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  1. I think 2021 will be the Bugs Bunny Boomtown and DC Super Friends addition - but can't say for sure. The kids' areas are in major need of an overhaul, and this would solve that issue. But who knows? It might just be a flat ride.
  2. Did you miss the part where I said riders were getting friction burns and bruises? I'm pretty sure it depends on your body type. I was told that the straps can squeeze into your shoulder blades, especially with the way the ride whips and changes direction.
  3. Any idea on whether the restraints will resemble the prototype Raptors? I recall seeing those dastardly collars in the animation, from what I heard they were necessary due to the Raptor's forces, but also left some friction burns and bruises on riders. I really was hoping for a modified train that prioritized comfort while of course still being 100% safe.
  4. At first I was underwhelmed, this layout made X-Flight look like a long ride. But then I looked at the aerial of X-Flight and compared it. They look relatively similar in length, but X-Flight is about 20 feet taller. I hope that KD brings back the loop, and final helix, to "complete" the layout. As it stands, it's just a drop (counts as an inversion) and then four back-to-back inversions with a single helix included.
  5. Will the Diamond Elite skip-the-line passes work for Jersey Devil when it opens in 2020? Or do those not work on new attractions?
  6. It would be nice to eventually see a DC-skinned version of West Coast Racers for the park, maybe as the "Riddler & Two Face: Street Race" as people had predicted or the 2020 addition. It could occupy the Batman Stunt Arena space, and the queue could be located near Wonder Woman. That would add another coaster to Movie Town, and be an homage to the Chiller.
  7. I'd love to see this happen. However, from what I have heard the Zamperla Air Race is supposedly more expensive than the Zamperla Giga Discovery (not sure if this is true, I don't have evidence). That makes me think it would be a stand-alone addition. Also, I don't know if PowerSplash would be in back to back years with a Premier Rides coaster(s). What I love is that you have included the 30M Larson Super Loop. I think it would be great to bring that back to the park as the bigger version, and it would ease the burn if it was encompassed in a flat package (so that we don't feel "jipped" of a year's addition, having recently added a Larson Super Loop and losing it).
  8. I agree with this. I know the idea was circulated that Fiesta Texas would become the new favorite of the chain (i.e. the testing ground for the latest and greatest of the theme park industry), but it's apparent that corporate has a close eye on Great Adventure. The long period of mainly flat rides at Great Adventure, which I refer to as the "flat ride renaissance", was absolutely necessary and should continue. The coaster collection at the park is already extremely strong, and it's great that Six Flags pours a variety of flats in to round-out the park. For 2021, I think that the kids' area is a vital necessity. JDC stands at the top of the thrill list for a new addition, and now its time to focus on the lower-end of the thrill list, because families are important as consumers (and to the success of the park). More flats would be welcomed past 2021; the Funtime Booster, a Zamperla Air Race, and a Zamperla Endeavor would be great additions to the park. Perhaps the park could get a flat-ride package, in the likes of what SFOT had done in 2016 when they received three wonderful flat rides (Catwoman Whip, Harley Quinn: Spinsanity, The Riddler Revenge). I also hope that Great Adventure will be the recipient of a Mack PowerSplash in the future. JDC really lifted my spirits, and I think that the future is bright for Great Adventure.
  9. I hope we can get a figure for how much Jersey Devil costed. I am very curious, I would guess between $8M-$10M USD, maybe a little more.
  10. I don't think so, a lot of friends of mine really disliked GL and they are not enthusiasts. It is basically the spiritual successor of GASM (RIP) which was also infamous among the GP as an uncomfortable, painful ride. I don't ride it often, but lately the line has always been very short for me whenever I go to ride it. Has anyone waited a long time for GL in recent years?
  11. I think it is overshadowed by the top dogs of the park, and it doesn't help that all the other B&Ms are very comfortable at Great Adventure. I agree it's a neat novelty, and while I generally just try and endure the pain on rides for the sake of fun, I don't feel the need to hit up Green Lantern every visit. The headbanging gets me pretty badly, but I have not ridden the other stand-ups. I have heard people rant and rave about Georgia Scorcher and Riddler's Revenge. Vortex at Carowinds on the other hand has awful reviews, I would say the worst I've heard of the stand-ups.
  12. I wish that Green Lantern was refitted with sit-down trains, painted with red track and white supports, and called "Great American Scream Machine 2.0" or something similar. It doesn't quite measure up to GASM's 7 inversions or 17 story height, but it would be a great tribute. The headbanging would probably persist due to the altered heart-lining, but still, I don't think it'd be as bad as Rougarou. The ending of Green Lantern is not as tight as Rougarou's, so I think it could fare just fine as a sit-down.
  13. That is true. Pulsar at Walibi Belgium is marked as 940 passengers per hour. For Aquaman, with a ride duration of 1:19 (or 79 seconds) and with solid operations 1.5 minutes (90 seconds) to unload/load a train of 20 passengers, this accrues to 169 seconds. This would equate to about 21 dispatches an hour, or 420 passengers per hour. It is definitely low, and the 1.5 minute load time may seem far-fetched, but if the attendant(s) can organize the next boat's rows while the ride is on the course, it could happen. As I have posted in 2021 Speculation at Other Six Flags Parks thread (via Screamscape): This greatly excites me, but then again, Magic Mountain is another year-round warm climate park (as is the case with Over Texas). I don't know if Six Flags would consider putting an Aquaman ride in at Great Adventure, but I still do feel there is a decent likelihood of it down the line (granted this rumor turns out true). I mean, NJ does get very hot summers, and there already exists Log Flume and Congo Rapids. Heavy-duty water attractions are no stranger to Great Adventure!
  14. Via Screamscape: Wow! If this is true, it would put to rest the theory that the only Power Splash that would appear in the chain would be Over Texas's (as a result of the nixed Six Flags Dubai). I really hope this is true, as it would implicate that the chain could be continuing this relationship with Mack Rides.
  15. As much as I love Aquaman: Power Wave (I’m still skeptical of whether or not Six Flags would buy more of this expensive model), I don’t know if it’s likely for Great Adventure in the future. It would not be able to run when the weather is cooler out, just like Log Flume and Congo Rapids. Also, Six Flags wouldn’t purchase that turn-table loading dock, which really is a drag on capacity. Even still, I would be ecstatic to see it in the future, I think Great Adventure needs some more water rides in the theme park. And who doesn’t love those two tall vertical spikes? It’s just such an awesome creation, and it would be the park’s second Mack coaster. Just something that is on my future wishlist for the park!
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