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  1. I wasn’t around for the teasing of el Diablo, what were they doing that made it a disaster?
  2. Could the 6 letters stand for something instead of just needing to be unscrambled? Like how King's Island was teasing #TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) for their new coaster?
  3. "It is often described as having hooves, a snake's tail, bat-wings and a head that looks something like a horse."
  4. Came here to post this as well. "It's a riddle, it's a scramble" = CYPHER?
  5. Is it possible the scramble is the name of the ride and the amount of letters correlates to where that letter is in the name? Two c’s = second letter, four r’s= fourth letter If we’re assuming a letter per clue: _c__r_
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