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  1. With a hotel I think that it would put great adventure closer to becoming a destination park. I would love to see something like one of cedar points hotel cuz those hotels look amazing
  2. Maybe that's what it is I'm just trying to find answers really
  3. So I think most of us agree that we will be seeing a new coaster in 2020 cuz of all the clues from the great adventure Facebook,and with the red markers in the kids area implying something is happening. But there was one thing I stuck out to me when I was there last week to seeing the markers for myself. I peeked behind the fence and if you look through the fence on the men's side of the bathroom you see this sculpture made out of wood planks. To me it looks like it is some rendition of the Jersey Devil which would connect it to the hints and speculation about the theme. But it could just be s
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