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  1. I didn't realize weather was a topic that we discussed here...
  2. A krakatau esque water coaster would be awesome at hurricane harbor, then again a lot of slides at volcano bay would be awesome at hurricane harbor
  3. I think 2021 will be a small flat ride or kids expansion. They won't get another coaster for years, especially not on the scale that this project is going to be. What I'd like for the future is a dive coaster or wing coaster.
  4. I wish it was fake just so I don't have to hear "I told you so" five hundred million times
  5. I just want to know if this means congo rapids is getting removed
  6. Youtube. Someone is going to poop themselves when they find out
  7. They used to consider the larson loop a coaster which made it 14 "coasters"
  8. Doesn't mean it's going to be a raptor even if it's RMC teehee
  9. Batman is one of my favorite rides in the park and one of the more unique coasters in the lineup since we only have that one invert. They shouldn't need to remove it for a new coaster in the woods.
  10. What I'd like to see is a B&M Winged coaster or a B&M Dive coaster. AFAIK the closest dive coaster to the park is in Williamsburg and that's what like 5-6 hours away? The closest wing coaster is at Cedar Point or Dollywood. Also in contention: wood/steel hybrid custom coaster from RMC but I doubt that will happen since we have a custom coaster in El Toro A hagrid's motor bike type launching coaster West Coaster Racers clone
  11. Count me out on hoping it's a raptor or t-rex, I don't see how they'd be a good addition for a park this size
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