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  1. Cancel! Unless they want to do it that badly. Fright Fest is generally extremely crowded...like unbearably crowded (multiple hour queues for the coasters). It doesn't sound fun or reasonable, but I really am holding hope for HITP (especially next year when Jersey Devil joins the cast :)).

  2. On 7/13/2020 at 2:33 PM, EasternThrills said:

    I believe the 2nd Gen Swing Axle trains allow for more tighter and intense elements. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong) 


    I had heard that they navigate the track different, in a more "smooth" fashion and that it feels like the train is gliding through transitions. I'm not exactly sure and would like to know more, but this is what I was told regarding Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers trains.

  3. Since JDC isn't going to be ready until 2021, even if the park were to close for the rest of 2020 I don't think it'd be such a big deal (there aren't any "new" experiences to miss out on). Honestly it would probably be safer for the public. The Safari being drive-thru seems like a good enough replacement in the time being.


    I am quite excited for 2021 now, it gives something to look forward to! A movie franchise I really like also pushed back their film to 2021 (Halloween Kills), so now I have JDC and the movie to look forward to next year. :)

  4. Not sure if anyone else went this weekend, but I went on Friday. It didn't feel safe whatsoever. Parents pushing little children around in strollers (seemed like a horrible idea to expose your kid to a venue like this, but not my call), people not wearing masks & taking them off, social distancing definitely was NOT followed. And the worst part, was that the queues were filling up and people weren't even concerned with following the stickers on the floor.


    The trains were literally being sent out with sometimes 6 people on them... Nitro had 4 rows being used, 5 were empty each cycle (not sure why they couldn't let the back row be used, rows 1/3/5/7/9 should all have been used). The worst part? When a single rider would ride, the entire row would be used for one person. Not even putting 2 single riders at the left & right ends of the row. Nitro's queue was literally into the switchbacks. It felt more maniacal than a regular summer, and also extremely unsafe. I won't go back to Great Adventure until Covid resolves. 

  5. On 4/20/2020 at 11:27 PM, XENITH said:

    I like to think that JDC is probably the best coaster Six Flags has planned to clone, since a coaster of this aggression and this level of intensity I don't believe has been cloned by Six Flags before. For the most part, you've had your standard boomerangs and SLCs and what not, but I don't think a coaster this menacing has ever been cloned by Six Flags before (correct me if I am wrong on that). This will be an outstanding clone wherever it does go and will hopefully give parks yet another stand-out coaster. Again, parks like Magic Mountain with an extended version of this ride are putting themselves in uncharted territory here with one of the most ridiculous and straight-up terrifying top 3's ever. 


    Yeah the addition of JDC really adds another top-tier attraction to the park. I think El Toro, Nitro and JDC are a very strong collection of coasters (and all from different manufacturers), & this doesn't even include the KK/Zumanjaro duo that further elevates Great Adventure. Plus with all the supporting B&Ms and flats, Great Adventure is sitting comfortably with a strong repertoire of rides.


    I'm trying not to focus on another park getting the same ride, but if it's a modified layout, it kind of reminds me of Viper/Scream Machine/Shockwave. They all were very similar Arrow looping coasters with some modifications to the layout, but generally the same elements overall. It's pretty cool now to see a similar trend with RMC single rail coasters. Though I hope Magic Mountain's is not too much taller/faster/longer, it would feel kind of a bummer for JDC.

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  6. I don't think it matters too much if it becomes a clone. I believe only the more prioritized Six Flags parks will receive it anyways, the same way the Giga Discovery went to fewer parks. Plus the theme will be unique at least. This layout would become the best clone at a Six Flags park, most likely even better than the Batman clones.


    I wonder what the next coaster at Great Adventure would be though. It would likely be a custom creation, since there isn't much else to clone (unless Six Flags starts cloning the S&S Axis Coaster).

  7. 1 hour ago, EasternThrills said:

    I think they’re the same, the seat back on the JDC is just taller. Here are the two trains side by side for comparison: 


    I love to see RMC making minor improvements for our version! I also read on Reddit (someone had commented) that the wheel axes have been updated from the previous models to be more articulated, hopefully indicating that these trains will navigate the track even better than the first two Raptors!


    Does anyone know if the station will include a moving loading platform (similar to WW: GLC)? I am really hoping for that, I think it would make the lines move a lot more efficiently and keep the queue moving.

  8. 1 hour ago, Coasterbill said:

    I found the restraints on Golden Lasso coaster perfectly comfortable. I don't see how anyone could have an issue with them. PS: The ride is mind-blowingly good.


    Did you miss the part where I said riders were getting friction burns and bruises? I'm pretty sure it depends on your body type. I was told that the straps can squeeze into your shoulder blades, especially with the way the ride whips and changes direction. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Medusa42 said:

    It's not on the media schedule,  RMC is going to reveal the Iron Gwazi trains with Busch Gardens Tampa.  We will probably find out more details about Jersey Devil Coaster from the interviews at the RMC booth.


    Any idea on whether the restraints will resemble the prototype Raptors? I recall seeing those dastardly collars in the animation, from what I heard they were necessary due to the Raptor's forces, but also left some friction burns and bruises on riders. I really was hoping for a modified train that prioritized comfort while of course still being 100% safe.

  10. On 11/5/2019 at 9:59 PM, Medusa42 said:

    Kings Dominion appears to be getting a small B&M Wing coaster for 2021.



    At first I was underwhelmed, this layout made X-Flight look like a long ride. But then I looked at the aerial of X-Flight and compared it. They look relatively similar in length, but X-Flight is about 20 feet taller. I hope that KD brings back the loop, and final helix, to "complete" the layout. As it stands, it's just a drop (counts as an inversion) and then four back-to-back inversions with a single helix included.






  11. Via Screamscape:



    2021 - Mack Super Splash / Aquaman - Rumor - (9/16/19) While Six Flags Magic Mountain isn’t adding any new ride hardware for the 2020 season, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from reporting on a possible concept being floated around for 2021. According to the new rumor the park may be looking to retire the Tidal Wave big-splash boat ride, and possibly replace it with another Mack Power Splash ride, assuming all goes well with the first installation at Six Flags over Texas in 2020.


    Wow! If this is true, it would put to rest the theory that the only Power Splash that would appear in the chain would be Over Texas's (as a result of the nixed Six Flags Dubai). I really hope this is true, as it would implicate that the chain could be continuing this relationship with Mack Rides. 

  12. On 8/29/2019 at 7:26 PM, 29yrswithaGApass said:

    It took a few years (35 of them) but my hopes for Great Adventure to add a roller coaster named Jersey Devil have finally been realized!  Way back in 1984 as part of this packet of park improvements and suggestions that I put together for the park, one of the major additions was going to be a steel coaster named Jersey Devil on the banks of the park's waterways.  (Description below and #3 at the top of the map above).  Good things come to those that wait.  And wait.  And wait!


    CCI_000720 copy.jpg



    Love it! Hopefully in this new coaster's ensuing legacy, people drop "Coaster" out of the title when discussing it, so that it's just "The Jersey Devil". I would love for the park to excise that last word off the name; if they were able to change "Total Mayhem" to "The Joker", it gives me hope that it's a possibility. But I'm not holding my breath.

  13. 12 hours ago, Mr.Six said:

    In the future, the record is obviously going to be broken.  Especially with the T-Rex’s.


    That wasn’t remotely my point! I’m saying that this isn’t much larger than the clones.


    11 hours ago, EasternThrills said:


    The height does not matter to me, as the ride will be absolutely fantastic! I just can't wait for construction to be well underway! 


    I agree with you. I think that height is arbitrary for the overall impression of the attraction. The way it just goes straight into dropping (rather than a pre-drop turn around, in the same vein as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman) makes it pretty menacing. It will look GREAT as you approach it from a distance.

  14. I am very happy with this addition, but a part of me wishes they could have reached 150 feet with the height. When they say that records are being "shattered", you'd hope they'd leave a decent enough margin between the previous record-holder and the new addition. Being around 20 feet taller than the clones, it isn't going to be that much bigger comparatively. Regardless, I am very impressed with the lengthened layout they went with, and absolutely thrilled for Great Adventure.

  15. I think Magic Mountain is a possible contender for a roller coaster in 2021. They seem to get new coasters steadily. RMC conversions that could be on the horizon are Boss at SFStL, Le Monstre at La Ronde, and Roar at SFA (not that I'm expecting any of these in 2021). I am excited to see what happens, Six Flags tends to pull some tricks out of their sleeve that are pleasantly surprising. Adirondack Outlaw for 2020 was a more thrilling addition than I would've expected for a park like Great Escape.



  16. Has anyone heard anything about the capacity of JDC? I am hoping that they run this ride to its full capacity, with 12 person trains it'll need a lot of dispatches to keep the line moving. Maverick at CP has 12 riders per train, but they load two trains at once. If JD has a moving station, I think it could have a steady line, especially if they are running 3-4 trains and sending out full trains.

  17. Do you guys think the drop on JDC will be better than Nitro’s? JDC will probably be like Wicked Cyclone: an average height drop at a very steep angle, with a whippy transition. I felt that Wicked Cyclone’s first drop wasn’t even close to as good as El Toro’s, since El Toro is so massively steep, and the train is so long (especially with the added speed of the turn-around after the cable lift).

  18. It will be the 6th tallest ride at the park, behind Kingda Ka (456 ft), Nitro (230 ft), El Toro (181 ft), Green Lantern (154 ft), and Bizarro (142 ft). It will also have the second steepest drop at the park of 87° behind Kingda Ka at 90°. I am wondering how many inversions it has - I expected 3, but the wording of the press release has me confused.


    Even though this isn’t as large as some of the other coasters in the park, it will likely be considered one of the best (if not the best) coasters in the park. 

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