventure, but any major coaster at this point would be exciting and fresh. If it is an Intamin (probably little to no chance of it), I’d say that’s even better than an RMC!
  10. I am still super surprised that Six Flags is putting out a unique, thought-out theme for this attraction. It’s very exciting, based on these teasers.
  11. There are only 6 clues. I don’t think the anagram will be very long, let alone multiple words.
  12. There are 6 clues, so it’s more than just 3 letters. I think it’s likely to be an anagram for the attraction’s title that we must figure out.
  13. What are some DC villains that fit the teasers so far? Does Swamp Thing still seem like a possibility?
  14. It’s a creature...a scary one that stalks in the trees. It really sounds like Jersey Devil. Wonder what the “R R R R” is for.
  15. True, but if they are adding small flats to most of the other parks, they can put more into a few single parks. Over Texas is confirmed, and Great Adventure also seems to be likely.
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