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  1. ^ They can. But Cal Osha requires all kinds of extra safety measures be taken to operate rides like these. It's not worth the hassle to put one of these at SFMM.
  2. The pattern seems to be two parks per year get some sort of larger addition.
  3. Oh Please, if they never added another ride at SFMM ever, it's got enough coasters to sustain it at least 10 years. Besides, it's a smart move financially to market a coaster no one has ridden yet on into 2020. And then look forward to 2021. Their fans might be pissed, but they should look at the bigger picture. Nothing next year guarantees top of the list in 2021
  4. Yep...And yet people still think Six Flags is buying a T-Rex year after year...
  5. I love how you added that "when they were first announced part". Because Full Throttle is basically a taller replica of a Sky Rocket II model, Twisted Colossus is already being ripped off by a coaster in the same park, Maxx Force will be cloned (trust me on that). I'll give you Goliath, but that ride is so short it almost doesn't count. Where are the original designs at?
  6. Then you should probably pray that whoever replaces Jim-Reid Anderson next year has a completely different philosophy in regard to running this chain, because there hasn't been that sort of coaster put in since he took over. Even Maxx Force and Wonder Woman seem so built to be replicated at some point it's hilarious.
  7. I always think it's better to keep your expectations low, and let the announcement surprise you, rather than the other way around. That's why I've settled in my mind that it's a West Coast Racers clone, and then if it ends up being a ground up RMC, I'll be like, WOW. I feel like some people are setting themselves up to need an intervention on Thursday. This IS still Six Flags...
  8. What is false hope though? A Premier coaster? Something like Maxx Force? According to who? The people dreaming of an RMC? Are they building this ride for a bunch of enthusiasts?
  9. If you read that clue closely it seems it's giving you everything the coaster will NOT be. Doesn't seem likely that they would actually name drop Mack, Intamin or RMC is itf were indeed going to be one of those. They're trolling. I'm more convinced than ever this is Premier or S&S.
  10. Well I can't imagine they'll be clones, because Great Adventure has more open topography where as SFMM's is really squeezed in that area. So it could very well be taller, faster and longer.
  11. True. Which is why I was asking him if he's the same guy or not. Hopefully he'll respond. If it's him, he'll remember the forum I am speaking of.
  12. Because he posted the exact same post to another forum last year, including the part about not being able to reveal his source. And he waited until we were close enough to the announcement that he could easily be proven wrong (if he was lying) a few days later. That last time of course, turned out to be West Coast Racers. No one (and I mean no one) was saying Premier Dual Launch but him, and no one believed him. If it's the same kid, he knows someone that contracts for Premier Rides, so he also knew about both Full Throttle and Tempesto. Maybe it's not the same guy, but my gut tells me it is. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything though so. go ahead and be skeptical.
  13. I mostly lurk here, but I believe you. If I'm correct you're the same guy that correctly called both Full Throttle and West Coast Racers when everyone else was yelling Mack Rides. You are the same kid right? If so, I'm afraid he's dead on guys. He knows someone that actually works for Premier. If it's not him, carry on...
  14. I'm fairly certain they won't be shocked. Several people have already guessed it.
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