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  1. Could SFGAm be doing something with American Eagle? Or maybe they are just teasing it to throw people off.
  2. The "252" teaser seen at the park is speculated as representing the first comic that Supergirl was introduced in - thus likely indicating a Zamperla Endeavour. I don't think that your reasoning is enough to believe there will be a new coaster. When I visited in 2018, my impression was that they would need to remove an attraction to even find the space for a new major addition, without having to clear trees.
  3. La Ronde is such a hodge podge of attractions. They have a B&M mega coaster, a Batman: The Ride clone, and a Zamperla Giant Discovery. Those three seem pretty decent, and then there's a poorly kept SLC, a wooden coaster that has been described as brutally rough, and a few other unexceptional coasters. Pool that together with an uninspired layout, heavy crowds and poor operations, and it seems a disaster. If Green Lantern really does make its way there, that is kind of comical, from how violent that experience has been described as. @Yoshi that is an interesting comment and perspective. I did not consider the varying laws in shifting from California to Canada. Perhaps they will run a neutered version of Green Lantern, making it more tolerable? I know that it was said to get a "re-tracking" of sorts, but I am not sure how to interpret this information. Especially considering that, from what I was told, the experience was painful due to the trains and restraints.
  4. I find it bizarre that they would send Green Lantern to La Ronde. I am not questioning it, but it just makes me wonder. Is La Ronde that low on the totem pole that Six Flags is willing to send something that was essentially worse than fodder as a new addition there? I think it probably has less to do with priority, and more to do with saving some capital, and just recycling an attraction that only operated for 6 years. A few of the common predictions include: La Ronde - Green Lantern: First Flight (relocation from SFMM) SFA - Giant Discovery (perhaps Giga Discovery) SFMM - Starflyer SFOT - Mack PowerSplash (confirmed) Beyond these few, I am less guided and more open to listening than speculating. I really like your idea of a water coaster for SFGAm, @Medusa42. For all the parks as usual, we can expect something akin to the expected formula, including the typical Starflyer, Superloop, Zamperla Discovery, Tourbillon, and 4D-Free Spin additions. It would be nice to see a few roller coasters, but I'm not holding my breath.
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