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  1. Just letting everyone know. A leak of the ride is out. So if you don’t want to know what it is, then I recommend staying off social media until tomorrow.
  2. I love this! Props to you for spending the time to figure all of this out! Lmao
  3. I never know what he is saying either. I think he is in such a rush to post his thoughts that he doesn’t read what he has written and I never understand it. Or it’s just really improper grammar and misspelling.
  4. He’s not wrong. I was there yesterday and noticed two statues as well. Just saying it’s probably Jersey devil themed because nothing else at the moment would make any sense when being compared to the clues.
  5. No offense to anyone, but why would six flags hype up a ride that is somewhat of a family’s coaster?
  6. At this point it could be anything but this would be quite a good addition.
  7. I’m 16. I live nowhere near New York. Weird thought mang.
  8. Totally understand why you don’t buy it. It’s a bit far fetched that some bald dude would know all of the exact details but hey there is always a chance.
  9. I saw some weird YouTube video about a guy who “claims” that he knows all the of the details about the ride and what will happen. Its most likely extremely false but ya never know.
  10. I could see this 2 years down the line for 2022 but rn the main focus for Six Flags is definitely to get one more standout coaster and then focus on more family/kids oriented additions.
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